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Vaporesso Eco Nano

Vaporesso are taking the fight directly to the disposable market with their excellent Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod. Si got to try the kit out for himself and this is what he thought...

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Supplied by Vaporesso for review

Vaporesso have long been a much better alternative to disposables with a ton of simple compact pods, but this time they are taking the bull by the horns and produced something to grab the attention of disposable users and hopefully sway them away from land-fill fodder.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod boxed

It might look like a disposable but it is actually a regular refillable/rechargeable pod kit with no-nonsense packaging or confusing bumf that can intimidate new users.

  • Dimensions: 44.7*18*77mm
  • POD Capacity: 6ml/2ml
  • Pod Resistance:0.8Ω/1.2Ω
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Charging: Type-C, 1A
  • Draw Activated
  • Replaceable Pod


Vaporesso have lobbed the Eco Nano into a simple recycled cardboard box, nothing fancy and with minimal waste which is admirable these days.

(Excuse my selotaped boxes, UPS/customs decided they needed to open them to inspect, the tw@s!).

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod box specs

There is a tear off strip on the top of the box, rip it off and tip the contents out. Basically it is the Eco Nano device with a 0.8ohm pod preinstalled and a little instructions manual that you won’t need to read. Pop the box and instructions into the paper recycle bin and crack on…

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod unboxing

(The more observant of you might have noticed ‘1 x Lanyard’ in the contents, Vaporesso have since dropped that to keep the initial cost down).

First Impressions and Overview

I was sent two different versions to review, a plastic body and a metal body version, the choice is yours but they will give you the exact same vape. I was drawn to the plastic one initially as I liked the rubberised matt coating which felt nice and grippy.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod choices

The first thing that struck me was the size, it’s quite big compared to a lot of pods, but to contradict myself it is also small for a 6ml and 1000mAh battery; 44.7mm x 18mm x 77mm.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod weight

It weighs 48g or 54g with a full pod (6ml) which is quite light yet somehow feels lighter than it looks. There’s a couple of things to consider with Vaporesso’s design choice, those lucky enough not to fall under the TPD’s claws will have the choice of much larger capacity disposable pods with larger batteries, and with that in mind then the Eco Nano is quite compact.

The metal version weight 58g

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod all round

Personally, I like the vibrant artwork on the front, it’s very eye-catching with a very random pattern and a red string wrapped around black lines, perhaps there’s a hidden meaning to that? But the rest of it is all flat yellow. I really love how it feels, smooth and rubberised, it doesn’t feel like plastic due to the coating. It also keeps pretty clean and shows no fingerprints.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod funky

The 6ml pod mostly protrudes to allow full e-liquid visibility which is a huge pro, I also think it gives a plain base a bit more style.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod plain back

The base holds the USB-C charging port, a couple of screws, and the usual legal markings. It’s flat so it stands up quite well.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod charging

I didn’t even notice the LED until I plugged it in to charge, it is only a single colour, white, which is a bit of a shame, a tri-colour would have given you battery level status. The charging uses a standard USB-C cable (not included) and charges at 5V/1A.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod pod fitting

The pod is a magnetic fit and sits in quite deep which feels sturdy with no wobble, and it stays in place well. It also provides a decent air seal as you get a tightish MTL draw from it.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod filling

To fill the pod, you need to pull out the little silicone tab, it is easy to grip and I like the way you can swing it aside. The fill port is huge so you won’t have any issues with airlocks, I found it really easy to fill it right up to the top without any mess.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod full kit

6ml capacity in a compact pod is a bit of a novelty to me, it makes it far more convenient, especially with such a large 1000mAh battery, this is a proper all-dayer.

Sadly, us UK user will be limited to 2ml. I don’t know what that pod will look like, but I suspect it will have a nasty silicone insert which is a shame.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod flipped

The pod can fit in either way for left or right handed users, I know you can just turn the whole thing around but if you want the graphics showing, then it makes a difference.

The mouthpiece is one of Vaporesso’s finest, it is nice and small, smooth and comfortable, and it feels a proper MTL mouthpiece.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod mouthpiece


Vaporesso’s expertise with coils and wicking shines through with this pod, the flavour is top quality, the airflow is smooth, and the vapour production isn’t too high. The warmth is mild and never gets hot even when you chain vape it.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod pussy galore

I’ve tested many disposables and this simply knocks them out of the park for vape quality. Vaporesso’s goal is to convert disposable users onto their more sustainable and cost effective way to vape, and it is mission accomplished as far as I can see. The only ‘effort’ required compared to disposables is adding your own e-liquid which takes seconds, it is actually better for it as it opens up a whole new world of juices to try.

The battery with the 0.8ohm pod lasts bloody ages, almost the whole 6ml in fact, and the 1.2ohm pod would last even longer.

Reasons why the Eco Nano is better than disposables:

  • No E-waste
  • Reusable/rechargeable battery
  • Long lasting and replaceable pods
  • Long battery life
  • 100’s of e-liquids to try
  • Much cheaper
  • Superior vape quality
  • Only additional cost is pods after initial purchase
  • Visible e-liquid

Surely there are enough good reasons to drop those disposables? Do it for the planet and do it for your pocket. Once you’ve switched, you’ll never look back, in fact you may look forward as Vaporesso have some superb pod kits and more advanced vape kits if you wanted to progress.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod yellow and brown


With Vaporesso’s pedigree for exceptional vape hardware and coils, making a new pod kit aimed to appeal to disposable users is a smart move. I applaud any initiative to limit the massive amount of disposable e-waste dumped each and every day.

Doing the right thing doesn’t mean you have to suffer for it, the Eco Nano will reward you with a top quality vaping experience. I’m an experienced vaper, I do review disposables and if I’m honest I do enjoy the flavours they often give, but using the Eco Nano is just better and reasonably guilt free, you do dispose of the plastic pod with coil but it’s nothing compared to lobbing away electronics and a lipo battery.

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod just chill


  • Vaporesso pure flavour
  • Large 1000mAh battery
  • Comfortable
  • 6ml pod (unless you suffer from TPD)
  • Skinny mouthpiece
  • Effective MTL airflow
  • Metal or Plastic options
  • A true disposable killer


  • Single colour LED

Final Thoughts and Score

To an experienced vaper, the Eco Nano is nothing new, pods like this have been around for years. The clever part is Vaporesso have designed the Eco Nano precisely to compete against disposables, hopefully it does the trick, but it doesn’t mean it will only appeal to newbies. I loved the thing, and that Vaporesso flavour is always welcome.

Score: 8.5/10 – Bye bye disposables, Buy buy Eco Nano

Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod colours

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