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Wismec Luxotic BF Box with Tobinho RDA Kit

Wismec's first ever squonker, the Luxotic BF Box, is another collaboration between the Chinese manufacturing giants and JayBo, and it's recently hit the market to great fanfare. Available on its own, or as a kit with the Tobinho RDA included, the Wismec Luxotic BF Box Kit has taken the market by storm in 2018!

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Wismec's first ever squonker, the Luxotic BF Box, is another collaboration between the Chinese manufacturing giants and JayBo, and it's recently hit the market to great fanfare. Available on its own, or as a kit with the Tobinho RDA included, the Wismec Luxotic BF Box Kit has taken the market by storm in 2018!

A re-imagined squonking system has been designed for the Luxotic BF Box, and it comes with 7.5ml capacity squonk bottles. It is a semi-mechanical squonking mod, offering the experience of a mechanical mod but with added safety features, and it has the ability to output up to 100W of power! Four eye-catching honeycomb and resin styled designs are available, including a new black honeycomb version!

The Tobinho RDA is a bottom fed squonking ready RDA, featuring direct to coil airflow, a low profile design, single drop-in coil build deck and it has been engineered to offer great flavour and vapour!


Luxotic BF Box

  • 43.2mm x 25.1mm x 76.7mm dimensions
  • 124.6g weight
  • Designed in conjunction with JayBo
  • Honeycomb and resin designs
  • Replaceable side covers
  • Four colour options
  • Designed in conjunction with JayBo
  • 100W maximum output power
  • Takes a single 18650 battery
  • 7.5ml squonking bottle capacity
  • Convenient refilling system
  • 510 spring loaded connector 

Tobinho RDA

  • 22mm width
  • 28.7mm height
  • 18.9g weight
  • Designed in conjunction with JayBo
  • Ultem drip tip
  • Ultem beauty ring
  • Direct to coil adjustable airflow
  • Single coil build deck
  • Bottom feed ready for squonking use

What's in the box?

With the Wismec Luxotic BF Box Kit, you get the Wismec Luxotic BF Box Mod, Tobinho RDA, two 0.18ohm Clapton Coils, an Ultem beauty ring, a pack of cotton, 810 wide bore drip tip top cap adaptor, spare squonking bottle, spare screws and o-rings, a warning card and user manuals for the Luxotic BF Box Mod and the Tobinho RDA.

Design and Build Quality

Wismec have designed four different finishes for the Luxotic BF Box Mod, with green honeycomb resin, honeycomb resin, swirled metallic resin and the new black honeycomb resin versions all available. I received the honeycomb resin version for review, and this looks absolutely stunning- seriously it's one of the best looking mods I've ever held! The brushed metallic finish accents the honeycomb door perfectly, giving the Luxotic BF Box Mod the appearance of an expensive, high end squonker.

A perfectly sized fire button is found on the side of the mod, and this can be locked by clicking the fire button five times. A bright LED is also present here, which illuminates when the button is pressed. The fire button is clicky and responsive, with a good throw on it too. 

The top of the device features the 510 connector and the ubiquitous 'JayBo' logo found on many Wismec products, and a large Wismec logo is engraved on the rear of the mod. The size and location of the Wismec logo won't be to everyones tastes, however I personally didn't mind it.

At the bottom of the Luxotic BF Box Mod is a removable honeycomb panel, which gives access to the bottle refilling system. Pop the panel off via the small notch at the bottom of the mod, remove the bottle and refill before replacing it. It's an easy system to use, and the bottles have a 7.5ml capacity meaning they will hold enough e-liquid in them to last most people the day.

I was surprised by the size of the Luxotic BF Box Mod, it's actually smaller than I thought it would be, and a perfect size for my hand. Build quality is top notch, and I couldn't find a single flaw on the mod at all. You can purchase extra panels for the Luxotic BF Box Mod, and switch these in as you see fit. The magnets hold these on perfectly, meaning you don't need to worry about the panel coming off easily.

If you decide to purchase the full Luxotic BF Box Mod Kit (and I'd recommend that you do given there's very little difference in cost), you'll get the bottom fed Tobinho RDA included with the kit. This is a low profile RDA, measuring in at a tiny 22mm x 28.7mm, and manufactured from stainless steel. A beauty ring is included, to cover the space between the sides of the Luxotic BF Box Mod and the Tobinho RDA, and it also accents the look of the RDA very well too. An Ultem drip tip is included, and an 810 wide bore drip tip adaptor also comes with the kit if you wish to use wide bore drip tips.

Direct to coil airflow is found on the Tobinho RDA, with the airflow coming in through the sides of the RDA to hit the coil. Three airflow holes are found on each side of the top cap, and these can be opened up and closed down by rotating the top cap. A single coil build deck is present, offering a decent amount of room, with two clamps present to drop your coil legs into. When rebuilding the Tobinho RDA, it can take some trial and error to get the correct length! My Tobinho RDA came coiled and wicked already, which was a nice surprise, a 0.18ohm Clapton coil was present on the deck with a spare coil included in the box!


As the Luxotic BF Box Mod acts like a mechanical squonker, but with safety protections built in, I've found that it's best to use builds normally suited for fully mechanical mods- namely in the 0.17-0.3ohm region. The Luxotic BF Box Mod definitely hits hard, much like a full mech! Battery life is limited when using low resistance builds, and you must ensure you always use high amp 18650 batteries sourced from a reputable supplier (like Fogstar for instance) free of nicks and tears in the wraps.

From experience, most of the squonking kits that I have used in the past haven't been supplied with particularly great RDA's, it almost felt like an RDA was thrown in as an afterthought. Not so with the Luxotic BF Box Mod, the Tobinho RDA is a seriously good RDA- honestly I was surprised by the superb quality of the vape from it!

Flavour really was excellent, a lovely smooth draw was present and I could pick out the different flavour notes in each of my e-liquids. The Tobinho RDA isn't the airiest RDA around, however it does offer a pretty decent amount of vapour. The 0.18ohm coil pre-fitted with the Tobinho RDA does drastically impact on battery life, I could only get a couple of hours at most out of my batteries, and if you intend to use this coil please ensure you have a high amp 18650 battery that can handle the high amp draw from this coil. 


'Luxotic' is a mix of the words 'luxury' and 'exotic', and the Wismec Luxotic BF Box Kit manages to be both of these, but at an affordable price tag! This is my new personal favourite squonking set up, it offers everything I need and it looks absolutely fantastic! I'd definitely expect to pay a lot more for a squonking set up of this quality, and it goes to show that you don't have to spend large amounts of money on a squonking set up that looks great and performs brilliantly.

Wismec have hit an absolute home run with the Luxotic BF Box Kit, and this kit is already proving to be an incredibly popular choice amongst vapers at present. I struggled to find any faults with this at all, it's just a great set up available at an even better price!  Thanks to the team at UK Vapour Brands we have one of these superb kits to give away - to enter head over to the competition here - https://www.planetofthevapes.co.uk/competitions/win-a-wismec-luxotic-squonk-kit.html.

Many thanks to UK Vapour Brands for sending the Wismec Luxotic BF Box Kit in for review!  If you are interested in stocking Wismec products for your store then do check them out at https://www.ukvapourbrands.co.uk/.  

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