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GP Dripper by Vapourart

Being a long term fan of Vapourart products, the prospect of a rebuildable dripping atomiser produced by the team that brought us the outstanding Heron and Spheroid series of rebuildable tank atomisers and the Paps mechanical mods got me very excited indeed, and in mid July we were treated to the very first images of the GP Dripper prototype which definitely multiplied the excitement factor massively!

Since July, the prototype has been refined even further and I now have the finished article, a two post precision machined RDA that has a deck manufactured from EU certified 316 Stainless Steel with an electropolished finish, an Ultem top cap available in five different finishes with the Heron engine engraved on the side, support for single or dual coil builds, adjustable airflow and the ability to mouth to lung or direct lung hit. From personal experience, Vapourart know what goes into getting the very best flavour from an atomiser, as evidenced with the Heron and Spheroid, as well as providing some of the best build quality and customer service out there, so we should be in for a treat here.

Does the GP Dripper stand up to the incredible standards laid down by the Heron and Spheroid RTA’s? Let’s find out...


  • 22mm width
  • 32mm height
  • Two post build deck with 6mm juice well
  • Compatible with single or dual coils
  • Precision machined build quality
  • PEEK Insulators
  • Viton food safe O-rings
  • Mouth to lung and direct lung hit
  • Mouth to lung airflow reducers included for an even tighter draw
  • Airflow control consists of three 4x3mm slots on the top cap
  • Two 3.5mm airflow holes underneath the coils
  • Top cap has an internal lip functioning as spitback protection
  • Deck and negative post manufactured from one solid piece of EU certified 316 Stainless Steel
  • Deck is electrochemically polished to become ultra smooth, with an easily cleaned brightened surface, and offers superior corrosion resistance
  • PEEK thermoplastic rods manufactured in Germany
  • Amber and Black Ultem rods for the top cap and additional drip tips are manufactured in the USA
  • Hex key for the posts manufactured in the USA
  • Viton food safe o-rings are manufactured in France
  • Hex bottom feed pin included for squonking
  • Four different styles of Ultem top cap available, as well as a 316 stainless steel top cap
  • Single coil reducer top caps available separately for a more intense draw
  • Unique serial number engraved on the base

What’s in the box?

Your GP Dripper will come packaged in the recognizable unique Vapourart presentation box, which has the Heron engine logo on one side and ‘less = more’ on the other. There are two compartments inside, one features the GP Dripper itself, the other has a spares bag that will contain spare post screws, a hex key, spare Viton food safe o-rings, two mouth to lung airflow reducers and a hex bottom feed pin for squonking.

Looks and build quality

Vapourart are renowned within the industry for their exceptional manufacturing standards, and the GP Dripper has been precision machined to the highest standards. The base and negative post of the GP Dripper is manufactured from one solid piece of EU Certified 316 Stainless Steel and the deck has also been given a further electrochemical polishing treatment in order to make it easier to clean and provide a greater level of corrosion resistance, this also provides a beautiful polished finish. The base also features the GP logo engraved as well as a unique serial number, a 510 connector pin is installed as standard and a hex bottom feed pin is also included in the box for squonking. Viton food grade o-rings are also used on the base of the deck, providing a snug fit for your top cap, and PEEK Type II insulators are present to help with heat dissipation. PEEK Type II is also used for the mouth to lung airflow reducers included in the spares kit. Only the best materials have gone into the manufacturing of the GP Dripper.

You can choose from five different top cap styles with the GP Dripper, each with the instantly recognizable Heron engine logo engraved on the side. You have all black and all yellow Ultem caps available, black and yellow Ultem with stainless steel accents, and a 316 stainless steel top cap available. You can also purchase separate top caps, and separate single coil reducer top caps for those that prefer single coil builds. The drip tip is fixed and of a fairly large bore, however you can slot 510 threaded drip tips into the drip tip bore.

With a 22mm width and height of 32mm, this is a nice and small low profile RDA, which I have found looks great on pretty much anything you put it on. I had no sharp edges or burrs present, everything was smooth, and not a single trace of machine oil was present on my GP Dripper. It’s a great looking RDA, that also features exceptional build quality and attention to detail!


Building the GP Dripper

A two post build deck is present on the GP Dripper, capable of supporting single and dual coil builds. A single post hole with a hex screw is found on each post, which is large enough to support reasonably thick coil legs, but you will struggle exotic builds in such as Clapton coils for example. That being said, there is plenty of deck space to play with, and I've not had issues with 3/3.5mm internal diameter coils for example. The juice well is nice and deep too, with a depth of around 6mm.

At either end of the deck, you’ll notice there is a large 3.5mm airflow hole, and to get the very best out of your GP Dripper you will want to position your coil above this, raised slightly up from the airflow hole. The higher up your coil sits, the more throat hit will be achieved, and you just need to be mindful of the position of your coil in relation to the Ultem top cap, so that you do not end up burning or melting it. Ultem sports very good heat resistance properties, however it isn’t totally heatproof!

All in all, the GP Dripper is very simple to build single coils on, a little trickier to build dual coils. You have got to slot the coil legs from both coils into a single hole on each post if you do go down the dual coil route, if you are patient then installing dual coil builds shouldn’t prove too troublesome. However if you are a novice rebuilder or you aren’t quite confident with your builds, installing a dual coil build may be a little frustrating.



Drilled around the base of the top cap are three 4x3mm airflow holes, and at either side of the deck there are two holes which feed the 3.5mm internal airflow. Air is drawn from the side and underneath your coils before passing up through the drip tip. With the three airflow slots on the drip tip, you have options for single as well as dual coil builds. You can also purchase a single coil reducer top cap if you prefer a more intense draw from your single coil build.

Adjusting the airflow is as simple as rotating the top cap to close down or open up the airflow. Given the size of the airflow slots, the GP Dripper is capable of producing a lot of vapour, if cloud chasing is your thing then the GP Dripper is definitely able to cater for you, I've been able to get some pretty phenomenal clouds from this RDA! Even with a single coil build in and the single coil reducer cap on, the GP Dripper is still able to chuck very respectable clouds, and provide a nice and loose unrestricted lung hit.

Want an even tighter MTL draw? There are two airflow reducers included in the spares pack, popping one of these in the airflow hole will reduce the size of the airflow slot under the coil from 3.5mm to 2mm, and also using a single coil with the single coil reducer cap will then give you a very tight and intense draw. I’d recommend using the airflow reducers if you mouth to lung, as even with a single airflow hole closed down you'll still get a loose mouth to lung/ restricted lung hit.

In summary, the GP Dripper provides airflow options for a true tight mouth to lung hit as well as a wide open airy lung hit, so there are options here to cover every style of vaping, which not many RDAs available today provide. 

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Both the Heron and Spheroid have specialised in producing the very best flavour from a rebuildable tank atomiser, and I feel Vapourart have transferred this excellent performance over to the GP Dripper. The flavour is incredibly rich and consistent, whilst still being delivered to your palate smoothly, and the flavour notes from my liquids absolutely shone through. I was very impressed with just how good the flavour is, and I personally believe that this is Vapourart’s best work yet. If you want to blow clouds then the plentiful airflow on the GP Dripper delivers dense clouds of vapour, and even with the airflow wide open you still get incredible flavour too.

If you have opted for an Ultem top cap, you’ll notice that thanks to its heat resistance properties, your top cap stays cool during use, even when chain vaping with low resistance builds. The included spitback protection also does a great job of protecting you against spitback. I’ve gone down as low as 0.25ohm with my builds on the GP Dripper, and never once been troubled by heat or spitback. I can’t comment on the stainless steel top cap yet as it wasn’t available to purchase when I bought my GP Dripper.

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I’ve tried numerous builds on the GP Dripper, both single and dual coil, and my own preferred build has been a 7 wrap single coil using 0.4mm 316L Stainless Steel wire, with a 2.5mm ID, coming out at 0.65ohm. I prefer the slightly cooler vape from this build, and with the single coil reducer cap the flavour I get is as good as anything else out there in my opinion. Regardless of the build I have used, the flavour has been consistently excellent each and every time.

I have noticed that during use the GP Dripper can be quite noisy, with a relatively loud whooshing noise as air is drawn in. It isn’t something that has troubled me personally, and I have noticed that the noise is reduced as the airflow is closed off. The single coil reducer cap seems to reduce the noise quite considerably.


Being a big fan of the Heron and the Spheroid, I have got to say I was a little apprehensive at first around the GP Dripper, such is the standard laid down by the Heron in the past, however from the very first puff on the GP Dripper those fears were instantly allayed. Like the Heron and the Spheroid, this is exceptional at delivering top quality flavour to your palate, designed and crafted incredibly well, and it also happens to be a jack of all trades, able to cater to all styles of vaping.

We have reached the point now where quite a few high end drippers are commanding price points of £150 and above, and considering as the GP Dripper performs just as well, if not better, than a lot of these at half the cost, and is one of the most well crafted and designed atomisers I have ever used, the £75 price point I feel represents true value for money. It’s an investment that will last you a long time to come, whilst rewarding you with top class performance, not to mention the first class customer service and support you will receive from Vapourart should you ever need it.

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The GP Dripper is available from on selected Vapourdays, and from in the UK whilst stocks last!

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