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VOOPOO and ZOVOO have jointly launched the DRAGBAR Z700 SE on 15 March, containing a “futuristic ceramic coil”

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VOOPOO and ZOVOO have jointly launched the DRAGBAR Z700 SE on 15 March, containing a “futuristic ceramic coil”. World leading e-cigarette brand ZOVOO and its sister brand VOOPOO are calling 2023’s DRAGBAR Z700 SE “revolutionary”. The companies believe that their names attached to a product means it will raise the level of expectations, something they are convinced the DRAGBAR will meet.

Equipped with the self-developed GENE TREE ceramic coil technology solution, the companies say that the DRAGBAR Z700 SE “features consistent flavour and ultra-pure taste, achieving the largest puff count of the current TRPR and TPD-compliant brands.”

VOOPOO and ZOVOO say that this is “a futuristic e-cigarette that will disrupt the industry.”

Meeting all global compliancy requirements, ZOVOO believes it is “keeping pace with the times and moving towards being a top international vape brand”.

The companies claim thatthe GENE TREE ceramic coil is 26% better for taste reproduction and 60% more consistent in flavour” when compared with the market competitors.

They add that a benefit conferred by the use of the new ceramic coil is that the DRAGBAR Z700 SE “guarantees a truly consistent flavour to the last puff, offering a pleasant and soothing vaping experience.”

Traditionally, higher puff counts are produced either by increasing the size of the battery or by increasing the volume of eliquid – or both. VOOPOO and ZOVOO have achieved a higher figure by maximizing energy conversion efficiency.

Producing more puffs with a low battery power consumption, the DRAGBAR Z700 SE allows for 700 puffs for a longer lasting vaping experience. They add that this marks the product out as a leader when compared to all other legal UK product competitors.

With its minimalist design and clean lines, the DRAGBAR Z700 SE is a stylish and premium model of artistic industrial design. With a body thickness of 9mm and a weight of just 20 grams, it achieves the perfect balance of fashion and portability. It is bound to set off a new wave in the vape field,” VOOPOO and ZOVOO add.

Breaking with traditional ceramic coil manufacturing processes, GENE TREE has a patented a "powder-free" technology, meaning they don’t have to suffer the production bottleneck of sticking and dropping powder of traditional ceramic coil.

VOOPOO and ZOVOO continue: “DRAGBAR Z700 SE offers up to 50 rich flavours to meet the full range of user preferences. VOOPOO×ZOVOO offers consumers an exceptional product experience and opens a new era of vaping for all.”


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