Green Smoke Charger Recall

Posted 16th June 2016 by Dave Cross
Just over a month has gone by since we announced Green Smoke’s intention to stop supplying the UK market. Customers were left concerned they were left with redundant equipment but now they are facing a bigger challenge: faulty charging units.

When Green Smoke announced their intention to stop supplying replacement atomizers and eliquids to their UK customers they told them not to worry: “We will of course continue to honour our warranty and guarantee. Contact Green Smoke® Customer Service at [email protected], chat with an agent, or call us on 020 7099 9621.”

Their commitment to fulfilling the terms of their warranty is being tested far sooner than the company would have liked. The company has urged old customers to stop using on of their AC/DC wall adaptors immediately

The offending charger carries the following product number: JD-050-050

The mains wall charger is dangerous because it has been discovered that the plastic housing is liable to breaking easily. Once this happens the internal parts are exposed and provide the potential to deliver an electric shock to anybody accidentally touching them.


These chargers were sold as separate units and also came supplied within kits. It is black in colour and bears a label showing the output as being “DC 5V 500mA”.

The company writes: “Nu Mark is conducting a voluntary recall of the Green Smoke® e-vapor wall adapter with USB Port (Model No: JD-050-050), pictured on the Product Images page. This wall adapter was sold both in certain Green Smoke® e-vapor kits and as a stand-alone item.  The plastic housing of the wall adapter may break and expose internal parts, posing a potential electrical shock hazard to consumers.

If you are in possession of this wall adapter, please stop using it immediately and return it to us.

This recall includes all plug styles of this Green Smoke® wall adapter with USB Port (Model No: JD-050-050): the 3 pin UK wall adapter, the rounded 2 pin EU wall adapter, the flat 2 pin US wall adapter, the 2 pin New Zealand wall adapter (see the Product Images link at the top of the page). This recall is limited to the Green Smoke® wall adapter with USB Port (Model No: JD-050-050) and does not affect any other Green Smoke® e-vapor products.

If you have a wall adapter affected by this recall, we ask that you stop using it immediately and return it to us as soon as possible.  Please complete the information below and we will send you a postage paid envelope to return the item(s).  Once we have received the item(s), we will send you an item of equal or greater value.”


If you wish to return one of the chargers go to the following website and complete the form:

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