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Geek Vape Athena

The Athena from Geek Vape is one of the latest squonking mods to come out of the Far East, and since its very recent release there has been plenty of positive feedback around forums and social media on this mod!

Designed to be a compact, lightweight and powerful squonking mod, the Athena has also been designed with price in mind to offer a quality squonking experience with a low price point!

There has been a raft of budget squonker releases over the past couple of months, taking advantage of the fast growing demand for squonkers, which I believe is only a good thing as it drives the cost down and offers more choice to the consumer. Does the Athena have what it takes to stand out from the crowd? Let’s have a look...


  • Powerful mechanical squonking mod
  • Aluminium construction
  • 73mm x 46mm x 25mm dimensions
  • Spring loaded 510 connector
  • Large fire button 
  • Auto adjusting 510 connector to accept a wide variety of BF RDAs and reduce leakage
  • Safety locking switch
  • Compatible with a single 18650 battery
  • 6.5ml capacity bottles
  • Silicone and PE bottles included 

What’s in the box?

Inside the Geek Vape Athena box you get the Athena Mod itself, a PE squonking bottle, a soft feel silicone squonking bottle and a user manual. You can also purchase a bundle that includes the new Geek Vape Athena RDA.

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Geek Vape Athena

When I first removed the Geek Vape Athena from the box, I was immediately taken aback by its looks! I feel that this is a great looking mod, which aesthetically really appeals to me. The engraving on the front and rear doors has been tastefully done, and a cool Greek styled design is present around the 510 connector. Both the front and rear doors can be removed to access the squonking bottle and to remove your battery easily, with magnets holding the doors in place.

A large firing button is found at the side, ringed with gold plating, and a reasonable amount of throw is present. I find the button to be pretty springy and responsive, and it’s quite enjoyable to use! A safety locking switch is located underneath the fire button, you simply push this up to lock the fire button and prevent accidental misfires, or push it down to unlock it and use.

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On top of the Athena is a spring loaded 510 connector, which auto adjusts to the length of your RDA’s 510 connector, this also helps to reduce leakage from the connector. The Geek Vape Athena can happily accept RDAs up to 25mm in width without any overhang.


The Geek Vape Athena is a mechanical squonking mod, and as such I have found that it performs best with coil builds in the 0.2-0.3ohm region. I personally prefer to use coils made with Nichrome or SS316L with mechanical squonkers, due to the fast ramp up time I get.

I have found that when I do use low resistance coil builds, I get great performance from this mod, that is pretty much on par with some of the more higher priced mechanical squonkers I have owned. Silver plated contacts are used with the Geek Vape Athena, which helps to reduce voltage drop. As this is a mechanical squonker no safety features are built in, so please do build your coils within the limits of your battery and ensure you have a good knowledge of Ohms Law. Always check your builds for any potential short circuits before using them on a mechanical mod!

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Two 6.5ml bottles are included with the Geek Vape Athena, mine came with a PE bottle already installed and a soft feel silicone bottle as a spare. The capacity of these bottles is more than enough to keep most users going when out and about. Unfortunately I didn’t think much of either of the bottles, the PE bottle feels cheap and the soft feel silicone bottle required plenty of squeezing to feed E-Liquid up and into my RDA! Thankfully Squonk bottles are cheap and plentiful on the market these days, so I would recommend looking around for a replacement.


Squonk bottles aside, I feel that the Geek Vape Athena is a great little budget mechanical squonking mod that is well worth the money! It’s a mod that looks great and feels lovely in hand, with little voltage drop experienced, and it’s a great choice for those that enjoy using low resistance coil builds!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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