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Voopoo Drag H40 pod kitVoopoo Drag H40 pod kit 

I’ve been a long-time fan of the Voopoo PnP platform kits, they’ve literally been around the world with me on various holidays over the last few years so with the summer holiday season upon us, it’s time to look at the latest entry to the line-up in the form of the Drag H40 kit.


  • 107 x 27.5 x 25.3 mm
  • 103 grams
  • 1500 mAh internal battery
  • 1.5 amp charging via USB-C
  • 5~40 watt output
  • 0.1~3.0 ohm resistance range
  • 5ml PnP 2 pod (2ml for TPD regions)
  • PnP coil compatible (2 coils included)

Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit unboxing

The Voopoo Drag H40 is available in seven different colours and I was sent the “Snow Blue” version for review, if I was buying this for myself I’d probably go for one of the darker colours but this rather fetching pale blue has grown on me and I’m sure someone out there will love the pastel pink one, especially with the current outbreak of Barbie mania. Besides the Drag H40 itself, you get two PnP coils (one pre-installed in the pod), a USB-C charge cable, and some documentation.

Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit up close

The Drag H40 features a timeless tube style design with a small protruding control panel on one side which is mirrored on the opposite side by a bold bar running down the spine of the device, and this is then wrapped in a leather finish with embossed logos on either side. The pod is located on the top in a radiator like assembly which gives this quite a striking look.


There’s a black and white screen on the raised control panel which is small but functional, but you don’t really need much more here as this is a purely wattage only setup with just two modes; “Smart” which suggests the optimal wattage for your coil and “RBA” which gives you full control over the 5 to 40 watt range available. The only other options are to clear the puff counter and lock the buttons, sadly this locks the power button as well as the up and down buttons which makes it of limited use.

The buttons themselves all have a really nice positive feel with a satisfying click at the end of their travel, and there’s zero button rattle present. These are all finished with a coloured pearlescent look matching the outer leather wrap, and I particularly like the scooped out shape on the power button which makes it easy to locate with a finger or thumb.

Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit base

The USB-C charge port is hidden at the base of the Drag H40 with a 1.5 amp charge rating for the internal 1500 mAh battery. In my tests, I recorded a peak charge rate of around 1.37 amps but frustratingly this is one of those mods that never drops down to zero draw once it’s finished charging so I had to run the test several times. Whilst charging, the screen will display an animation and battery percentage, and this hit 100% in about an hour, however at this point it was still drawing about 0.4 amps only finally dropping to 0.09 amps after 1 hour and 25 minutes with a final recorded capacity of 1475 mAh. On the final run, I let this continue and it was still pulling 0.01 amps at the 4 hour mark at which point I abandoned the test.

Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit airflow


The radiator like design at the top of the unit comprises the airflow control at the bottom with a matching cut out above allowing you to see the liquid in the lower portion of the tank. The airflow is adjusted by twisting the pod and this works incredibly well, not once have I found myself accidentally changing it from my desired setting. You also have quite a good range of control as well as you can have both sides of the airflow open or you can cut this down to just one side for that tighter draw.

With both of the included coils, I found my preference was to have just the one side open with this closed down ever so slightly, this had the added benefit of allowing me to also drop the wattage requirements and prolong the use of the relatively small battery capacity. One thing I did find here though was that I had to be careful how I held the Drag H40 as it was all too easy to accidentally block the airflow with an errant finger. In the end I discovered that resting the base of the unit on top of my pinkie finger gave me a consistent grip whilst avoiding the airflow.

Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit coils change and juice filling

The pod itself uses the tried and tested PnP platform with coils that press fit from the bottom and features a removable 510 drip tip. Sadly Voopoo have still employed a fill bung on the side of the pod which means you will need to remove it for filling, the fill port could be a little bigger as well and I’ve found it all too easy for this to get air locked if you’re not paying attention when filling up. Luckily the review sample has a 5ml capacity, but here in the TPD-land, we’ll be limited to just 2ml, and Voopoo have advised me this will be in the form of a reducer bung.

Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit coils


Two PnP kanthal mesh coils are included and both of these are aimed at the direct lung market, but as always, this is compatible with the full range of PnP coils. I was surprised to see that the TW30 coil was included (with the purple O-rings) as this is one of the coils that has dual heating zones. I was even more surprised to discover how well this worked with the Drag H40 due to it still having fairly modest power requirements. As always these give off great flavour, and they’re some of my favourite sub ohm coils.


  • Compact design
  • Uses PnP coils


  • Easy to block the airflow


The Voopoo Drag H40 would make a great travel companion if you’re going away this summer and you want something small to carry around with you. The PnP platform performs just as well as it always has, and it’s nice to see Voopoo continue using a standardized system like this, so this gets a definite thumbs up from me. 

Many thanks to Voopoo UK for sending the Voopoo Drag H40 over for review.

Voopoo Drag H40 pod kit hand check

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 Antony Lord
Article by Antony Lord
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