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GP Dripper Pro by Vapourart

Following on from the outstanding GP Dripper released back in September, Vapourart have just released the GP Dripper Pro featuring a revised build deck, and airflow from the top amongst other refinements...

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Following on from the outstanding GP Dripper released back in September, Vapourart have just released the GP Dripper Pro featuring a revised build deck, and airflow from the top amongst other refinements. 

On the GP Dripper Pro you still have a two post build deck featuring a very generous 7mm juice well, and this now supports single, dual and even quad coil builds. A new top airflow system has been implemented, which reduces noise and heat build up on the top cap, and the new top airflow system also means that the GP Dripper Pro is virtually leakproof, making it perfect for use with squonking mods. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been a long term fan and collector of Vapourart products, such as their very well known Paps mechanical mods, the GP Heron and Spheroid, and the original GP Dripper. The GP Dripper Pro on paper shapes up to be yet another stellar release from the Vapourart team. Let’s have a look at how it performs...


  • 22mm width
  • 23mm height (without drip tip)
  • 7mm deep juice well (11mm clearance from the top cap)
  • Two post build deck supporting single, dual and quad coil builds
  • Bottom feed pin included for squonking
  • Direct lung or mouth to lung hit (mouth to lung hit needs increased wattage)
  • Top airflow, designed for maximum heat dissipation
  • Airflow ensures minimal noise
  • Leakproof design
  • Single or dual airflow available
  • Deck and positive post machined from a single solid piece of EU certified 316 Stainless Steel
  • Electropolished deck with an ultra smooth finish, has superior corrosion resistance and is easy to clean
  • Unique serial number engraved on the base
  • Custom SS and Ultem drip tip with 11mm wide bore 
  • Honeycombed ultem spitback protector manufactured in the USA
  • Ultem adaptor with spitback protector included for use of your own drip tips
  • PEEK insulators manufactured in Germany
  • Viton food safe O-rings manufactured in France
  • Hex key for the posts is manufactured in the USA 
  • Packaging made in Bulgaria
  • Top cap has two locking points to ensure it sits firm
  • Precision machined in Greece and Bulgaria (Facility A, B and C)
  • Custom engraving available

What’s in the box?

The trademark attractive Vapourart presentation box houses the GP Dripper Pro alongside all the spares, inside the box you will find the GP Dripper Pro itself with 510 connector pin and dual airflow ring fitted, a bottom feed pin, two hex keys (larger one for the post screws, the smaller one for for the bottom feed pin), spare post screws, spare o-rings, a single airflow control ring and a honeycombed Ultem spitback adaptor to use if you wish to use your own drip tips. Vapourart always ensure you have all spares needed!

Looks and build quality

First things first- the build quality. Vapourart are industry renowned for having some of the very highest manufacturing quality standards, and the GP Dripper Pro follows in this great tradition. Looking at the GP Dripper Pro, you will see that it is absolutely flawless, with no sharp edges or burrs, the engraving of the Heron engine on the top cap as well as the GP logo and unique serial number on the base is outstanding, and the electropolished finish on the base of the deck is exceptionally shiny. 

Manufactured from EU certified 316 Stainless Steel, the top cap itself features a stunning brushed stainless steel finish, and it measures in at a tiny 23mm without the drip tip, there are two locking points on the base of the 22mm wide deck which the top cap will slot into meaning the top cap sits firm without any wobble and the airflow will always line up perfectly with your coils. Everything just fits together perfectly on the GP Dripper Pro. 

A stainless steel drip tip is included, that has a fixed Ultem honeycomb spitback protector and an 11mm bore. Some of you may find the 11mm bore a little too much, however Vapourart have included an Ultem drip tip adaptor in the box featuring the honeycombed spitback protector, and this allows you to use your own 510 threaded drip tips and benefit from spitback protection, as your drip tip will fit snugly into the drip tip adaptor.  

At the base of the deck you’ll find the GP logo and your unique serial number precision engraved into the deck, which has been treated with an electropolishing method to provide corrosion resistance and make it easier to clean. The electropolishing method also leaves an exceptionally shiny finish, which looks stunning. PEEK insulators are used to help with heat dissipation, and the GP Dripper Pro features an adjustable 510 pin, which can also be swapped out for the supplied bottom feed pin should you wish to use the GP Dripper Pro with a squonker. Just make sure you remove the insulator from the 510 pin and place it on the bottom feed pin before installing it.

All in all this is one stunning atomiser, that has been manufactured to some of the very best standards I’ve ever seen. Everything slots together perfectly, there are no sharp edges or machine burrs, the top cap is easy to get on and off without being too loose or too stiff, it’s completely flawless! It makes for a beautiful fit with the GP Paps V4, in fact it is one of my favourite looking mod and atty combos.

Building the GP Dripper Pro

You can build in single, dual or quad coil configuration, as the GP Dripper Pro has a two post build deck with two post holes featured on each post. Vertical coils can also be installed easily on this deck, up to a maximum of two vertical coils, and a single hole airflow ring is included in the spares pack which will completely shut off one side of the airflow if you wish to use a single coil build. 

There's ample space to build here, and post holes are large enough to accept exotic coil builds, with the screws able to fasten the coil legs down perfectly. A 7mm juice well holds an extremely generous amount of juice meaning you don't need to drip as often. The deck also efficiently sucks excess juice away when squonking, cutting down the risk of you flooding your deck.


Airflow holes were present on the sides of the original GP Dripper, however for the GP Dripper Pro these have been moved to the top of the atomiser, which also means that heat dissipates efficiently, and it also makes the GP Dripper Pro virtually leakproof- ideal for squonking, as it’s pretty much impossible to get this RDA to leak from flooding your deck.

At the top of the top cap there are two airflow holes on each side, measuring 2mm and 3mm, that can be closed down or opened up by rotating the airflow control ring around the top cap, this airflow control ring can be swapped out for a single airflow control ring if you are using a single coil build. Thanks to the two locking points on the top cap and deck, the airflow will always line up with your coils.


Flavour is what Vapourart do best, and the GP Dripper Pro has consistently provided an incredibly flavoursome vape no matter what build I have in and what I have set the airflow to. High or low resistance builds, open or tight draw, I get a vape that is absolutely bursting with flavour. After trying numerous builds out my preference is a dual SS316L coil build, for 0.3ohm, as this is perfect for use with my mechanical squonkers. When mouth to lung vaping you want to increase the wattage compared to what you usually use, as per Vapourart’s recommendation, as you'll enjoy an extremely intense flavourful vape. 

Top airflow RDAs aren't very well known for producing a lot of vapour however the GP Dripper Pro does excel at producing thick and dense clouds of vapour. I've been able to produce some whopping clouds with the airflow wide open, and been really impressed with the level of vapour on hand. Even with wide open airflow you still don't tend to lose any flavour from your vape.

With the stainless steel top cap it can get pretty warm when using low resistance builds, however the top airflow and PEEK insulators do a great job of ensuring it doesn't get too hot. The ultem spitback protector keeps hot juice from hitting your tongue and it also keeps the drip tip nice and cool. One issue with the previous GP Dripper was that it was a pretty noisy RDA, with a loud whooshing noise that could be off putting for some. Thankfully the GP Dripper Pro doesn't have this issue, it's virtually silent during use.


Personally I thought that the original GP Dripper was an outstanding RDA, however the GP Dripper Pro takes this up to the next level! The GP Dripper Pro has got to be the most perfectly manufactured RDA I’ve ever seen, featuring the unparalleled build quality Vapourart are renowned for. Performance matches the build quality too, with absolutely sublime flavour provided by this. There were a few users that weren’t happy with the whistling noise present on the original, however thankfully this has now been eliminated with the GP Dripper Pro.

Vapourart have catered to everyone with the GP Dripper Pro, it’s a versatile jack-of-all-trades RDA. Mouth to lung and lung hitters alike will get on perfectly with it, and the build deck gives plenty of scope for a vast range of builds. With the leak proof aspect of this RDA, it is a perfect RDA for squonking too! It’s a very worthy upgrade to the original GP Dripper, worth every single penny of your initial investment. 

The GP Dripper Pro is available from www.vapourart.com on selected Vapourdays

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