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Lee County School District Student Services are fibbers and spreading misinformation about electronic cigarettes to parents and children

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Lee County School District Student Services, Florida, are fibbers and spreading misinformation about electronic cigarettes to parents and children. While the claims the service makes can appear to be very humorous, it has major implications for adult smokers who might otherwise have tried to quit by switching to vaping.

School is back in session, so make sure your students aren't having a vaping ‘sesh’ in your classroom. Vaping can be done very discreetly, so know these signs,” says the Lee County School District Student Services on its Twitter account.


We provide many important services to the students in our district including: Gifted (Intellectually), Gifted Art, ELL (English Language Learners), Homeless, Homebound Students, GED Program, School Counsellors, School Nurses, District Spelling Bee, Dropout Prevention Coordinator”, the service says, forgetting to add fibbing about tobacco harm reduction.


Going back to earlier in the year, using a bias and distorted Truth Initiative sourced article, the service claims: “Why vaping can mean more — not less — stress”.

But the misinformation stretches back much further.

In March, the service directed parents to a site that distributes a “facts about vaping” PDF, saying:

  • Eliquids come in “unmistakably child-friendly flavours
  • That companies are engaging in “a nicotine arms race
  • That eliquid is “toxic and dangerous
  • That “increasingly, marijuana ingredients are found in vapes
  • People will breathe aerosol deep into their lungs and then exhale it through their ears, eyes or nose
  • And a host of other claims that would make Stanton Glantz proud

Lee County School District Student Services also arranges “Town Hall” meetings where it facilitates the spreading of misinformation first hand.

Typically, these events involve parents being lied to about the lung disease EVALI, piffle regarding the likelihood of non-smoking teens to progress to cigarettes, and complete bunkum regarding the dangers vape poses.

During the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak, Lee County School District Student Services made the wholly unsupportable claim that: “vaping can compromise lung function, which can worsen the course of COVID-19” – an absolute lie with no scientific evidence.

Then there is the subject of them roping in children to spread their lies for them:

Some might be prepared to cut Lee County School District Student Services some slack as they have been lied to by vested interests and Bloomberg funded organisations – but surely they should fact check prior to spreading misinformation?


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