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We were already impressed by the flavours from VLTZ, so we were looking forward to trying out the VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System too

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Supplied by TECC for review
Current offer price £6.99 including two pods

We previously reviewed the VLTZ e-liquid range for use in tanks or refillable pods, this time around we test the new closed pod Flex kit which is Totally Wicked’s better alternative to their disposable pods.

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System kit

TECC’s product description:
"The VLTZ flex Bundle includes a 900mAh battery, plus two prefilled pods. Choose from a range of 10 supercharged flavours in a 1.6% nicotine strength. They can also be swapped out easily so you can switch between flavours. The battery also comes in a choice of 5 colours to match your style."

This pretty much sums it up as the FLEX is designed to be a simple way to vape and perfect for starters looking to quit smoking, the nic salt e-liquid in the prefilled pods is 1.6% (16mg) which is ideal to satisfy any nicotine cravings, nic salts provides a fast delivery into your system which is close to smoking.

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System solo

The VLTZ FLEX battery is rechargeable and uses VLTZ closed pods which are prefilled with your chosen flavour. A ‘closed pod’ is basically a cartridge which has a coil, wicking and 2ml of e-liquid inside, once the 2ml has been used up then the pod is disposable and you replace it with another but re-use the battery section.

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System contents

The FLEX battery comes with a partial charge so you can pop a pod in and start vaping instantly, there’s a USB-C cable included along with a user manual with basic information on the device but you shouldn’t need to read it as the device is intuitive and common sense to get going, simply pop a pod in and start vaping.

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System charging

As previously mentioned; the FLEX battery comes with a partial to full charge, but to get the longest use from it, then it’s best to top-up charge it, the 900mAh battery will last you at least one 2ml pod when fully charged. The included cable is quite short but is perfect for portable power banks.

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System pod unboxing

The VLTZ Flex pods come in packs of two and are individually sealed in blister packs for freshness, there are two little silicone bungs which need to be removed prior to use, you can reuse these if you want to swap flavours and want to avoid pocket lint or dust getting into the unused pod (they are also handy for 510 MTL drip-tips on some tanks if you have them).

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System changing pods

The pods simply slide into the battery section and are held in place magnetically, they are firm and secure during use and storage but simple to remove when swapping pods.

The advantage to this device over the disposable version is that you will get the full 2ml of e-liquid, typically the battery dies before the flavour runs out on disposables. The only thing to be aware of is that once you start to taste a burnt taste, then that’s the end of that pod and it's time to change it and dispose of the old one.

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System flavours

There are ten flavours to choose from, we got to test seven of them out and gave the battery a good test along the way.

  • Banana Ice - Banana, Menthol
  • Blue Razz Lemonade - Blueberries, Raspberries, Lemonade
  • Blueberry Ice - Blueberries, Menthol
  • Bubblegum - Bubblegum
  • Cola Ice - Cola, Menthol
  • Energy Ice - Energy, Menthol
  • Grape - Grape
  • Peach Ice - Peach, Menthol
  • Sour Apple - Apple
  • Sweet Strawberry – Strawberry

£5.99 each or buy 3 packs for £17 or 5 packs for £25.

Blueberry Ice

"The fruity taste of fresh, juicy summer blueberries layered with a refreshing ice blast."

Obviously this flavour has that distinct ‘blueberry’ taste but the ice element makes this one really nice. It is sweet, smooth, and has one of the best aftertastes left on your tongue. This is one I could vape every day or an (All Day Vape).

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System Blueberry Ice


"One for those with a sweet tooth! Enjoy a moment of nostalgia with this classic, fruity rush of bubblegum."

I haven’t had too much luck with bubblegum e-liquids but this one is lush and easily the best I’ve tried so far. It’s consistent from the inhale to the aftertaste and is quite moreish as a result. I demolished the two pods in no time and will reorder for sure.

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System bubblegum

Cola Ice

"Refreshing, fizzy cola with an ice-cold kick."

If you are a cola fan then this one won’t disappoint as it has the same taste but the ice/menthol element leaves the pleasant sensation on your tongue. It’s sweet but not too sweet, and another one that’s suitable as an ADV.

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System Cola Ice


"A deliciously sweet and juicy blend of grapes with a slight tang."

The description pretty much sums this one up; sweet, juicy with a slight tang but the ‘ice’ calms it all down enough to become a smooth moreish eliquid and one of my favourites.

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System Grape

Peach Ice

"A tropical blend of mouth-watering peach with an icy finish."

I do enjoy a good peach flavoured vape, and this one met my fussy requirements nicely. The obvious peach flavour is dominant and quite sweet, but again the ice element toned it down and left a really nice aftertaste, another one I could use as an ADV.

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System Peach Ice

Sweet Strawberry

"The classic taste of summer, with sweet & succulent fresh Strawberries."

The easiest way to describe this one is ‘it does what it says on the tin’ as they have nailed the strawberry flavour perfectly. It is pretty sweet like sugar dipped strawberries and has a lush aftertaste that lasts ages.

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System Sweet Strawberry

Banana Ice

"Tropical, sweet and creamy banana with a fresh, ice twist."

A strong Banana taste which is quite sweet but calmed down with the ‘ice’ menthol kick similar to a Banana Milkshake, I’m not sure if it was my taste but I found an almost ‘cooked’ aftertaste to this one though.

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System Banana Ice

Overall I would call the VLTZ a success; the FLEX battery performed perfectly, the draw is tight enough to simulate a cigarette, the auto-draw is instant and never missed a beat, and the battery life was ideal as it lasted around 1.5 pods on average.

I loved the way I could swap and change flavours over easily and doing so made sure I didn’t get bored of a particular flavour.

VLTZ Flex Closed Pod System kit

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