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2023 VAPORESSO CARE ECO GO GREEN - Global Carbon Neutral Program Kicked Off

Vaporesso have launched their latest initiative, the 2023 VAPORESSO CARE ECO GO GREEN which goes full throttle towards their carbon neutral goals

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On 10th December, VAPORESSO, a leading brand in the vaping industry, has officially launched its new initiative, the 2023 VAPORESSO CARE ECO GO GREEN - Global Carbon Neutral Program (“the Program”). This Program, slated to continue until July 2024, is the first carbon-neutral green practice in the vaping industry, aiming to demonstrate VAPORESSO's innovative efforts towards sustainable development in the age of carbon neutrality and underscore its pivotal role in the industry as a trailblazer for sustainable practices.

Innovative Concept ECO NANO to be Low-Carbon Pioneer

VAPORESSO has been consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation, leveraging its robust technological capabilities. Working alongside industry experts and researchers, the brand has assessed the potential of various innovative, low-carbon and environmentally friendly materials. As a result, VAPORESSO has successfully developed four groundbreaking concept ECO NANO products.

These products take a step further based on VAPORESSO's ECO NANO that can be refilled and recharged, which lowers users' cost and minimizes the environmental impact. Moreover, they use more eco-friendly materials for production, further reducing carbon emissions, making these products genuine trailblazers and pioneers of sustainable practices in the industry.

Among these four conceptual innovative products, "OceanGLINT" ECO NANO is the first ocean-friendly product in the vaping industry. It uses PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) material, a leading low-carbon option derived from recyclable marine plastic waste and can protect the marine environment and reduce carbon emissions by over 40%. Three other concept products use innovative materials for the first time, including biodegradable PLA (Polylactic Acid) materials, PBAT (Polybutylene adipate terephthalate) sugarcane fiber composite, inorganic substances, and thermoplastic resins, setting a new industry standard by reducing carbon emissions and contributing to the Earth's sustainable development.

Initiatives to Engage More People Worldwide and Promote Environmental Sustainability

Through this Program, VAPORESSO is committed to brand responsibility and strives to achieve a balance between industry growth and environmental sustainability. By encouraging its users, clients, and stores to participate in carbon-neutral, eco-friendly practices, VAPORESSO is set to promote green and low-carbon development as a leading brand in the vaping industry.


VAPORESSO has set up an engaging online platform where conceptual innovative products are showcased, and users can learn about and contribute to low-carbon environmental protection through interactive quizzes. By providing users with insights into environmental protection, VAPORESSO aims to increase users' environmental awareness through this interactive experience. From December 10-31, each day, users who correctly answer three questions related to low-carbon environmental protection will be contributing to VAPORESSO's tree-planting initiatives. Participants also stand a chance to win a variety of exciting prizes, such as a DJI AVATA, GoPro, and eco-friendly sets.


Partnering with ONETREEPLANTED and China Green Foundation, from December 10-25, VAPORESSO invites more than 140 of its key clients to become its Global Green Partners. By linking clients and users, VAPORESSO will plant 6,000 more trees in the coming months to reduce carbon dioxide emissions while contributing 66 tons of carbon to the Earth's carbon sink annually. With VAPORESSO as a leading force, they are working closely to build a low-carbon and environmentally friendly ecosystem for the vaping industry.


VAPORESSO has also garnered positive responses from over 500 stores globally, aiming to create a mutually beneficial industrial ecosystem. This initiative leads consumers towards adopting a green and healthy lifestyle. Additionally, they are preparing incentive prizes for participants, fostering a positive interaction among stores, consumers, and the brand itself.

Through these initiatives, VAPORESSO is determined to be a pioneering leader in the carbon-neutral era, and is striving to create an eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy ecosystem for the vaping industry in the era of carbon neutrality. The brand is dedicated to driving positive change and setting an example for sustainable practices within the vaping industry.

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