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Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod System Kit

We all know how much DeeDee loves her Caliburn pod kits so will she love the new Uwell Caliburn A2 kit too?

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Today we bring you the new Caliburn A2! Most of us are very familiar with Uwell and the Caliburn range, I gave up the smokes using the OG Caliburn and many of my friends still use it. Of course, I was eager to test out the A2 so when VapeClub put this through for review I put my name down straight away and was lucky enough to be able to review this. So how does it differ from the OG and the devices in the same Caliburn range?

Key Specs and features

  • Size: 110x21x11mm
  • Weight: 31g
  • Output: 15W
  • Battery: 520mAh
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Display: LED indicator
  • Pods: Refillable, Fixed Coil - 0.9ohm FeCrAI UN2 Meshed H
  • E-liquid viewing window
  • Top fill
  • PRO-FOCS Tech……?
  • Button or draw activation
  • USB C– 35 mins 0-90% charge time – 1A charge rate

What’s in the box?

The box is what you expect from Uwell, the packaging hasn’t really changed. Inside you receive the main device plus, I am happy to say, two pods are included (thank you Uwell). You also get the manual and a quick filling guide card, but what you do not get is a charging cable…….not sure why and I find this very odd. For me it is not a problem as I have so many, but for a complete newbie it could be an issue. I am not sure why Uwell did not include one and I have to say I am a little disappointed with that. For a kit that is marketed for beginners, it should include everything someone would need to “START” vaping. 

Uwell Caliburn A2 kit

The Device

I received the "Iris Purple" which I really like as it makes a nice change to the usual black, gunmetal or silver. It’s still similar to the OG with the power button, but now it now includes an e-liquid window. The LED sits under the Caliburn branding towards the bottom of the device. There are two tiny airholes on either side to allow the air to flow through to the base of the pod. The charging port is also on the base of the device. It is made from an aluminium alloy which makes it light. It has a metallic finish to it and just feels nice and smooth in the hand. It is better looking than the original.

Operating is easy and all done using the one button:

  • Usual 5 clicks on and off.

That’s it, no other settings – nice and easy. To vape, you can use the button, which is recessed slightly, or you can use auto draw. I have to say I never really used the button as the auto draw was super reactive.

LED indicator:

  • Battery indicator: 60% plus = Green - Blue 30-60% and Red below 30% capacity
  • Whilst charging it will indicate as follows: 60% plus will flash Green, 30-60% will flash Blue, and below 30% will flash Red. Once fully charged the LED with be a solid Green


  • Low battery – Red LED will flash 10 times and device will not fire.
  • Short circuit / too low resistance – LED will flash Red 3 times.
  • No Atomiser / open circuit – LED will flash Blue 3 times
  • Over time – the LED will flash green 5 times if vaping time exceeds 8 seconds.

Let’s talk about the new e-liquid window, it’s a nice size and you can see the coil hole but as the window is only on one side, it can be difficult to see the level. You do need to tilt it to see if you can see where the level is at. I think if the window went through and matched on the other side, it would have been better but still at least there is a window.

There are six colours to choose from: black, green, grey, iris purple, orange, and blue

Uwell Caliburn A2 close ups

The Pod

I do like the Caliburn A2 pod, the mouthpiece is a perfect size. The pod fits nicely in the device, not to snug but not loose either. I have had no issues removing the pod and it hasn’t fallen out by mistake. I love the top fill design, and they have also included an air outlet hole which I always appreciate, it makes it much easier and less messy to fill. The mouthpiece is removed easily by pushing it from the side as opposed to the front to reveal the filling port. The flavour is amazing, slightly warm but it’s a dense vape and so flavoursome. Using the DD-Drawometer, I would say it’s a 4 (with 1 being a super tight draw and 10 super loose).

You cannot use any other of the Caliburn pods on this kit, it will only take the A2 pods.

Uwell Caliburn A2 pod close ups


I have enjoyed using the Uwell Caliburn A2 and will continue to do so. I only used 50/50 Nic Salts. It does get through the juice a little quicker than other pods but that’s because normally I use 1.0ohm plus round wire and this is a 0.9ohm mesh coil. I have been using the same pod for eight days now and it still tastes as good as the first day, and trust me I have been vaping a lot recently. A tip when using this kit…do not overfill it as it will leak at the base. I always fill it and leave it on a tissue for a few minutes. I have had no issues with spit back which is a big pro as that’s something that drives me mad, nic salt liquid direct on your tongue is awful!

From flat to fully charged takes around 40 mins and lasts me around half a day, but of course it all depends on how much you vape and how you vape.


  • Easy to use
  • Improved juice visibility
  • Coil flavour and life!
  • MTL draw
  • Excellent quality
  • Nice ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Easy top fill


  • No charging cable included
  • Minor Leaking (outside the device)
  • Battery could have been larger – Uwell improved on many areas, but they didn’t increase the battery which is a shame.

Final Thoughts

In all honesty, I think the Uwell Caliburn A2 would suit any MTL vaper whether a complete newbie or an experienced vaper! If you are a flavour chaser and want something small, of great quality and stealthy, you won’t go wrong with this device. I have to say the A2 is a good contender for my top 3 pod kits if it was slightly tighter, had a larger battery, and included a cable. It would have scored higher but still I want to express that the A2 is a super device.

DeeDee's Overall Score - 8.5/10

Thank you to VapeClub for sending this to me – Uwell have done a very good job with the A2 and it’s a very welcome improved addition to the Caliburn family!

Uwell Caliburn A2 handcheck

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In August 2019 I joined POTV & in Sept I bought a Caliburn and some nic salts & have not touched a cigarette since! I was smoking around 20 cigarettes a day for 26 years!! Mental! I honestly appreciate all the help and guidance from the POTV members, they made the switch so much easier!I am very much into MTL PODs & AIOs. Enjoy mingling with the members, helping others and having a good laugh!

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