Posted 30th April 2021 by Dave Cross
Swedish snus is the mother of the expression “The Swedish Experience” and is the reason Sweden has succeeded in combatting tobacco harm where other European Union countries have failed. Sweden has the lowest smoking prevalence in Europe with only 5% daily smokers according to the EU financed Eurobarometer as compared to the European Union average of 24%. Swedish men have less than half the rate of all tobacco caused cancer forms and the lowest tobacco mortality in the high- and middle-income world.

This op-ed has been written by Bengt Wiberg, one half of the Snusrevolution podcast.

Snus is pasteurized extremely low nitrosamine grained tobacco usually served in a pouch, a teabag sort of material that fits well under the upper lip and that is totally discreet and 100% spitless. It contains tobacco, nicotine, flavors, water, and pH-regulating substances. Snus has been used for 200 years in Sweden. It is low-tech & green-tech and a snus pouch lasts for up to one hour. Cost? A can of 20 pouches can be bought for anything between €2.5-5.

Snusrevolution (1) (2) (3) is an international podcast channel for snus and other harm reduction interested adults. It is a cooperation between snus inventor and tobacco harm reduction advocate Bengt Wiberg, the founder of the international consumer crowd movement #EUforsnus (4) (5) (6) (7) and American journalist Mike McGrady who is well known from several vaping media channels and magazines.

The channel provides an opportunity to learn more about snus as well as tobacco-free modern oral nicotine pouches. We have hosted distinguished guests such as Professor Konstantinos Farsalinos, speaking about snus, nicotine and Covid-19. Soon, we will be speaking with renown harm reduction expert American Professor Brad Rodu.

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In the various episodes we provide answers to questions such as:

  • Does snus/nicotine prevent against Covid-19 infection?
  • How did Slash (Gun’s and Roses guitarist) quit smoking?
  • What does Hollywood stars such as Stellan Skarsgård (Mamma Mia, Thor) and Peter Stormare (Fargo, Armageddon) and football stars like Zlatan Ibrahivovic (Manchester United, Milan, Juventus, Ajax) have in common?
  • What is the Swedish Experience?
  • Why did FDA approve snus as the first ever Modified Risk Tobacco Product?
  • Why are flavors so important for any reduced harm products such as vaping and snus?

Why is an organisation such as the European Union prohibiting the use of snus as a tool to help some of the 100 million EU daily smokers switch to a proven low risk nicotine alternative to cigarettes? How did snus end up being accepted in Saudi Arabia of all places? Why is it life-important for consumers of safer nicotine products to support each other’s product and commitment?

The answer to all those questions and more can be found by tuning into Snusrevolution.



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Article by Dave Cross
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