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Sigelei 75W Temperature Control

The Sigelei 75W Temperature Controlled Box Mod (or the Sigelei 75W TC) is the first entry into the rapidly evolving world of temperature controlled mods, from the Chinese manufacturing powerhouse known as Sigelei.

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Introduction to the Sigelei 75W

The Sigelei 75W Temperature Controlled Box Mod (or the Sigelei 75W TC) is the first entry into the rapidly evolving world of temperature controlled mods, from the Chinese manufacturing powerhouse known as Sigelei. Responsible for two of the fastest selling and most popular box mods today in the Sigelei 100w and the subsequent 150w version, there has been a fair bit of buzz generated before the release of the Sigelei 75W TC from the existing loyal fan base and others tempted into a purchase by the mooted (now confirmed) potential price bracket of £50-60, making owning a temperature controlled mod extremely affordable.

Sigelei have only said that the chip used in the Sigelei 75W TC has been developed in house, rumours have circulated online that the chip was modeled on the SX Mini M Class, so lets see if it offers a similar level of performance at less than a third of the cost. Is this the budget temperature controlled mod everyone has been looking for?

  • Spring Loaded 510 connector pin
  • Magnetic battery door cover
  • Takes a single 18650 battery
  • Resistance range 0.05- 2.50ohm
  • Power range- 5-75 watts, adjustable in 0.1w increments
  • Temperature control range- 100-350C/ 212F-662F
  • Size dimensions- 90x40x24mm
  • Weight 170g

What's in the box?

  • 1x Sigelei 75W TC mod
  • 1x micro USB charging cable
  • 1x Silicon cover
  • 1x Instruction manual

The inclusion of a silicon case is great for those that want to protect the finish of their new mod from scratches and everyday wear and tear. Nice to see that included by Sigelei at no extra cost rather than being sold separately.

Sigelei 75W TC Looks

Available in black with a brushed steel finish, and also silver with a brushed steel finish, I plumped for the black and brushed steel version.  I just love the finish and simplicity of the design, instantly looking at the Sigelei 75W TC made me decide this was one of the best looking mods I have ever seen!

The edges on the Sigelei 75W TC are rounded off for comfort, and this just feels lovely in your hand, solid yet not too weighty, and comfortable to use. The spring loaded 510 connector is found at the top of the mod and the 510 threads are as smooth as you like, every atty I have screwed into the Sigelei 75W TC has screwed in perfectly and fit flush, however with the width of the Sigelei 75W TC coming in at 24mm rather than the usual 22mm, there is a tiny yet rounded 1mm gap either side of most atties.

Buttons have been a little on the clicky side, the power button initially was quite sticky for the first dozen or so button presses, but after that it has been responsive and tactile. Certainly nothing that is going to cause too much annoyance! The mirrored finish on the buttons is excellent and hasn’t worn off like the finish has on a lot of other similar mods I own.

It’s a lot smaller than I expected it to be, a heck of a lot smaller. The form is superb, the mod sits perfectly in my hand and height-wise is about the same size as my palm, fans of mini mods such as myself will be delighted with the small stature of the Sigelei 75W TC, it’s not all that much larger than a standard 18650 battery. Below is a quick snap comparing the size to the iStick 50W and a trusty Vaporshark DNA30. Bear in mind that the Subtank Mini on the Sig has a stubby drip tip which makes it look the same size as the others, but the fact is that it is slightly higher than the other two mods. It is solid too, the same kind of in-the-hand feel as the Vaporshark - it feels weighty in the hand, and that's a good thing!

The magnetic battery door pops on and off with ease to access the battery, as you can see from the picture below, the battery cover has two strong magnets to keep the door in place but a really nice addition to this is the two posts on the door which sit snugly into two recesses on the body.  This keeps the door in place and means there is very little rattle or movement to the door when in place.  There is slight side to side movement on the unit I have but it is a lot less than some of the magnetic door set ups that have come to market over recent times.

One down side is that the battery compartment is very snug and it does not have the usual attached ribbon that helps with battery removal. A quick tip to get the battery out is to just tap the opposite side of the box which will loosen the battery enough to get the fingertip under it and remove it. There is of course a micro USB slot at the bottom for quick and easy charging though, charging a battery back up to full charge has taken around 3 hours from start to finish.

The screen on the Sigelei 75W TC is clear and easily readable in low or high light conditions, offering you information on the current power level setting, battery voltage, battery life, temperature limit (if necessary) and atomiser resistance. The screen, like the steel finish, does attract fingerprints but a quick wipe and all is well again!

The brushed steel finish is a particular highlight of the Sigelei 75W TC in my opinion, in the time I have been using the Sigelei 75W TC it hasn’t picked up any noticeable scratches, even without using the silicon case, it is a bit of a fingerprint magnet but can be wiped clean easily. Shiny shiny!

Frankly the finish and build quality of the whole thing is something that I would expect from a mod that costs a hell of a lot more than the £50-60 you can pick the Sigelei 75W TC up for, it really is a stunning looking little thing, and as mentioned above one of the best looking mods that I have ever laid eyes on. It’s a pleasure to look at.

Sigelei 75W TC Menu System

The Sigelei 75W TC boasts an easy to use menu system, the traditional 5 clicks of the power button will turn the Sigelei 75W TC on and off, it boots up near enough instantly from the initial 5 click press to turn it on. Changing the settings are all navigated from the ‘home’ screen, there is no traditional menu present as such.

Switching between power and temperature control mode is as simple as holding the up and down buttons down for 3 seconds, ‘power’ and ‘temp’ are displayed, select your desired mode and click the fire button. Pressing the plus and down buttons together will enable you to adjust the power and temperature settings - to flick between the two just press the two buttons together. You can lock and unlock the Sigelei 75W TC by pressing up and power simultaneously and repeating to unlock.  If you put a new tank on the box you can get the mod to read the new resistance by pressing and holding the down button and then pressing the power button - this will check and lock the resistance of the new coil for temperature control. Very easy to use and navigate - and it’s very quick too.

You will find that the response time from pressing a button to adjust a setting to be extremely quick- the setting changes almost immediately once the button is pressed. The buttons are very responsive, there is no delay as well from pressing the power button to the mod firing, its instant.

Sigelei 75W Temperature Control

Where the Sigelei 75W TC excels is that you can fire builds in temperature control using the exact same range as what you get from ‘traditional’ power mode, so you can use anywhere from 5-75W whilst in temperature control mode, which actually outperforms most other temperature control mods out there as you have an extra 15-25w to play with over the competition whilst in this mode.

It’s very simple to set the Sigelei 75W TC into temperature control mode. Simply hold the up and down buttons down simultaneously for 3 seconds, select ‘TEMP’, and hit the power button. You must also lock in the resistance of your coil as previously described by holding the down button and then pressing the power button down - this will display the resistance of the new coil on the screen, I would recommend that you do this when the mod and atty are both at room temperature, and keep doing it until a consistent reading is displayed. It seems the chip is very accurate, as you get a consistent resistance reading within a couple of clicks.

By briefly pressing the up and down buttons simultaneously you can now set your temperature and your desired power. You have up to 350C to play with as a temperature limit, and 75W in power, but I have never felt the need to go above 240C with the Sigelei 75W TC and with most juices 35w has given me a very nice vape. If I do fancy chasing some temp controlled clouds however, 60-75W has been a tasty, warm cloudy vape! I have never gone beyond 60W in temperature control before as I haven’t used a temperature control device capable of that, but I must say I really do like it...

I am however a little disappointed that the current temperature does not update in real time, so you are left to guess as to how close you are getting to your desired temperature limit, but that is the only issue I have run into whilst using temperature control with the Sigelei 75W TC. It’s been up there with the very best temperature controlled devices in terms of outright performance outside of that very minor issue.


I’ve been using the Sigelei 75W TC with my Sense Herakles tank with Vaporshark Ni200 coils, and it's been a match made in heaven. Not only does the Sense Herakles look great on the Sigelei 75W TC, but it performs great on it as well. The coil resistance of 0.15 is read accurately- showing as such on the Sigelei 75W TC. At 35W and 240C I found this to be the ideal setting for a lovely warm vape, plenty of clouds, and great flavour. I was also getting near enough a day’s moderate use from the battery as well. Ramp it up to the 75W max though when in temperature control and you can get some serious cloud chasing done, at the detriment of your battery life!

Using the Sigelei 75W TC in ‘traditional’ power mode gives you more battery life from experience, and it performs just as well as it does in temperature control mode. Which is flawlessly. Again you can use from 5-75W of power, so cloud chasers won’t be disappointed as the Sigelei is a very powerful mod capable of supporting the vast majority of builds.

The device is capable of firing coils down to 0.05ohm - apparently this goes for both kanthal and nickel builds, this can make your nickel builds even more efficient as less wraps are needed for your coils to reach the optimum resistance for temperature control with the Sigelei 75W.

Most moderate vapers are going to get a full day’s vaping out of the single 18650 battery, dependent on your battery that you use of course, however this will decrease substantially with heavier use. Heavy vapers such as myself are going to see a substantial decline in battery life, and I have noticed that using the Sigelei 75W TC in temperature control seems to significantly drain the battery quicker than in standard power mode. I managed to drain a full Sony VTC4 battery in around 3 hours, chain vaping South Coast Vapes Calicustard at 40w and 240C, but I don’t forsee too much of an issue with this as for most the Sigelei 75W TC will form part of their daily mod rotation. If this is going to be your main device, you have the option to charge quickly via micro USB or you have quick access to the battery through the excellent removeable magnetic battery door.


At the current market price you are getting a real bargain in my opinion, this is one of the best looking mods around, it fits comfortably in your hand and it offers sublime performance - all for around £50. I would have been delighted with picking this up for £50 without temperature control, such is the quality of the finish, the form factor and the performance - but the fact that temperature control is included makes this an even bigger bargain! Plus this is one of the most powerful temperature control mods available at the moment with the ability to fire nickel coils up to 75W.  I’m actually very tempted to buy a second unit as I just love the little thing. It’s an absolute stunner! The Sigelei 75W TC has laid the groundwork for the soon to be released Sigelei 150w TC mod, and if the 150w version offers the same brilliant performance as the 75W version, Sigelei are going to have an absolute massive hit on their hands.

If you are looking to take the plunge into temperature control, but are a bit hamstrung with your budget, don’t hesitate to purchase a Sigelei 75W TC. For the price, it’s absolutely superb, and as mentioned earlier in the review, it is up there with the very best temperature controlled mods available.

This unit was purchased for review from, where the Sigelei 75W TC is available for £49.99 now!

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