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VooPoo Argus Z Kit

VooPoo are expanding their Argus range with a new budget friendly kit, the VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit. Si takes a closer look

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Supplied by VooPoo for review
RRP = $16.99

Another day another pod…..

VooPoo have added to their Argus range with the new Argus Z Pod kit which is a budget friendly, simple system that takes advantage of their superb Argus 0.7ohm pod so you don’t need to splash out top dollar for a top quality vape experience.

VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit boxed

  • 900mAh built-in battery
  • Size: 91.45*27.5*14.8mm
  • Weight: 39g
  • Multi-layer leakage-proof design
  • Free-standing, C to C charge
  • Compatible with Argus Pod Cartridge
  • Finished with aluminium alloy and PC
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • 2ml full-view cartridge


Don’t expect anything special with the unboxing, it comes in a basic carton with a blown plastic tray holding the device and the accessories are underneath that, it’s one of those boxes that goes straight into the recycling bin.

VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit contents

The worrying shrinkflation trend of only one pod/coil included continues with this kit, you just get one 0.7ohm pod, a tiny USB-C cable, and a multilanguage manual, the only pleasing part for me was the short USB-C cable which is very handy for portable USB charging.

First Impressions and Overview

I had to put myself in a budget frame of mind to begin to appreciate the Argus Z, I already knew the vape quality was going to be superb and the Argus Z is a simple, cheap way to deliver that desired vape.

VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit cheap and cheerful

The dual material body has a diagonal rippled plastic upper section with an aluminium wrapped lower section and a plastic base cap, the ripple portion feels tactile and grippy. The 91.45*27.5*14.8mm size fits nicely into your grip and is easy to hide all but the mouthpiece for stealth vaping. The 39g weight makes it suitable for a shirt pocket.

VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit montage

There’s not a whole lot going on style-wise other than that diagonal ripple, one side has three little slits for the LED light and the opposite side has a USB-C charging port which should please those that prefer to stand up their vape while charging.

Branding is reasonably discreet, it was good to see the compulsory CE marking etc. embossed onto the base rather than printed. The base was also rounded off to feel smooth in the hand.

VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit sample

VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit top and bottom

The pod is a simple magnetic fit and sits deep into the battery section, the fit is good and there was no wobble or rattle. One of the best features of the Argus pods is that they stick up and give you full e-liquid visibility.

VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit pod fitting

I’ve previously covered the pod in the Argus P1 and Argus Pod review and I just love it, it ticks all the boxes with its comfortable mouthpiece, leak resistant construction and mess-free filling method, it might not be as convenient as a flip-top design, but I would rather the full e-liquid view and I think it just looks better.

VooPoo Argus Z Pod clear view

The central position of the USB-C charging port is unusual to see these days but I know some folks prefer to stand their vape upright during charging, personally it doesn’t bother me for small pods as I think they are more stable laying down, each to their own. The LED light is on the opposite side which is a three colour and shows the battery level (green, blue and red).

VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit charging

There are no controls or buttons as it is auto-draw/draw-activated and everything else is set automatically, the power is fixed depending on which pod you use. The airflow is also fixed and comes in through the sides of the pod.

VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit with salts


Without a doubt, the performance is the best part of the Argus Z. The Argus pods are VooPoo’s best yet for flavour, smoothness and airflow. Pleasingly, the fixed airflow was a proper MTL draw and is not too tight or loose, this little beauty delivers a mighty fine vape.

For a new vaper especially, I think the Argus Z is a great choice, fill up the pod, wait a few minutes for it to prime/saturate, and bam! You get one of the best MTL pod vapes out there, no knowledge required.

I hadn’t paid attention to the generous 900mAh battery until now, but VooPoo got it right on this front as the 0.7ohm pod needed that size for pretty much a full day of regular vaping, I tend to vape a lot so it could last over a day for those that don’t vape as often, but that’s stating the obvious. I found it lasted around 3ml of e-liquid, if that helps?

VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit side on

Charging time wasn’t the quickest and I couldn’t find the amps in VooPoo’s specs, so I assume it’s 1 Amp. It took around fifty minutes on average, which was reasonable for a 900mAh cell.

Pod lifespan was very good, I could trust it for at least six to seven refills, and it could last a couple of days beyond that if I was stuck waiting for new pods but the flavour drops off a fair bit by then.

VooPoo Argus kits

There was no doubt that the Argus Z delivers a superb vape, but I struggled to love the device as much as other VooPoo pods, and after the P1 it felt quite a step down, but some may prefer the much lighter weight, simplicity and the bigger battery. It could have been the colour, but I couldn’t find the love for it – it’s not you, it’s me.

VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit peace out


The Argus Z is one of those pods that I would recommend to a new vaper in a heartbeat, it is so easy to fill up and get a top quality vape right off the bat, and there’s zero learning curve to it. It should also appeal to anyone wanting a simple faff free pocket MTL vape.

The affordable price also makes it a much better option to sway disposable users onto a much better way to vape while saving a fortune in the process.


  • Argus 0.7ohm pods kick ass
  • Overall vape flavour and quality
  • Proper MTL
  • 39g weight
  • Full view pod
  • 900mAh cell
  • Simplicity
  • Beginner friendly


  • Just one pod included

I know that one pod included brings the price down, but it will always be a con in my eyes and is a false economy.

Final Thoughts and Score

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable starter kit, then the Argus Z pod is a no-brainer, the vape quality is amongst the best I have tried, and there’s no knowledge required. It’s not one of those snazzy looking kits I’m used to from VooPoo, but it delivers.

Score: 8/10 – Z Nation

VooPoo Argus Z Pod Kit caught in the act

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