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VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit

The VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit could be the perfect kit for beginners or those wanting to move away from disposables but still has a place if you are an old hand. Read our review to find out why

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Supplied by VooPoo for review
Price TBC

What’s this? Yet another Argus pod already? Why not, as the Argus range has been a winner with the performance of the replaceable pods and the launch of the ITO coil compatible pods. This time around we get an SE version of the original Argus Pod, it is basically a simplified version aimed at new users without any need for vape knowledge.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit first look

Before I get stuck into the nitty gritty, I will cover the simple difference between the Argus Pod and the Argus Pod SE; the original had a screen and variable wattage mounted on the side, VooPoo have replaced this with a simpler fixed wattage, screenless version with three LED status lights, see the photo below:

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit vs OG

The rest is pretty much identical and it takes the exact same pods, I’ve not seen the price yet but I assume it’s a couple of quid cheaper? But I think the point is to make it more user friendly for beginners and, more importantly, a way to move on up from disposables.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit specs


The outer sleeve displays your colour choice and all the usual specs and official bumf printed on the back along with the authentication code, the outer sleeve pulls off revealing another box that contains the accessories.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit unboxing

Underneath that is the device and the pleasing sight of two different pods, single pod kits are one of my pet hates so I’m glad to see two included.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit contents

The kit is pretty basic otherwise, there’s the Argus SE battery, a 1.2ohm Argus pod, a 0.7ohm Argus pod, a USB-C charging cable and the manual, the battery has a partial charge so all you need is e-liquid to get going.

First Impressions and Overview

I have a couple of the original Argus Pods so the design offered no surprises. As a reviewer I had to adjust my mind-set to a new user, with this in mind things looked up, the Argus Pod SE is one of the best looking regular oblong pods out there.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit with two pods

The main body has been well sculpted for comfort with every single edge rounded off, turning the attention to the aesthetics is where VooPoo have let their designers loose to smarten up such a basic shape.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit smooth edges

There are two protruding square pieces at the top, one is for the airflow adjustment slider and the other is pure decoration but both add to the tactile feel to it, and there are two gel holographic panels on the back and front which bring most of the styling, they look so much better than the photos suggest as you rotate it in the light.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit all angles

The main chassis is all metal and has a super smooth polished finish, fortunately VooPoo have described this far better than I could: “Adopting the nanoscale lithography process, ARGUS POD SE’s decorative finish shines like prisms with multi-layered lights. The lines are natural and soft and the color of the machine flows with light and shadow.”

I had expected such a shiny finish to be a fingerprint magnet but it stays clean looking during use, but it’s the feel of it that is surprising, it has almost a soft but grippy feel to it, and those gel panels are even better. The Argus Pod SE just gels into your grip and struck me as one of the most comfortable pods I have tried.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit base plate

I was also pleased to see the silicone pad on the base, this is something I would like to see on every device that can stand up as it protects the hardware and the surface it’s placed upon.

Branding wise, the photos are deceptive as the logos only highlight at certain angles as you rotate it in the light, this makes it look far more subtle and actually adds to the visuals for me.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit charging

The USB-C charging port is on the bottom, I had to resort to reading the manual to find the charging current: 5V/1A isn’t the quickest out there but it is fine for an enclosed 800mAh cell, the three LEDs on the side display the battery level:

  • 3 LEDs = 66% - 100%
  • 2 LEDs = 33% - 66%
  • 1 LED = Below 33%

On a single LED, it will still work but not for long so it’s best to recharge now. When it is too low, the LED will flash ten times and will no longer vape until recharged.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit airflow

The stepless airflow adjustment slider is on the front, the lever is tiny and requires you to use your fingernail to subtly adjust it. The range is MTL heaven as it goes from super tight up to a loose MTL draw when using the 1.2ohm pod, with the 0.7ohm pod you can just about get an RDL draw when fully open. Once set it pretty much stays put.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit weight

It weighs in at 55g; though it isn’t the lightest out there it still feels light in the hand and doesn’t weigh down your pockets. For me, I think it’s the perfect weight as it gives it a quality feel.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit pod fitting

Onto the Argus Pods; VooPoo are really pushing this range due to how well this pod works, it really is one of the very best out there for flavour and smoothness. VooPoo are so confident in this pod that they are releasing more and more hardware that supports it:

VooPoo pod stars

The current range of supported devices are:

  • Argus P1
  • Argus Z
  • Argus Pod
  • Argus Pod SE
  • Argus G

VooPoo Argus Pods

I wish more manufacturers would stick with one pod design as it makes it much easier for the buyer to find replacements, it’s so much nicer to walk into a vape shop and simply say “Can I have a pack of Argus Pods please” without being quizzed with an abundance of different ones and confusing codes, the simple options are “do you want 0.7ohm or 1.20hm?”.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit filling

The filling method isn’t the most convenient but at least it is hidden once fitted, there’s a pull tab on one side which is quite easy to grip and pop open, and there’s plenty of room to ‘slip your tip in’ and fill it right up without and mess.


This is the 5th kit I’ve reviewed that uses the Argus Pod and it never gets old, the flavour and smoothness the pods deliver is top draw (pun intended), personally I preferred the 0.7ohm for the current gen salt e-liquids (Bar Favourites in this case) as it handles the sweeter e-liquids better.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit with salts

The 1.2ohm pod still handles these e-liquids but the lifespan is shorter, so this pod suits the more traditional salts or freebase 50/50 e-liquids, but both pods give superb flavour and there’s something about the airflow that makes them very smooth.

Since the Argus Pod SE is automatic wattage, it delivers just the right amount of power, not too warm or too cool, just right in the Goldilocks zone. I could prattle on about the vape quality but I will just sum it up as up there in the top three of any pod I’ve tried.

The battery life surprised me, especially with the power hungry 0.7ohm pod, it lasted me around 2.5-3ml which is above average for an 800mAh cell. The 1.2ohm pod was closer to 4ml, both lasted longer than on the original Argus Pod but that’s down to the simplified electronics and no screen.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit the dark side


VooPoo have done it again, the Argus Pod SE is the perfect choice for beginners, especially those trying to quit smoking due to it’s no nonsense approach to easy choice pods and no technical knowledge required. It is also the perfect choice to sway disposable users onto a better way of vaping, and trust me THIS kit tastes better than most disposables I’ve tried if you choose the right e-liquid. I won’t preach on about disposables but you would be wise to move onto something like this for not only environmental reasons, but it works out much cheaper along the way, oh and the hardware is nicer.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit the force is strong

So, if you want a compact pod that’s easy to use, feels great, and demand the best flavour, then the Argus Pod SE makes your choice easier, that’s assuming you like the look of it.

Experienced vapers will also find value in this kit, I love my DIY stuff and tanks but I also love the convenience of the Argus Pod SE and with the new ITO Pod VooPoo have released, it is less wasteful with replaceable coils.

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit with ito coils

This pod fits all the Argus Pod range and 3 out of the 4 ITO coils are suitable for the Argus Pod SE, only the 0.5ohm is unsuitable as it requires more power than this device offers, but the Argus G will handle that one.

VooPoo Ito coils


  • Compact and ergonomic
  • 2 different pods included
  • Effective airflow adjuster
  • High vape quality
  • Cross-compatibility Argus Pods
  • Long battery life
  • Disposable killer
  • 0.7ohm pod can handle newer sweetened salts
  • Stylish and classy


I have none and not even a niggle, VooPoo’s attention to detail achieves yet another con-free kit.

Final Thoughts and Score

I thought I would have preferred the original screen version but the SE is just more convenient with its longer battery life, in reality I hardly touched the controls on the original anyway. Yes it is just another pod, but it is a superb one that belongs on the top of the pile.

Score: 9.5/10 – A surprisingly worthwhile Special Edition

VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit, top of the pile

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