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Posted 26th February 2019 by Dave Cross
Dr Sharon Cox at London South Bank University is conducting a study “to ascertain awareness of the JUUL brand, use of this device, and amongst smokers and vapers, willingness to use or past experience with the device.” The online questionnaire is quite short and Planet of the Vapes encourages you to take part. Dr. Abby Hunter would also like assistance for her study if you haven’t already done so.

Planet of the Vapes has 50,000 forum members and the newsletter goes out to 60,000. We are a great resource to help with studies furthering the understanding of vaping and how it can work to combat smoking-related disease.

Dr Sharon Cox says: “We wish to survey a mix of individuals including some who stopped smoking, some who did not stop smoking, some who used an e-cigarette, and some who use both cigarettes and e-cigarette. The survey is not intended to affect your current behaviour in relation to smoking. The data provided will be useful information about the potential impact of this brand in the UK.”

The online survey is confidential and any personal details submitted will be kept secret. The online form takes around 10 minutes to complete. You don’t need to be currently using a Juul to submit useful information.

“We are exploring awareness and potential benefits of this product. The data used will inform our study team as to whether this product is potentially worth exploring for smoking cessation.”


The survey can be accessed using this link:

In January, we ran an article where Dr. Abby Hunter was looking for opinions to help The UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies develop a Priority Setting Partnership between smokers/vapers and clinicians to identify and prioritise research questions relating to electronic cigarettes as a tool for smoking cessation and harm reduction.

The centre believes that, often, clinical research does not address the questions that are of greatest importance to patients, and their clinicians. The James Lind Alliance has developed methods for bringing patients and clinicians together to establish 'Priority Setting Partnerships (PSPs)’ that then identify and prioritise ‘uncertainties’, in order to inform publicly funded research.

Dr Hunter says: “The survey is still open. We have had over 650 people complete it so far! There is still time to tell us what you want to know about e-cigarettes.”


The survey can be accessed using this link:



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