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Introduction to the Innokin Disrupter

Innokin, one of the largest manufacturers of vaping kit in the world today, have had a big return to form recently after a quiet period with the release of the MVP 3.0 Pro, iSub G and Apex tanks and the CoolFire IV, all lauded as very good releases. They have been on a bit of a roll recently, and it’s good to see one of the old giants of the vaping industry having a bit of a mini revival!

One of the most interesting releases to come out of the Innokin stable of late is the Innokin Disrupter, featuring the new patented Innokin Innocell removable LiPo battery system, offering performance superior to an 18650 battery and also the ability to easily switch out the Innocell separately from the Disrupter unit itself with a new slide and click system, allowing you to change the colour combinations easily and also swap out a flat battery for a fresh one within seconds. This innovative technology has to be one of the most interesting innovations to come to market recently, not just from Innokin but from any other manufacturer! It’s actually comprised of two separate parts - you have the Disrupter itself which is the main ‘body’ of the unit responsible for the unit functions, and the Innocell which is the aforementioned removeable power system.

Let’s see if Innokin’s latest run of great releases continues with the Disrupter...


The Innokin Disrupter:

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  • 510 threaded
  • Dimensions: 3-1/2"L x 1-7/8"W x 7/8"D (Disrupter Body and Innocell together)
  • Operating Voltage: 3.0V-7.5V
  • Operating Wattage: 6.0W - 50W
  • Minimum 0.2ohm resistance supported
  • Charging via Micro USB DC5V/1A
  • Large bright OLED screen
  • Left/Right screen orientation
  • Large durable buttons
  • InnokinCell Slide n’ Lock System
  • 15 second cutoff
  • Remembers last voltage or wattage setting 
  • Ohms resistance readout 
  • Battery level indicator 
  • Puff counter

InnokinCell Battery:

  • Engineered for Superior Vaping
  • 300 full charge cycles
  • Real 2000mah capacity
  • Tri-LED touch power indicator
  • 20 Amp Max continuous output
  • Standard Micro USB Charging Port
  • Vape while charging technology
  • Overcharge protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Auto shutoff
  • Short circuit protection
  • Unique identification number with online verification
  • Colour customize your mod with 21 beautiful and long lasting colour combinations

What's in the box?

My review item came packaged with the following:

1x Innokin Disrupter

1x 2000mah Innocell power unit

1x Micro USB charging cable

Pure Eliquids

1x User Manual

Now I have noticed that even though my unit came bundled with the micro USB charger, it is not included as standard with some vendors, you may need to purchase the micro USB charger separately from the bundle.


One of the key selling points with the Innokin Disrupter is that you can really customise the unit to your own specifications, with a wide range of different colours available for both the Innokin Disrupter and the Innokin Powercell, at present there are already 21 different colour combinations available and I would imagine there may well be more available in future. You can customise the look even further with Innokin’s range of coloured iSub tanks, which allow you to personalise the overall look even more! I was really pleased with the silver and blue combination I received, as I already own the MVP 3.0 Pro in blue along with a blue iSub tank.

As mentioned in the introduction the Innokin Disrupter is actually comprised of two units - the Innokin Disrupter unit itself and the Innocell power system. I’ll go into more detail about the performance of each of them below in the respective sections. In terms of their looks and functionality, both units together make for a surprisingly light and small unit, that looks and feels great in your hand. The OLED screen on the Disrupter section is clear and crisp and the buttons are clicky and responsive. A 510 spring loaded connector is present on the Disrupter allowing for a flush fit for your atomisers.

Build quality is faultless, the Disrupter is rock solid despite its small stature and relatively light weight. Any reservations I had regarding the slide and click system when swapping an Innocell in and out were quickly allayed during usage as it’s a very smooth system, making battery swaps extremely quick and easy to perform. A magnet holds the Innocell firmly in use and you won’t have to worry about the Innocell coming loose from the Disrupter.

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An ideal tank pairing for the Innokin Disrupter is Innokin’s own iSub range, the coloured versions suit the Disrupter very well, as does the iSub G glass version and the new iSub Apex tank, which I will review shortly...

Innokin Disrupter Menu System

It’s a very straight forward unit to use and owners of Innokin’s previous recent releases will be right at home. There are no traditional menus to navigate, as per the Coolfire IV and MVP 3.0/3.0 Pro everything is adjusted through button combination presses. The OLED screen is very clear and will display the usual information, such as battery level, power output and atomiser resistance. You can flip the screen orientation of the OLED screen and also display a puff counter by pressing the up and down buttons or holding them down. 

Holding down the power and down button enables you to switch between variable voltage and variable wattage modes, voltage can be adjusted from 3.0-7.5V in 0.1V increments, wattage is adjusted from 6.0-50W in 0.5W increments. You can hold down either the up or down button to cycle through the power settings quickly. Your last voltage or wattage setting is also remembered by the Disrupter, so you can carry on from where you left off when you power the Disrupter back up.

Innokin Innocell Power System

The Innocell is a huge new innovative power system developed by Innokin, and essentially this allows you to swap battery cells in and out of the Disrupter unit in seconds thanks to the easy slide and click system, along with customising the colours. Currently the Innocell is a 2000 mAh LiPo battery, offering a max of 20A continuous current, and rated to last for 300 charge cycles. Another benefit of this over having a fixed battery is that once the Innocell has reached the end of its useable life cycle, rather than having to purchase a whole new unit (as you would have with mods featuring a fixed LiPo battery) you can simply swap out the ‘dead’ Innocell for a brand new one, which will save you a lot of money on having to shell out for a brand new mod. Each Innocell is supplied with a unique ID number that you can check on Innokin’s website, so you can check that yours is the real deal. 

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Charging the Innocell is done via a micro USB cable, which as mentioned some vendors are offering with the package, some are offering it separately. It is imperative that you use a high quality power source to charge the Innocell- you don’t want things to go wrong with a LiPo battery as the consequences can be far more severe than with your usual IMR battery! The charge level is indicated on the Innocell- red meaning that there is less than 3.6V left, yellow means there is around 3.6-3.74V and Green means above 3.75V. You really want to be near a power source once you do hit red, if you don’t have a spare Innocell to hand, as once the indicator gets to red you really don’t have much vape time left!

I would love to see higher mAh capacity Innocell’s come to market in future, as the 2000 mAh battery currently available has lasted me on average just over half a day before needing a recharge. Hopefully Innokin will be able to release Innocell’s with a capacity close to the MVP 3.0 Pro so the Disrupter can be used for days on end before needing a recharge/cell swap! I’m impressed with this new system though, it works very well. 

Innokin Disrupter Performance

It performs very accurately, the Disrupter unit utilizes VRMS+DC current with a minimal power deviation of 0.5w. Essentially this means that the full 50w is precisely maintained at resistances of between 0.2 and 3.1ohm to ensure that there is no wasted power and the power is delivered precisely. 

Being able to handle resistance down to 0.2 ohm means that the Disrupter handles pretty much any sub ohm tank available to date. However you may find it struggling with coil heads in the region of 0.2-0.25ohm, as these do tend to require more than 50w to achieve optimal performance. With higher resistance coils, such as with the coils found with the Sense Herakles and iSub Apex for example, the Innokin Disrupter performs very accurately and I have no complaints about the performance. 

As mentioned above I was getting about half a day or so before needing to recharge the Innocell (I do vape heavily) using it around the 25-35w mark with the iSub Apex tank, I can see the average vaper getting around a full day before a recharge/new cell is needed.

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From top to bottom I can’t fault the Innokin Disrupter at all. Perhaps a future version of the Disrupter could include temperature control functionality, however I’m happy enough with it as a straight VV/VW mod. At sub £50, it’s a pocket friendly option, and with the new technology present in the Innocell and the various colour customisation options I can see the Disrupter doing really well. The ability to handle resistance down to 0.2ohm and a spring loaded 510 connector being present means that not only do the Innokin iSub range of tanks work well with the Disrupter but many of the most popular sub ohm tanks available today also do too. Overall, the performance and build quality is excellent and it’s very user friendly to boot!

The technology behind the Innocell is brilliant and I would love to see other manufacturers adopting a similar user friendly system, my hope is that the Innocell will also be compatible with other Innokin releases in future, and that Innokin also release higher capacity Innocell’s for those that are heavy users. It’s an emerging technology so it’s only going to evolve as time goes on.

Hats off to Innokin for bringing something different to the market that works so well, the Disrupter is a great release that beginners and experienced users alike will enjoy!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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