VPZ Supports UKVIA Campaign

Posted 17th October 2019 by Dave Cross
VPZ, the independent vape store giant, is throwing its weight behind the recently launched UKVIA campaign to hit back at media stories designed to provoke fear and distrust of vaping.

VPZ is the UK’s leading vaping specialist, with over 125 stores across the UK. Established in 2012 and based in Edinburgh, VPZ says, “it brings consumers the widest range of quality approved products, backed by knowledgeable and well-trained staff”.

UKVIA is the country’s leading trade body that is supporting, developing and promoting the £1bn UK vaping industry. The trade body represents vaping firms of all sizes across the UK.

We reported how UKVIA had launched its campaign earlier this week – now VPZ has also hit back at recent scare stories about vaping and backed a national campaign to provide vapers and smokers with facts and not fiction.

VPZ is supporting the campaign which sees full page advertisements taken out in major national newspapers and will displaying similar adverts in their shops which reassures vapers that British vaping standards are robust, and products are highly regulated. It also states that cases of illnesses in the US, which have been linked to black market batches of THC, are not being seen here.

VPZ joined the campaign after misinformation and scare-stories threatened to push British vapers back to cigarettes. Public Health England advises that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking and a valuable tool for smoking cessation.

Doug Mutter, VPZ

Doug Mutter, VPZ Director of Compliance and Manufacturing said: “We need to call out these scare stories for what they are, as they run the risk of driving people back to smoking which would have a massive impact on public health. That’s why VPZ are backing this national campaign to give smokers and vapers the facts, not the fiction. We’re already seeing people coming into our stores asking questions, and our staff are happy to take the time to correct the misinformation, but I’m very worried that not everyone will do that.”

“Public Health England have reiterated that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking and the black-market THC that has been linked to illnesses in the US is not available here. The more people that hear that message, the better.”

The campaign has been coordinated by industry body the UK Vaping Industry Association, UKVIA Director John Dunne, said: “It may seem like a bold move, but we believe that the stakes are high enough to justify it. Vaping represents one of the most vital harm reduction opportunities for public health in decades. The UKVIA is determined to protect that potential, as well as protecting the vapers who have already made the life-changing switch from cigarettes. To do this, the British public needs facts not fiction, and this is exactly what our campaign delivers.”


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Image: Doug Mutter courtesy of VPZ

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