Atom Vapes GCeramic Pure Flavour Coils Review by VapeMaster

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Atom Vapes GCeramic Pure Flavour Coils

Introducing the all new ground break innovation from Atom Vapes. Their all new GCeramic coil is highly innovative with the coil wiring being contained within a ceramic housing. This means no more burnt cotton or contaminated flavour when vaping!

Made entirely from ceramic and Kanthal the coils are 24ct gold plated for maximum conductivity.


  • Compatible with all Kanger Subtank atomizers. Subtank Plus, Nano, Mini etc
  • Aspire Atlantis versions also now available
  • 24ct Gold Plated Ceramic Coil
  • 0.9ohm Resistance

What’s in the box?

  • 4x 0.9ohm Ceramic Coils
  • User Leaflet

Ease of use

I had absolutely no problems putting these coils into a Subtank Mini since they fit really well and screw in easily. As always a little bit of juice is needed to prime them but you certainly don’t have to worry about burning any cotton wicking because the coils don’t have any.

I am sure that when some of us are in a rush to have a vape we often fit a new atomizer and forget what wattage you had previously set the device to and end up immediately burning the coil, I’ve done it myself on a few occasions when I wasn’t paying attention. The good thing about these coils is that they eliminate that possibility making them far more user friendly and probably a much better buy for new vapers.

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How do they vape?

Unfortunately I don’t own a Kanger Subtank because to be quite honest I never really got on with them and I always seemed to end up buying one that had issues (just unlucky I guess) which led to me moving on to other Sub Ohm tanks. Thankfully junglist kindly lent me one from his collection so I could try out these coils, (ironically I had no problems at all with his Subtank).

I first filled up the Subtank with some Purity E-Liquids Malibu (very much like the drink but with pineapple). I initially started vaping at 20W but it did not make for a very good vape so I quickly increased to 25W which was a little better. 30-35W seemed to give the best results and at this Wattage the flavour was excellent, very clean with all the flavour notes in the mix being extremely noticeable.

I would say the coil gave me quite a warm vape and it only really becomes a hot vape if you regularly chain vape on it since the ceramic tends to retain the heat. Vapour production was seriously good even when using the Subtank on its mouth to lung airflow setting and there was plenty of clouds fogging up my room.

I moved on to trying some Purity E-Liquids Belgian Cocoa and once again I got a great vape! People have started to refer to ceramic coils as a potential game changer and you quickly realise why when using them because flavour is absolutely spot on being far cleaner and more distinct.

Coil life

I lost track of how many times I refilled this tank with various juice but I would say I vaped about 12-14 tanks worth. At this point I did notice the coil wasn’t performing as well so I decided to dry burn it a little at low wattage (easy to do because there is no cotton to burn) and this coaxed it back into life. So at least a week of very heavy use with the potential to last at least another week or more proving you do a few dry burns now and then.

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I really enjoyed using these coils and they gave me a really good vape! I especially like the fact that they don’t require a massive amount of Wattage to deliver best results and this makes them more attractive to a wider user base since not everyone purchases the most powerful devices on the market.

The fact that they don’t have any cotton wicking at all is another useful feature and means you won’t accidentally end up burning them out. If you have a Kanger Subtank these are well worth checking out and if you don’t keep in mind that Atom Vapes have also now produced Atlantis compatible ceramic coils.

 If you are at all tempted to pick up some of these coils they can be purchased here from Grey Haze. Many thanks to Grey Haze who kindly sent these coils to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

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