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Vaping in the News: Some of the smaller stories that may have flown under the radar.

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The media loves vaping, even if it loves to hate vaping. Unlike smokers, we share vaping-related stories and reports across social media and in places like the POTV forum. We like to agree, disagree and laugh at some of the outlandish coverage.

The Brisbane Times, seated in a country that has nigh on criminalised vaping, messes up in spectacular fashion. “A man has been charged after smoking an e-cigarette on a flight from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast,” writes Kim. Smoking? He was smoking it? Yes, “Police were waiting for the man ... after he allegedly refused to stop smoking the cigarette.”

The conflation continued after he landed as police arrested him and charged him for “smoking” on the plane. Quite how they believe a vaping device is the same as a traditional cigarette or that vapers release smoke is puzzling – but then not as puzzling as the incredibly stupid way Australia is clamping down on vapers.

While one Cameron has been all over the news for making a pig of himself, another is facing a huge lawsuit. James Cameron (he of Terminator, Titanic and Avatar) is set for a billion dollar showdown in court. TMZ reports that the three co-founders of Safe Cig are claiming a loan made to the company by Cameron on behalf of his brother forced the company into a perilous position.

Cameron’s brother is alleged to have wasted millions of dollars of company cash on bulletproof glass for his office, unrequired employees, lavish drink spending and trips hither and thither. As vape dramas go it is surprising how few ripples this has created.

Staying in The States, in order to protect Smokey the Bear and his chums from non-existent second-hand vape dangers – the National Park Service (NPS) has banned the use of mods and attys. Claiming that vapers also pose a fire risk to the great outdoors, NPS director Jonathan Jarvis claimed it was an important step to safeguard people’s health.

American Vaping Association’s Gregory Conley commented: "Outdoor smoking bans in parks can at least somewhat be justified by the risk of fires, but vapour products pose no more of a fire risk than a cellphone battery. The National Park Service should leave ex-smokers alone and let them camp and hike in peace."

Lastly, The New York Post has finally carried a pro-vaping story. Former US Surgeon General Doctor Richard Carmona penned a piece that leant heavily on the wonderful PHE 95% report. “PHE is the first public body to declare its support for e-cigarettes. PHE declares its ambition to achieve a tobacco-free generation by 2025, and it believes that ‘e-cigarettes have the potential to make a significant contribution to the endgame for tobacco’,” he wrote. “I share their ambition and believe that many of my colleagues in public health do as well — as do many in the private sector.”

Great news, yes? An American medical practitioner not in the pay of pharmaceutical companies speaking out in favour of ecigs has to be a great thing. It’s just a shame no one opposed to vaping will listen as he now sits on the board of NJOY.

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