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I have been around the vaping scene for many a long year and have watched as it progressed from the days of CE4s and Vivi Novas through to today's offerings.  I have always been rather taken with the slightly more quirky side of vaping and have used a massive array of Genesis RTAs and then experimented with running Mesh Wicks in a great many RTAs primarily designed for use with cotton, my reasoning being that flavour is always the ultimate goal - it has to be possible to improve things even further. I have avoided certain types of equipment as I have always felt that I had reached my comfortable place and have been reasonably happy to remain there! So the whole Sub Ohm experience was not where I was to be found. Unlike a great many, I has always remained in the lower power, higher resistance camp and am content in the main at around 15 Watts and very occasionally straying up to about 30 Watts if using temp control. My wife Carol and I started vaping in 2012 and have never looked back. We did all the usual things and tried all sorts of equipment, but settled very quickly upon the ideal setups for our requirements. the same can be said with e-liquids. We hit upon two makers very early on and haven't strayed much in all honesty. Being tobacco lovers, first and foremost, we are surrounded by gear that meets that need and produces what we consider to be our ideal. We live in rural Cambridgeshire in a rather nice cottage that despite its suicidal tendencies meets our needs.  

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