GFN Fives Calls For Submissions

Posted 4th May 2021 by Dave Cross
It’s not long until the 8th Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN21), taking place in Liverpool on 17th and 18th June and streaming online at the new GFN•TV platform. The conference organisers are inviting you to share news and views about using nicotine in 2021 by contributing to their GFN Fives slot.

Deadline is coming up on 16th May

The Global Forum on Nicotine (1) organisers have always understood the importance of the consumer voice both at their event and in wider discussions around the future of nicotine use. The GFN Fives (2) are a new way to play an active part in the conference and they’re open to everyone.

Preparing a GFN Five, which is a multimedia presentation of up to five minutes, is not complicated. The conference team are welcoming a mix of formats - meaning you could simply record a direct-to-camera piece on your phone or use the ‘record audio’ feature in PowerPoint to talk over slides. There are ideas on format and content (3) ot the GFN21 website. 

Possible formats for the ‘Fives’ are:

  • PowerPoint video presentations, with audio and/or video accompaniment
  • Descriptive videos, demonstration new science and/or technology
  • Short interviews or commentaries on specific issues
  • Animation to illustrate an issue

The broad categories for the ‘fives

  • Science and innovation
  • Policy, legislative and regulatory issues
  • Consumer advocacy, regional updates and general information

The GFN Fives should incorporate the following qualities:

  • preparedness - presenter has closely scripted their video, and has timed it
  • a clear narrative - a beginning, middle and end for the script
  • the use of an initial hook to grab the viewer's attention
  • no jargon, plain English
  • clarity of explanation - no assumptions made about the viewer's knowledge level prior to viewing
  • engaging and personable delivery, and a conversational tone

Selected submissions will be posted on the conference website before the event and remain online afterwards. As well as Planet of the Vapes being a media partner for the whole GFN21 conference (4), news editor Dave Cross will be taking part in the “Themes emerging from the 'GFN Fives'” session on 17 June 2021, from 4 till 4:45pm (5).

If you’ve got something to say about nicotine then submit a GFN Five by the 16th May - and join the conversation online in June.

GFN21 is both a free online conference, open to all, streamed live online using the new GFN•TV platform and an in-person event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Liverpool, at low cost (£60 including VAT, for two days). Registration for attendance in person (6) and online is open now, and accommodation can be booked at the Crowne Plaza using a specially negotiated rate (7) - but only until 6 May 2021.


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