Update: Do you have a faulty Cloupor Mini 30W ?

Posted 31st January 2015 by Toby Kilroy
An update has been released from Cloupor to test whether you have one of the famously faulty batch.

Shenzhen Cloupor Technology Co. have released an update to us explaining how to confirm whether you have one of the potentially faulty devices from the affected batch, after fully testing the item for 5 days and nights.

Cloupor have stated that while the number of units affected is a very small percentage, the number of products sold could see hundreds with a faulty Cloupor Mini 30W. Under the included warranty, faulty items should be replaced and users should contact their original supplier or email Cloupor directly using the email address: [email protected].

To discover whether you have a potentially defective item, Cloupor have advised you to fire the device for 15 seconds (the maximum time allowed) with an atomiser/tank on and see if the screen displays the "Too hot" message. It might also be prudent to see if the actual box itself gets hot. You can expect it to get slightly warm as there is a lot of power going through the components for a long time but it should not be too hot to touch.

If you receive this message, contact Cloupor or your original supplier immediately.

Also note that firing a tank for 15 seconds does have the potential to kill your wick and give you a burnt flavour so make sure you use a tank you are about to rewick or change the atomiser in! I didn't :D


We're really pleased that Cloupor have released information to help users replace uncertainty over the Cloupor Mini with peace of mind. As stated in our review we think this is an excellent box mod and were devastated to hear about the problems the Cloupor Mini had inadvertantly brought into the market. I have been using my mod every day since receiving it and especially hard over the last week to try and force any failure and get to the bottom of the issue, but I'm pleased to report that mine seems to be one of the good ones.

As ever, stay safe and don't put yourself at any risk when buying and using vaping equipment.

 Toby Kilroy
Article by Toby Kilroy
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