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Vaporesso Luxe Q2

Vaporesso are back putting the Luxe back in to luxury with their brand new LUXE Q2 Pod Kit

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Supplied by Vaporesso for review
RRP £25 but currently on offer at £23 direct

Well hello there…don’t you look pretty! Vaporesso have released another posh vape in their LUXE product line, this time we have the Luxe Q2. Don’t expect anything new but do expect refinement and poshness.

  • Dimensions: 96.8*26*18.6mm
  • Pod Capacity: 3ml/2ml(TPD)
  • Resistance: 0.6Ω/1.0Ω
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • 30 Minute Fast Charging: Type-C, 2A
  • Auto-draw
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Wide range of compatible pods
  • Upgraded leather material

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit boxed


Anyone familiar with Vaporesso products will recognise their standard bold packaging, it is a simple two piece box with an outer sleeve displaying your colour choice on the front and the specs etc. on the back.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit unboxing

Slide out the inner box and you are presented with the device held in blown plastic, there’s a flap to the right which holds the accessories.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit contents

There’s not a lot in the package but it does contain everything you require to start vaping (apart from e-liquid obviously), and thankfully Vaporesso have included the all-important spare pod; you get a 0.6ohm and a 1.0ohm.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit vape ready

First Impressions and Overview

I’m not a fan of orange vapes, but this one changed my mind straight away, rather than being bold and garish, it just looks classy and high-end. The ‘Upgraded leather material’ isn’t a gimmick, it is the best quality leather I’ve seen on a vape, thin and with a very subtle texture, the embossed ‘VAPORESSO’ logo is high definition but remains discreet.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit flip side

The opposite side has a bit more going on, there’s a slim-line black LED status bar inset into the leather and an etched ‘LUXE Q2’ recessed into the metal section, the metallic anodised coloured metal gives a good contrast, and the separation gives a simple device a lot of style.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit all angles

The size is just right to fit snuggly into your hand; 98.6mm x 18.6mm x 26mm. The weight isn’t the lightest due to the mostly metal construction, weighing in at 60g. I like the weight but it isn’t shirt/blouse pocket friendly, it would suit a lanyard though.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit pod fitting

The pod is a press fit but also has two magnets for a secure connection, the fit is snug and provides a perfect air seal which makes the airflow adjustment effective.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit airflow

Even the airflow adjuster looks posh to me, it is also one of the best I’ve experienced in a pod. The raised dimple makes it easy to adjust, and the resistance is just right, as in it is easy to slide but firm enough to stay in place. A little detail is how easy it was to micro-adjust. The airflow range was quite wide; you can get a tight MTL fully closed and a surprisingly airy RDL draw too.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit with two pods

As previously mentioned, you get two pods included. The 1.0ohm is more suited to MTL and the 0.6ohm is good for MTL and RDL, I’m mainly an MTL user but I was in my element taking stronger 20mg nic salt hits with the 0.6ohm coil and RDL.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod cap

The pod looks familiar; it has that flip-off top cap for top-fill and the same leak resistant base I have seen in previous Luxe pods, that’s no bad thing as Vaporesso had nailed their pod designs and it require no further refinement.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit filling

It might be my imagination but filling seemed easier on this pod, with the pod fitted into the battery I found the mouthpiece flipped off easier and felt more sturdy. It was also easier to snap back on with a satisfying click, and it stayed place securely, so I guess Vaporesso have improved their pods even more – a bonus for sure.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit charging

Then we get a proper 2 Amp USB-C fast-charge which Vaporesso claims to be a 30 minute charge, I can verify this and it often took less. There’s a niggle which could be a pro depending on your point of view, the tri-colour LED is diffused and can be difficult to see during charging. As you can see in the photo, it barely lights up, BUT during vaping it is clearly visible but never too bright, I like it this way and it fits into the whole subtle/classy vibe, and it is also place perfectly in your eye-line as you draw. I’m going with it being a pro.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit ecosystem

There are plenty of compatible pods to choose from which is good news if you already have a stash of them, but I will be going for the newer ones, mainly down to the perfect vape and the easier top-cap removal.


Vaporesso were one of the first manufacturers to nail pods. Right back to their OSMALL, XROS etc., the MTL vape quality was superb, and since then, they have improved on perfection. The LUXE Q2 raises the bar as the vape quality is just perfection, the flavour is intense, the draw is buttery smooth, the warmth is just right, and the coil lasts ages.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit the cat's whiskers

I thought I would prefer the 1.0ohm pod as it is more my thing, but the 0.6ohm pod surprised me as a good multi-purpose pod for MTL and a really good RDL. I use 20mg nic salts and opening up the airflow and taking a long RDL draw gave me a really nice throat hit and strong vape, ideal for those times where you need a stronger hit (such as after a stressful shopping trip or the cinema).

Not that the 1.0ohm was shabby, it was spot on for my normal everyday vaping needs and will probably be my main restock option.

The 1000mAh battery life was a treat, it lasted yonks, you can rely on it lasting around 5ml of e-liquid with the 1.0ohm coil, I can’t tell you the longevity in hours as we all vape differently, but for me, the 0.6ohm lasted around 3-4ml of heavy use.

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit deep colour


To put it simply, the LUXE Q2 is Vaporesso finest pod to date, no small achievement as they already have a range of top-draw pods. There just so much to like and honestly not one thing to dislike, it oozes class, feels great in the hand, and all the refinements make it feel high-end.

Do I bother with Pros and Cons? I already know there are no cons or niggles, even if you think ‘it’s just another f*cking pod’ I would disagree, I consider it as: ‘it’s another refined high-end pod’.

Pros (I suppose I should)

  • Classy
  • Ergonomic
  • Tactile
  • Effective micro tuneable airflow adjustment
  • Top-Fill has been refined
  • High-end quality yet affordable
  • Disposable killer (KILL EM ALL… Grrrr)
  • Beginners and experienced vapers will love it equally
  • Subtle branding
  • Leak resistant
  • Best leather to date
  • Eliquid visibility

I could prattle on with Pros but I genuinely cannot find a single con

Final Thoughts and Score

We are spoiled for choice with faultless pod kits these days, it’s rare to find a duffer, so refinement makes a difference and the Luxe Q2 has that covered in buckets. I think you can tell by now that it has gained me as a fan, reviewing this classy pod has been a pleasure.

Score: 10/10 – How could it be any less?
(Okay it would have been 1.2/10 had it been yukky Green)

Vaporesso LUXE Q2 Pod Kit colours

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