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Little Bit O’Heaven Organic Pima Cotton

Are you looking for some new wicking material? If so we have one here for that may appeal!

Little Bit O’Heaven is a 100% organic Pima Cotton. It is organically grown in the USA and is one of the purest forms of cotton you can find anywhere. It has absolutely no impurities!

  • Grown in certified organic farm
  • Certified 100% Pima ELS Cotton
  • No Pesticides
  • No Synthetic Fertilizer
  • Unbleached
  • From the farm to the gin to the carder(mechanical processes only)
  • No Chemical added to the cotton
  • No Genetically engineered seeds
  • Sustainable Farming methods
  • May contain small pieces of organic plant matter

What is Pima cotton?

Pima cotton is a generic name for extra-long staple (ELS) cotton grown in the U.S., Australia, and Peru. It is also made in very limited production amounts in a few other locations around the world. Pima is from the gossypium barbadense species, compared to gossypium hirsutum, to which upland cotton belongs. The primary differences between Pima (ELS growths) cotton and upland cotton are staple length, strength of the fibre and fineness of the fibre. In the U.S., cotton is considered to be ELS or American Pima if it is an inch and 3/8 or longer. Its strength and uniformity measurements are considerably higher than those of upland cotton.

My thoughts

The cotton comes in a little glass jar with a screw on lid. The jar itself holds a large amount and you simply pull out and tear off as much as you want to use.

In many ways this cotton looks a lot like hemp to me but unlike that material this has little black seeds in it as opposed to tiny twigs.

In my opinion I felt that this cotton was very easy to work with. It has nice long fibres which are great for wicking and it shapes really easily. I first tried it in my Snapdragon RDA and took my first vape using VGOD Dewbie.

Initially I got a very dry and almost scratchy quality to the vape which in some respects reminded me a little of Rayon. According to everything I have found regarding Pima Cotton there is apparently no Rayon in it and I can only attribute the scratchy quality to the fact that it took longer to saturate than Muji cotton so what I was getting was probably just a dry hit.

It did saturate fully after a few minutes and from that point I can’t say there was any further scratchiness. The flavour was exceptionally clean and crisp and I never got a cotton taste. Once fully saturated this wick really holds a lot of juice and I found that I had to drip far less than normal.

I also tried this cotton in my Squape R[s] since due to its very fluffy quality it works very well with the B[otttom] deck. Once again it did take longer than Muji to fully saturate but I don’t typically vape my tanks immediately after wicking/filling them. After about five minutes I took my first vape and the scratchy quality wasn't present so quite likely it works better in a tank. Flavour was very good and the cotton seemed to wick extremely well!


I have also tried this cotton in a Genesis style tank and it works brilliantly! I know most users of Genesis type atomizers will typically have moved on to mesh wicking but if you are using cotton then this one is particularly suitable due to its excellent wicking properties.

A variety of opinions

Since a lot of people have different preferences when it comes to wicking material we felt that only one opinion wouldn’t be that helpful to readers. I sent some of this cotton to MrTeaTime and junglist for them to try so they could share their thoughts in this review.


This cotton is extremely good to work with and holds a large amount of juice. Its wicking properties are exceptional and I really do mean exceptional! In the Mutation X V4 with a dual coil build I could have eight toots of my juice as opposed to four with normal Muji.


The flavour was pretty crisp however there is a scratchy property to this which I can’t quite put my finger on. It seems to be right at the end of your toot when I am just about to inhale and that last little bit always seems to catch in my throat. It persists no matter how I adjust the wattage which an absolute shame because it wicks so very well, holds loads of juice and is simply made for dripping!


I really like the fact that this cotton is clearly designed to be untampered with, it is organic looking and as per the description there clearly are bits of organic matter in the material. It doesn't appear to have been bleached or overly processed and should be a good option for vapers who want their wicking material to be free from chemical processes.

The material is incredibly light and felt like it would act really well in doing its job of absorbing juice. I tried it out in my trusty Twisted Messes with some Element Fresh Squeeze Eliquid.  The looseness of the wick compared to the cotton bacon I usually use meant that my first wick didn't really have enough wick in there and and the volume of vapour and flavour wasn't there.  Rolling the material a little more and working it into the coil gave me a much better result.  The flavour was clean for me, no scratchy throat tickle at all.  Also tried it in an old Nature Vape Mini and again the wicking was good as long as there as enough material in it.

You get a nice amount of it in the jar so the price is fair. I will certainly make use of what I was sent.

We Vape


Considering a jar of this cotton only costs £3.99 it might be well worth trying it out since you certainly get a good amount for the money. It has the advantages that it is very easy to work with, holds a lot of juice and stays saturated for longer than typical Muji.

The only possible problem with this contain is that it you may or may not notice a scratchy quality present. If you do try this cotton I would advise that you allow it to saturate for longer than you would Cotton Bacon or Muji. If you are using it in a tank then it might not even be noticeable.

Many thanks to Grey Haze for sending this to us for review. If you would like to try this cotton it can be purchased from Grey Haze here.

If you are a manufacturer, distributor or vendor and have an item that you would like reviewed by our team please contact us here.

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