VOOPOO Doric E Kit Review by Antony Lord

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Voopoo Doric E kit

VOOPOO Doric E kit 

VOOPOO has sent over their latest starter kit, the Doric E, for us to take a look at. This is a budget friendly kit which I’m seeing offered from around £20 online which places it squarely in the starter kit bracket, and it features several improvements over its predecessor so let’s dive down and take a closer look.


  • 111 x 28.3 x 24 mm
  • 85 grams
  • Compatible with Voopoo ITO series pods and coils
  • 25 watt output
  • 1500 mAh internal battery with USB-C charging
  • adjustable airflow

Voopoo Doric E kit unboxing

The VOOPOO Doric E is a fairly basic kit as you might expect for something at this price point and besides the device itself, you get a single pod, a brief user guide and a USB-C charge cable. I’ve been sent the international version for testing so I had a 3ml pod with a replaceable coil, but I believe the U.K. TPD compliant kit is supplied with a 2ml ITO cartridge instead which is refillable but where the coil isn’t replaceable and you dispose of the whole cartridge once you’re done with it. They both have the same coils available and perform exactly the same.

Voopoo Doric E kit all angles


The Doric E is available in six colours and I was sent the Orange one for review, and I have to say this bold colour choice is something of a stunner. It features a zinc alloy chassis which is a step up from the all plastic design of the original Doric Q starter kit I previously took a look at, and has a large vegan leather grip wrapped around the sides and back. I appreciate the rather understated branding on show here as well as rather than going all in your face, VOOPOO has stuck to simple embossed details on the leather grip which make it feel a bit grown up.

Another big addition this time around is the adjustable airflow control which is located on the back of the device with airflow inlets on either side. This is something that was completely lacking in the earlier Doric kits, and this has really allowed me to dial in my vape to perfection.

Voopoo Doric E kit display

The shiny front plate adds a little bling with a holographic finish but with a simple one button control interface and three LED indicators. Control couldn’t be easier with the standard 5 clicks on/off and 3 clicks allowing you to select from three adjustable power levels, the LEDs also charge from green to blue and finally red to give you an indication of the remaining charge. One criticism I would have here is that the button is plastic and after a couple of weeks of heavy use and being thrown in and out of various pockets, the paint is chipping off the button which does spoil the experience a fraction.

Voopoo Doric E kit base


There’s a large rubber foot on the base which means you shouldn’t scratch any surfaces when you put this down, and you’ll also find the USB-C charge point hidden down here. This time around there’s a relatively large 1500 mAh battery present which is a big step up from the 800 mAh in the Doric Q, and I’ve easily been able to go two days on a single charge here even when using this as my only device.

As with other VOOPOO kits, the charge rate never drops to zero so I had to run the charge test a couple of times, but I found that this hit a peak charge rate of 1.43 amps with a recorded capacity of 1244 mAh in around 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Voopoo Doric E kit pod

The Doric E is compatible with the ITO platform series of pods and coils. I was sent the international version with a 3ml pod and replaceable coil, but here in the U.K, it’s more likely you’ll come across the 2ml “cartridge” version of this where the coil isn’t replaceable. Both function exactly the same with a secure push fit into the top of the device, and have a nice crystal clear finish making it easy to keep a check on your e-liquid levels. There’s a decently sized fill port at the base with a rubber plug making filling easy as well.

I haven’t used one of the ITO coils for a while so I’d forgotten how good they are with great flavour reproduction and good coil life, mine is still going strong after two weeks of use. VOOPOO has opted to go with the 0.7ohm coil/pod in the box this time around which suits me just fine, but new vapers may find the 1.0ohm pods more to their liking. Operation is also beginner friendly with a reliable auto draw function that hasn’t missed a beat and there was minimal condensation build up at the base which makes for a mess free experience as well.



  • Larger battery capacity
  • great ITO coils/pods


  • Only one pod/coil included


The VOOPOO Doric E is a great step up from the all plastic Doric Q with its metal chassis, adjustable airflow, and improved battery capacity. Whilst this is still budget friendly at around the £20 mark, it’s still disappointing to find that only one pod/coil is included in the kit, granted that will most likely last for two weeks or more before it needs replacing so running costs will still be low, and I can’t fault the flavour from these great little coils.

All things considered I’m happy to award the VOOPOO Doric E: a solid 8/10.

Voopoo Doric E kit handcheck



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 Antony Lord
Article by Antony Lord
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