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VooPoo Vinci 3

Another day, another VooPoo release...but when they are as good as the VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit, we really don't mind!

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Supplied by your trusty UK vendor TECC
£24.99 including 2 x Free E-liquids

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit first look

My instincts told me not to bother with this one, in my head I thought this would just be another f**king pod and I thought it would only do RDL, (I was wrong again!) but I had some time available so I thought sod it, I will give it a try. I should have known better as TECC tend to find only the best kits and this little sod turned out to be a bit of a Ninja-bastard-cloud-lobber!

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit box fresh

At a Glance

  • Pod capacity: 2ml
  • Coil resistance: 0.3ohm/0.6ohm
  • Adjustable wattage
  • 0.68 inch screen
  • Output wattage: 5-50W
  • Resistance range: 0.15-3.0ohm
  • Battery capacity: 1800mAh
  • Dimensions: 101.3mm x 30.5mm x 21.6mm
  • Weight 99g
  • Innovative airflow adjustment
  • Eliquid windows
  • Auto-draw or fire button activated


The box isn’t all that appealing and it turned out to be a case of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it’s just a simple carton with a blown plastic tray holding the device, you only get to see the top through the clear plastic bit.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit unboxing

It does the job well enough and I’m all good with minimal packaging as it keeps the waste and costs down. Underneath the tray is a sealed bag containing the accessories.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit contents

It’s a basic kit but includes all you need to get going except e-liquid; the Vinci 3 device, the replaceable coil pod, two different PnP coils (one preinstalled), a USB-C charging cable, and the manual. It’s a pro these days to actually get two coils in a starter kit.

First Impressions and Overview

Immediately this felt like a proper VooPoo high quality device, it is mostly metal and oozes with that VooPoo attention to detail. I was impressed with it already (even though I HATED the girly colour), for such a traditional pod shape, there are so many little details that combine to make it one of the best looking pods in VooPoo’s vast line up.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit detail

The styling is quite classy, the main chassis is satin finish metal plating and there are two holographic panels on the front and rear. The panels have a really nice chrome detailing around the e-liquid windows, and the branding which looked subtle as a result.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit montage

I will let the photos do the talking, but it is one of those that looks better in real life or video as you rotate it in the light. It looks and feels expensive so when you consider TECC are flogging it for £24.99 with a couple of e-liquids, it feels quite a bargain.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit end to end

The pod mouthpiece is about the only dull thing about the kit, it looks quite generic but it is comfortable and suits RDL/DL vaping. VooPoo have popped a rubber base on which never gets old for me, and I wish more manufacturers would do this.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit weight

The stated weight claims 99g but with a coil fitted and e-liquid, it comes out at 104g which is a nice weight as it feels substantial in your hand. The size is just right too; 101.3mm x 30.5mm x 21.6mm, and it fits nicely into your grip with only the mouthpiece protruding.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit charging

The USB-C charging port is on the opposite side to the screen which displays the charge percentage which is always a pro. I could not find the amps it charges at, so I assume it’s 5V/1A.

Screen and Controls

The Vinci 3 is variable wattage and has a fire button, but it is also a fully automatic kit with auto wattage and auto-draw which makes it good for beginners and experienced vapers alike.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit screen

The 0.68” OLED screen is uncluttered and easy to read and again features the battery percentage. The controls are kept simple by using a single button (Fire button):

  • 3 x Fire = Enables wattage adjustment (number flashes), repeatedly press or hold the fire button to increase the wattage, it only goes up until it reaches the max and then it resets to the minimum, simple enough and cycles through quickly.
  • 5 x Fire = Turns device On.
  • 5 x Fire (while On) = enters mini menu, Fire button cycles through and long press confirms:
    • BUTTON LOCK – Disables the fire button and adjustments (Auto-draw still works)
    • PUFF CLEAR – Clear puff counter Y/N
    • POWER OFF – Fully powers down the device

The auto-draw and auto wattage work a charm and most users won’t find the need to go manual. I found it best to select BUTTON LOCK feature and leave it at that, you can lob it in your pocket/bag without worrying about it pocket firing.

MOBIUS Airflow System

VooPoo gave their airflow a name, bless em, they call it Mobius which stands for……….. erm…. I haven’t an igloo, but it is rather clever and works a charm.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit Mobius airflow

It is basically an imbedded wheel inside the pod that opens up or closes off the two air inlets on the side. This has been well engineered with a perfect fit, the resistance of the dial is strong enough to stay put but not too stiff to operate. The silver marks show the increments, but all you really need to know is that Mobius is fantastic, it gives a full DL draw which surprised me as it was pretty airy for a pod, and RDL users will be able to fine tune it to their tastes and it even does a cheek pulling tight MTL!

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit pod fitting

Moving along on to the pod, there is nothing too exciting going on here, but it is well made and easy to use. The magnetic fit is impressive, I come from an engineering background and the tolerances they must work to are mind blowingly tight. This is key to making the airflow work so well as it creates an airtight seal.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit and coils

The pod is a replaceable coil jobby which is always a pro in my eyes. It takes the widely supported PnP coils from MTL to DL, and the two included coils are:

  • PNP-TW30 0.3ohm Coil (Pre-Installed) 28-36W
  • PNP-DW60 0.6ohm Coil (Spare) 18-23W

Both coils are suitable for either RDL or DL vaping, and at a push you can use the 0.6ohm for MTL.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit coil change

As with all PnP coils, they are a simple push fit and don’t require any fiddly alignment, just shove em in and the jobs a good 'un. The pod is also top-fill so you don’t need to remove the pod to fill/refill it, you simply lever it over with your thumb. There’s a single filling port to one side (don’t fill the centre hole!) and there’s a little breather hole on the other side to avoid airlocks.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod

I do have a concern with the pod though, it has no leak-resistance built in. You can see the bottom airflow slots of the coil fully exposed, and this is the main route for coils to leak, especially if left unused for long periods of time. So far I’ve had no issues but I’m not overly confident that it won’t leak in future.

There appears to be some protection inside the actual pod housing in the device, it has raised connections and auto-draw vent, so in theory it could tolerate a small leak, but it is one I would keep an eye on, better safe than sorry.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit fill 'er up


I started off with the 0.3ohm coil expecting RDL performance, I filled it up with Peaked Kiwi Passion Ice 70VG/30PG e-liquid and let the Vinci 3 auto set the wattage to 35W, opened up the airflow fully and took a few toots. I had primed the coil and let it soak for a good 15 minutes but it did require a few draws to bed in. After a few light puffs I went for it properly with very long full DL draws and it gave me a very rare ‘wow’ moment, everything seems to be impressive these days so you kind of expect it to be good, but the vape from the Vinci 3 was punching above its weight. The flavour and vapour production was more like something at 60W, the airy draw was most definitely full DL and the auto-draw performed perfectly, there was no advantage to using the fire button.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit Peaked

I’ve been using these PnP coils in numerous devices over the past couple of years but I don’t remember being this impressed at a low wattage pod device. I think that extra wide airflow makes quite a difference, you can chain vape the hell out of it and it doesn’t get too warm and always keeps up. Even without testing the 0.6ohm coil, this kit was heading for at least a 9/10 rating.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit fire button

Since the 0.3ohm was so good at both DL and RDL I decided to take a punt that the 0.6ohm could do MTL with 10mg nic salts. I usually use 20mg but the 0.6ohm coils wattage range 18-23W is higher than my usual 12W/ Auto wattage set it to 20W and I closed the airflow right down, amazingly it was too tight which is always a good sign of a decent airflow seal, and I was able to fine tune it exactly to my preference, Mobius knows his stuff it seems!

The coil also required a few draws to bed in before the full flavour comes through, but when it does, it is spot on. VooPoo already are my benchmark for MTL flavour, and even their £7.99 Doric Q gives one of the best MTL vapes out there, this 0.6ohm coil in the Vinci 3 hit that benchmark for the best flavour and exceeded any other VooPoo device for the fine tuning the airflow adjustment offers.

There’s something else that I may have missed with VooPoo’s PnP coil evolution, these coils have far better wicking ports. There’s more cotton exposed which means it can saturate faster and handle chain vaping, but in the case of this 0.6ohm DW coil, it also gave a much longer lifespan, similar performance to their closed pods like the Doric Q.

I’m not quite sure I would buy the Vinci 3 purely for MTL though, the mouthpiece is a bit too big for that in my opinion. I did get used to it but I much prefer dedicated MTL mouthpieces. That said, I was very impressed that the Vinci 3 is a great all-rounder for MTL, RDL and DL.

The 1800mAh battery life was excellent, the limited Gene chipset didn’t draw too much power and sleeps quickly, and at 35 watts I got a whole day and most of an evening. At 20 watts, I got close to two full days.

As for using the device, I simply loved it, I set my wattage and airflow to my preference and locked it off to disable the fire button and that’s how it stayed. It ended up being a simple pick up and vape device, it felt classy and it had high end vape quality. It is a bit too heavy for a lanyard but it stashed nicely in my jeans pocket and always felt at hand.

The most enjoyment I had from the Vinci 3 though was the full DL vape at 38watts. Considering I had reviewed the excellent Smok T-Air Subtank just before this, I found myself reaching for the Vinci 3 when I left the house, it is just so handy and reliable.

As for my leaking fears, so far the Vinci 3 has behaved itself, I don’t know why though? I have had a few exposed coil base PnP devices that leak. Generally they behave as long as they are used regularly, but the longer a device sits unused then the e-liquid will try to escape by the centre of the coil downwards through the air inlets, but it takes time for that to happen enough to leak.

It’s one I will keep an eye on and I’m sure I can manage, if this concerns you then storing the pod upside down overnight reduces the risk.

VooPoo life


VooPoo have done it again, the Vinci 3 Pod is possibly the best all-rounder pod I have experienced to date. From tight MTL to loose DL, it performs equally well. The Mobydick…I mean Mobius airflow is one of the main reasons for its success and the newer improved PnP coils finish the job.

This is far from “just another f**king pod”, I raved about the Vaporesso LUXE XR Max only a couple of weeks back but this kicks its ass in a few ways, mainly it is more classy and has a better airflow system. Both give great flavour and full DL vaping, but the Vinci is a better all-rounder and is good value for money. I still rate the Luxe XR Max highly and it does have leak resistance, but I already prefer this.


  • The best airflow system of any pod kit I have experienced
  • Benchmark flavour
  • Full DL vaping punches above its weight
  • A true all-rounder MTL/RDL/DL
  • Handy locking feature
  • Auto-wattage and auto-draw makes it an ideal starter kit.
  • Classy high end styling
  • Rubber bum
  • Vast range of PnP coil compatibility and availability
  • £24.99 is a billy bargain

I could list more but it’s all there in the review.


None, I know, I know, I have given so many vapes a con free rating recently, but I genuinely can’t find one. It didn’t leak which was its only potential pitfall, my only personal con is the girly Rose-Gold colour but that’s subjective and there are plenty of other colour options.

Final Thoughts

The Vinci 3 is just another example of VooPoo’s continued dominance, always high quality, good value and with interesting designs. I admire their engineering on a personal level. All in all I think VooPoo are the market leader these days and put the likes of Smok to shame.

Score: 9/10 (would have been a 9.5/10 with leak resistance) – Leonardo would approve.

VooPoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit closing off

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