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VooPoo Vmate Infinity Edition

Si gets friendly with the new VooPoo VMATE Infinity Edition

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Sample supplied by VooPoo for review
Price TBC

VooPoo VMATE Infinity Edition boxed

Mating Season

The VooPoo VMATE Infinity pod kit is the second new release of the VMATE series. I previously reviewed the VMATE E which is simply superb, this time round I test out the Infinity Edition and since it uses the same upgraded pods, surely it’s a safe bet?

Cartridge Parameters

  • Capacity: 3.0ml
  • Material: PCTG, Silver Ion
  • Resistance: 0.7Ω

Device Parameters

  • Name: VMATE Infinity Edition
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Output Power: ≤17W
  • Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
  • Resistance: 0.7-3Ω
  • Battery Capacity: 900mAh

Something that I missed on the previous review that I’ve noticed is the “Material: PCTG, Silver Ion” on the pod which is claimed to be more hygienic, obviously I can’t back that up but I will take their word for it and give it a thumbs up for the principle.


The Infinity version comes in rather simple packaging and looks slightly ‘budget’ which I think is the aim of this version as a more affordable version compared to the posher VMATE E.

VooPoo VMATE Infinity Edition unboxing

The contents also reflect this as you get the device, a preinstalled 0.7ohm pod, a charging cable, and the user manual, there’s no second pod unfortunately.

VooPoo VMATE Infinity Edition contents

Mating Call (First Impressions and Overview)

Fortunately the ‘budget’ experience ends with the package as the VMATE Infinity looks and feels classy and high quality, and without giving too much away; the vape quality is fantastic.

VooPoo VMATE Infinity Edition

The main body is all metal alloy and colour plated, as you can see the main styling is in the vertical line pattern and has ‘VOOPOO’ embossed on one side and ‘Gene AI’ on the other, the base is a highly polished cap with the charging port.

VooPoo VMATE Infinity Edition Gene Genie

There’s a status LED light on the one side which illuminates through a rather cool infinity symbol, I really liked this little feature as it looked good but it wasn’t overly bright and was easy to cover for stealth vaping.

VooPoo VMATE Infinity Edition montage

Overall the design is minimal but it still looks classy which should appeal to most users that prefer subtle over blingy. As with the rest of the VMATE series, it features a shaped pod that becomes part of the body shape and has a bit more style than most other pods.

The shape makes it really comfortable as every edge has been smoothed off, the only tactile bit is the pods raised oval shape. The size is just right and is suitable for top pockets with no VPL (Vape Protrusion Line) in your jeans etc.

VooPoo VMATE Infinity Edition pod fitting

The pod is a press fit that gives a tactile ‘click’ as you push it down fully, the fit is nice and tight with absolutely no wobble or movement. The good fit becomes important for the airflow control seal.

VooPoo VMATE Infinity Edition top to bottom
The mouthpiece is a ‘duckbill’ (better than a duck’s ass) shape which is really comfortable and suits MTL perfectly, the airflow is via two holes on either side of the pod and is fixed which was a worry at first, but it turned out to be spot on for a decent tight MTL draw.

VooPoo VMATE Infinity Edition charging

Here you can see that infinity LED I was referring to earlier, it displays the battery level: GREEN = Full, BLUE = Medium, and  RED = Low and time to recharge, the 900mAh battery lasts well and recharging took around fifty minutes from low.

VooPoo VMATE Infinity Edition two parts

Mating Part (Pod)

As previously mentioned, you only get the one pod which is 0.7ohm, but there is also a 1.2ohm available if you prefer a lower powered vape. Filling it up is via a silicone bung at the bottom edge, it looked fiddly but turned out to be easy and mess free with perfect visibility.

One of the main features and improvements to the pod is the leak resistance which works a charm, and I’ve experienced almost no condensation.

MATE-ing Rituals (Performance)

There’s not a whole lot to say other than the VMATE Infinity vapes almost perfectly, the flavour is outstanding, the draw is warm, smooth, and the airflow is just right for a ciggie like MTL draw. It’s not the tightest airflow, but is still tight enough to class as a proper MTL vape. The draw activation performed flawlessly whether you take a hard or soft draw, and it was also pretty quiet.

VooPoo VMATE Infinity Edition juicy

VooPoo have nailed it with this pod with its sheer simplicity and performance, the upgraded pod has a lot to do with its success, and you get pretty much the same high quality vape as you get with the VMATE E. Only the airflow is different as you can get a looser or tighter draw with that.

Mating Game - VMATE vs VMATE

I tested the VMATE E first and it was just faultless and ticked every box I needed in a basic pod, it felt more posh with its jewellery quality polished metal and just looks like it would be what Audrey Hepburn would use instead of her cigarette holder and fag.

VooPoo VMATE Infinity Edition vs VMATE E 

So I wasn’t expecting to like the Infinity quite as much which is true sort of; I do prefer the E in looks and styling as well as the airflow control and top cap, but the Infinity is lighter and far more practical on a lanyard.

Which one is for you will be down to tastes, but either option WILL give you a near perfect MTL vape as they both use the same pods.

Voopoo mating rituals

Check Mate (Conclusion)

VooPoo have delivered yet another superb MTL pod, the VMATE Infinity is the simplest device to use and is ideal for beginners and experienced vapers looking for a simple handy vape.

I cannot think of another device that offers the same vape quality as the new VMATE pods and better still, they last a long time and don’t leak.

I would recommend the VMATE Infinity to any disposable users in a heartbeat, find the right e-liquid and it will beat any disposable on flavour and is friendlier on the planet and their pocket.

If I owned a vape shop I would stock 100s of these.


  • Exceptional flavour
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High quality
  • Decent 900mAh battery
  • Improved pods are faultless
  • Long pod lifespan
  • Disposables killer


  • Only one pod included

As far as the actual device, I don’t have a single con, even the fixed airflow works well.

Final Thoughts and Score

VooPoo have become the pod kings as far as I’m concerned, and the new VMATEs have even knocked my treasured DRAG Nano off the top spot due to their outstanding vape quality. I’ve reviewed loads of great pod kits, but I’m only using VooPoo in everyday vaping these days, the rest are sat neglected as ornaments.

Score: 9/10 – Soul Mate

VooPoo VMATE Infinity and beyond

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