Tamil Nadu’s Criminal Vapers

Posted 19th September 2018 by Dave Cross
The government of India attempted to ban vaping across the entire country last month. They failed due to a court decision, so it instructed the individual states to implement bans instead. Tamil Nadu becomes the seventh state to implement such a ban – but has gone further by criminalising vapers for owning vape products or vaping.

Last month the Association of Vapers India (AVI) called the Indian Government’s instruction to the states, “A regressive step based on misinformation, fear and refusal to consider science.”

The AVI called Tamil Nadu’s move a “draconian measure” and lamented that use and possession of vape products now made criminals out of members of the public.

Justification for the ban came from the lying Dr G Kamal, director of Tamil Nadu Asthma and Allergy Research Foundation: “There are at least 10 to 15 chemicals in e-cigarettes that could possibly cause cancer. So it’s in no way a safer alternative. And contrary to the perception that e-cigarettes would let one quit smoking, if a non-smoker tries it, it could even instigate him to become a smoker.”

There is no grace period; The Tamil Nadu government passed the order to ban all sales of electronic cigarette products with immediate effect. It includes the manufacture, sale, distribution, trade, marketing, import and possession of any device or liquid used for vaping.

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Tamil Nadu health minister C Vijaya Baskar said: “The ads of electronic cigarettes claim that they will not cause any harm. The Tamil Nadu government has already banned chewable tobacco products. So, electronic cigarette will also be banned in the state.”

The status of tobacco cigarettes remains legal for production, distribution, sale and use.


Anybody wondering why or how such idiocy can be carried out might find this news interesting: Vijay Baskar’s home was raided on the 6th of this month in relation to charges of criminal conspiracy and corruption. The Times of India carries further details about the Gutka Scam.

The Tamil Nadu government’s action is the product of lies and corruption. Greedy little men are lining their pockets at the expense of the health of the population and the decision to turn vapers into criminals needs to be reversed immediately. The only benefits to action like this are for the owners of tobacco companies – as the rising share price of tobacco giant ITC demonstrates.

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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