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VOOPOO Doric 20 SE Kit

There has never been a better time to ditch the disposable vapes with help from the VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod

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Supplied by TECC for review
£12.99 With 1 FREE E-liquid

It’s a very rare thing for me to actually request something to review. I have been using the plastic Doric for a while now, I don’t really like the cheapo looking hardware but I absolutely love the vape from the ITO pods, so when I spotted TECC were stocking the new Doric 20 SE, I cheekily requested one to review. Thankfully they obliged and I’m one happy chappy!

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod first look

Better still, TECC sent some 0.7ohm ITO Pods so I could see the difference between the included 1.0ohm and these, my money was on the 0.7ohm as I had been using them for a while, but the 1.0ohm surprised me as VooPoo have brought out a mesh version which is much better than their older wire ones.

  • Pod capacity: 2ml
  • Coil resistance: 1.0ohm Included (0.7ohm available)
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh integral
  • Output power: 8-18W
  • Dimensions: 118mm x 19mm
  • Weight: 45g


There’s not much going on here, the Doric 20 SE comes in a simple carton style box with a blown plastic tray holding the device,

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod unboxing

Underneath the tray is a bag of accessories which include the user manual, pod compatibility card, and a USB charging cable, but sadly there’s no spare pod included.

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod contents

I rarely discuss the back of the box but I spotted something interesting; they no longer warn diabetics but they still warn against depression which is depressing, seems a bit crazy as I would say it’s a good thing for depression, I wonder if that was researched? “I tried a vape and felt really sad”. Whatever, I’m ignoring that bit just as I ignored the diabetic warnings.

The other bad news is I can no longer breast feed my cat!

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod warning

First Impressions and Overview

It’s hard to get excited about a basic tube style pod these days, but once I picked it up for the first time, I was pleased with how slim-line and light it was, this made it immediately much better than the chubby pie-eating plastic Doric.

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod minimalist

It’s actually one of the most comfortable tube mod/pod I’ve tried, the base has a lot to do with that as it is well rounded and has a rubber base, and the 19mm diameter feels just right in your hand. The other appealing thing to me is that the body is anodised metal which gives it a quality feel but still only weighs 45g. Considering it has a 1200mAh battery, I think VooPoo have done pretty well.

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod charging

The USB-C charging port is on the side so you can charge it stood up if you prefer. There’s an LED status light on the opposite side which is three colours (red, blue and green) which ticks a box for me.

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod fitting

The ITO pod is a press fit and has leak resistance built in (which works pretty well in my experience), it clips in place firmly and there’s absolutely no wobble or rattle. It also stays in place well so shouldn’t pop out in your pocket or bag.

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod filling

The pod is VooPoo’s best yet for MTL users, the press fit design provides a proper air seal so you can get that desired MTL tight draw, but that precision comes with a small price to pay; the filling bung is quite thin so you have to be careful not to yank it out too hard. There also isn’t much room to fit your bottle tip in to fill it up, there’s a bit of a knack as you kind of tilt the bottle to fill. It is common sense and easy to get used to, thinner nib bottles like ELFLIQ worked best for it and filled without any mess, but thicker nib bottles can be trickier though.

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod with Elfliq

There’s not much more to say other than how it vapes with the included 1.0ohm ITO Mesh pod……

MTL Perfection!
The End.

Okay I will waffle on a bit more as to why I rate it so highly. The secret is very much down to the ITO Pods which really stand out from the crowd, the flavour is a 10/10 and I mean that, I cannot see it getting better than this and I wonder if this has hit the flavour ceiling? The draw is a very satisfying tight MTL via two tiny holes on the cylinder, but you can get an even tighter draw if you deliberately cover one hole with your finger (hold it like an little flute and skip along as you do).

VooPoo have progressed not only in flavour but the lifespan of the pods. I remember the early 1.0ohm wire pods were dreadful, the flavour was good but they barely lasted 10ml if you were lucky, but this new mesh one lasted me 20ml before the flavour really suffered. Beyond 20ml, you start to get a more burnt flavour but not a dry hit. I’m very satisfied with 20ml per pod, especially with the ‘disposable’ type e-liquids I use these days which are coil killers in general.

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod with ITO pods

Then there’s the 0.7ohm ITO pods (available separately), simply put: everything is boosted, flavour, vapour, strength and saturation. I loved using these pods for 10mg nic salts (otherwise my nicotine intake would be a bit too much). Obviously these pods require more power so the battery life isn’t as good as the 1.0ohm pod, but it still lasted around 3ml of e-liquid (the 1.0ohm was close to 5ml).

Which one suits you will be down to your own tastes. If you are evolving from disposables then the 1.0ohm will be closer to what you are used to (but a much nicer vape), if you prefer a more intense MTL vape then the 0.7ohm should satisfy you.

Personally I was surprised how damn good the 1.0ohm pod was in handling those disposable style over-sweetened e-liquids. Prior to this review, I would have bet money on me preferring the 0.7ohm going by previous experience of 1.0ohm coils and pods struggling with the latest e-liquids, but now I’m not so sure. They both handle them as well as each other, I think I will be buying both from now on but I think the 1.0ohm will be my main choice.

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod vape heaven

Let’s talk value. If you order the above items together then you are in for a bargain as well as a treat:

After that you just need the pods and e-liquids at £14.99 for 40ml which is the equivalent to 20 x 2ml disposables, basically it will only be costing you £0.75 per 2ml which saves you a small fortune….

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod bargain

In all my time vaping, I don’t think I’ve found such a budget friendly bundle that has a premium vape quality and is a nice tube mod to boot.

There’s never been a better time to dispose of those disposables and switch to a smarter, cheaper, and more sustainable way of vaping.

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod disposable killer


While the Doric 20 SE won’t win any design awards and has zero innovation, it has more than impressed me as a near perfect MTL vape, VooPoo just knocked it right out of the park in flavour, performance and vape quality. It is also user friendly which is ideal for newbies, but experienced vapers might just love it as much as I do.

Overall the Doric 20 SE is one of the safest bets I’ve ever reviewed, especially for the price.


  • ITO Pods are simply the best
  • 10/10 Flavour
  • Long lasting pods
  • 19mm tube feels very comfortable
  • Value for money
  • User friendly
  • 1200mAh battery lasts well with either pod
  • MTL specific
  • Lanyard friendly size and weight


  • A little fiddly to refill with thicker tip bottles

I so wanted to make it con free but I did experience a couple of messy moments, due care and attention afterwards soon eliminated that problem.

Final Thoughts and Score

If I was to open my own vape shop aimed at either converting smokers to vaping or helping disposable users kick their wasteful habit, I would just stock Doric 20 SEs and ITO pods along with ELFLIQ, that way I should get no returns or unhappy customers – perhaps a little far-fetched but I think you get my point.

Score: 9.5/10 – The No1 disposable killer

VooPoo DORIC 20 SE Pod...erm!

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