Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton Review by Dan Willis

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Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton

Made in the USA and designed for use with RDAs, RDTAs and RTAs, Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton promises to provide pure flavour, no break in time and long lifespan!

What is Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton manufactured from?

Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton is manufactured from a premium Pima cotton blend, produced in a cGMP certified facility and every batch is certified free of hydrogen peroxide, dyes and any foreign matter.

Pima cotton is regarded as one of the finest, if not the finest blend of cotton available. It has a soft feel to it, but its durability means it is used in many different items, such as clothing and premium bedding.

Premier Ecigs

Using Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton

Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton comes in a resealable bag that contains 3.5ft of cotton. This is, without a doubt, one of the softest, lightest and fluffiest cotton wicks I've ever used! There's no need to cut strips off of it at all, just pull a small piece off, roll it, and it's good to go.

Flavour, Lifespan and Wicking Capabilities

The manufacturers of Native Wicks claim that there's no break in time, and they are absolutely right- once I had placed my wick inside my coil I simply primed the cotton with a few drops of juice, as I would normally, and began to vape it. I didn't detect any aftertaste of cotton at any point, it was simply the flavour of my E-Liquid from the get go.

Lifespan has been excellent, on my first day of using Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton I used it with my Snapdragon RDA, SQuape E[c] and the VapeShell also. All of which have builds in the 0.4-0.5ohm range, and wattages used were 25-50W, and the next morning the cotton in each still looked fresh even after having tobaccos and high VG dessert liquids through it. Three days later, when I usually rewick my atties anyway, the cotton showed no real signs of degradation and I could easily have got at least a few more days out of it!

I also figured that I would try it at even higher wattages, with lower resistance builds too, so I grabbed my trusty CSMNT RDA and Odis Tanko, vaping in the 70-100W range. Again after a days heavy vaping, my wicks looked virtually unscathed!

Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton wicks superbly well. When dripping juice down onto the wick, you can see it being absorbed instantly, even with very thick high VG liquids. With RBAs, it keeps up fantastically, neither under wicking or over wicking, nor struggling with high VG liquids.


I've been using Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition nigh on solidly for two years now, and after coming to the end of my vast stash of it I figured I would give something else a go. I'm glad that I chose Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton, as it's performed brilliantly.

This outstanding performance does come at a price though, as Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton is the most expensive cotton that I've bought to date, at £7 per pack. Still, if you are a fan of premium cotton wicks, this should absolutely be on your to try list, as it's definitely the best performing cotton I've used, and I'll happily purchase it again!

I purchased Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton from Vape Club, you can purchase it here. Free delivery is included for all orders over the value of £20!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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