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Just Jam E-Liquids

Just Jam are a UK based E-Liquid manufacturer who specialise as you have already gathered in jam flavoured E-Liquids. At present there are six different flavours available in the range and we were sent five of them to review.

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Just Jam E-Liquids

Just Jam E-Liquids

Just Jam is just that. Sweet & ripe strawberry jam with different and unique variations of this British icon. When you first open the bottle and inhale the sweet aroma, it's like a time capsule of summer, that unforgettable smell of, well, just jam!

Just Jam are a UK based E-Liquid manufacturer who specialise as you have already gathered in jam flavoured E-Liquids. At present there are six different flavours available in the range and we were sent five of them to review.

The juice comes packaged in eye-catching boxes with each box containing 60ml of juice split into six individual and TPD compliant 10ml PET bottles with child proof caps. The boxes have a very suitable breakfast theme and all of the usual warnings. The bottles themselves are much plainer but all of the information can be clearly read.

All of the E-Liquid is mixed to ratio of 80VG/20PG and can be purchased in one of three nicotine strengths; 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. I vaped all of the E-Liquid sent for review in my Kayfun 5 and also in my Hadaly RDA.

Just Jam Original

Just Jam is quite possibly one of the most realistic flavours in its respective field, managing to replicate the flavour equivalent to that of real strawberry Jam!

Make no mistake the claim about this being a highly realistic jam are absolutely true. It is incredible how close it is to the real thing it is and as such makes for a really delicious vape! The jam flavour is so natural and while it has a good amount of sweetness it never becomes overpowering or sickly so can be thoroughly enjoyed all day long!

Vapour production was brilliant and no surprise for an 80VG E-Liquid. I found the throat hit to be mild in 3mg nicotine strength.

Just Jam Doughnut

The original undisputed Just Jam flavour filled into a soft spongy, sugared donut. This one is sure take the desert top spot.

I am not a huge fan of real doughnuts and always feel a bit queasy after eating half of one. I like the taste certainly so I was looking forward to giving a doughnut E-Liquid flavour a go. What surprised me was just how realistic this E-Liquid actually was and Just Jam have absolutely nailed the flavour. You get the sweet but highly natural jam flavour and this is combined with dough and the sensation of a sprinkling of sugar. I am probably being a bit picky when I say this but I would have preferred a little more jam when vaping than dough which I felt dominated the mix on occasion. As such I actually thought the overall balance was far better for me when vaping the Raspberry Doughnut flavour rather than this one but that is all down to personal taste.

If you love doughnuts then you are certainly going to enjoy this. Vapour production was excellent and the throat hit was mild in 3mg nicotine strength.

Just Jam on Toast

Just Jam on Toast is the lovechild of the infamous Just Jam, smothered on perfectly toasted bread with not a single hint of burnt bread although there's a smidge of butter for good measure.

How exactly do you go about recreating buttered toast with strawberry jam in E-Liquid form? Quite frankly I have no idea but Just Jam have very effectively managed it. Vaping this juice is literally like biting into toast that has been applied with a small amount of butter and a large helping of tasty jam! It really is divine and when delivering a good amount of heat in a tank or dripper it really comes alive and can easily trick your brain into thinking “Am I eating toast?”

In my opinion this is a marvellous E-Liquid and a very unique one which you should definitely try! Once more the vapour production cannot be faulted and if you love clouds this certainly delivers the goods. Throat hit in 3mg nicotine strength was mild.

Just Jam Raspberry Doughnut

Just Jam Raspberry Doughnut - The second addition to the Jam Doughnuts. After the senses of raspberry Scone we just couldn’t resist putting Raspberry jam into a doughnut for all you Just Jam lovers. Ripe raspberry Jam stuffed into the softest doughnut.

This particular flavour for me can only be described as outstanding and I preferred this doughnut far more to the strawberry one but that’s probably due to the fact I love raspberry. The flavour is perfect with the jam being sweet but also very natural and this is balanced exquisitely with the doughnut flavour so no individual ingredient dominates the mix. When you also factor in that there is the subtle but sweet taste of sugar on your lips after each exhale it makes for a cracking vape. Truly lovely!


Every one of these flavours is extremely enjoyable and without a doubt well worth trying out! My only regret is that I did not get to sample the raspberry scone but given the calibre of the flavours I tried I am sure it equally delicious.

One thing I should point out is that both the doughnut flavours tended to be very hard on coils and gunk them up quickly after a couple of tanks worth so it is probably best not to use pre-made coils.

The juice can be purchased from a range of stockists and is priced at £19.99 for a box of 6x 10ml bottles which is extremely good value for money!

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