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Suorin Air Mini

The new Suorin Air Mini kit proves that good things do come in small packages

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Supplied by Suorin for review
RRP $24.99

Suorin! Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while and it's the first time I have reviewed something from them. I did buy a super cool rechargeable 2 stick kit years ago which was well ahead of the game but I’ve not tried anything since, so when I saw the new Suorin Air Mini, I was keen to see how much had changed.

Suorin Mini Air kit

  • Atomizer Capacity: 2ml
  • Coil Resistance: 1.0Ω
  • Max Output: 14W
  • Battery Capacity: 430mAh
  • Material: Aluminium alloy + PCTG
  • Charging Interface: Type-C
  • Weight: 32g
  • Size: 32.3mm by 13.7mm by 75mm


The Suorin Air Mini comes in a classy looking, sturdy two piece box with a generic colour photo on the front and the actual colour shown on the back, the contents and various authenticity checks are also displayed on the back.

Suorin Mini Air kit packaging

The Air Mini complete is held in a blown plastic tray, underneath that is a USB-C charging cable and the docs.

Suorin Mini Air kit contents

You only get one pod included which is becoming an unwelcome trend recently, but there is only one spec of the pod which is 1.0ohm so there’s no confusion in reordering.

Suorin Mini Air kit first look

First Impressions and Overview

Holding the Air Mini for the first time was a genuine pleasure, it looks and feels classy and a little special, the pillow shape and super compact size fits comfortably into your hand, and you can almost hide it in your grip. The 32g is incredibly light but still has a pleasing, quality weight to it.

Suorin Mini Air kit all angles

The design is simple, clean, and elegant, with a pillow shape and the shape of the pod adds to the styling. The only thing I didn’t like was the unfortunate and compulsory ‘UK CA’ mark which looked quite ugly compared to the rest, the actual branding on the front is nice and discreet though.

Suorin Mini Air kit UKCA

The USB-C charging port is located on the base and is discreet. Upon charging was when I first noticed the cool LED status lighting which is embedded underneath a mesh-like hole on the front.

Suorin Mini Air kit charging

The LED is visually cool as it looks diffused and soft but is still very visible while vaping, and it changes colour to reflect the battery status: Green = Full, Blue = Medium, and Red = Low, and it blinks Red when the battery must be charged.

Suorin Mini Air kit pod fitting

The pod is a magnetic fit and feels a little loose, but it does stay in place really well and I had no issues with it coming out in my pocket or bag.

Suorin Mini Air kit filling

The mouthpiece comes off but there is a bit of a trick, you have to lever it from the narrow edge outwards but it can feel a bit hit and miss (don’t let this put you off though as the new pods solve this). Once removed, you can fill the pod through one of the two outer holes (NOT the centre), the visibility is good and it easy to fill but it can get messy if you overfill. Refitting the mouthpiece is very straightforward as you just snap it back into place.

*Revised Pod

Suorin recognised there were a couple of issues with the original pod; one was the faff of removing the mouthpiece and the other was the lack of e-liquid visibility without removing the pod so they decided to revise the pod with a more traditional side fill transparent one.

Suorin Mini Air kit spare pod

From what I can gather, newer kits will include this version but old stock might include the top fill one, if it’s an issue then check with the supplier during ordering.

Suorin Mini Air kit difference in pods

Personally I didn’t mind either one, but I would say the new one is much better for visibility as you don’t have to remove the pod to see your e-liquid.


Suorin have certainly come a long way since my last experience. The vape was just right, the airflow was spot on for a ciggie-like MTL draw, and the warmth was a nice balance which never got too warm even during chain vaping. The flavour was good and is a far cry from their old pods.

I really liked vaping the Air Mini overall, it felt great in the hand, the mouthpiece is quite big but fits comfortably in your lips, the auto-draw didn’t skip a beat, and the subtle LED light was useful as it was always in view (assuming you have it the right way around).

Suorin Mini Air kit airflow

But it was the compact size and shape that made it such a great pocket vape. Either in jeans/trousers or a shirt pocket, it never felt bulky or heavy, it even fitted into my coin pocket in my jeans which is rare.

The battery life was surprisingly good, for a measly 430mAh, it lasted bloody ages! I got a full working day and well into the evening before the dreaded flashing red light. After a few full battery tests, I opted for top-up charging though so I didn’t have any long down times, charging time was reasonable though due to the small capacity, and it took around thirty minutes on average.


The pod lasted me around 14ml before I noticed the flavour dropping off, there’s a little warning card in the box advising basic pod maintenance such as shaking the pod upside down to clear any excess e-liquid and or wiping and condensation off the base, but I didn’t need to do this too often. It becomes more important when the pod is closer to its end of life, but that’s common with most pods.

Suorin Mini Air kit colour options


The form-factor and compact size will be the main appeal of the Suorin Air Mini, and it oozes class. There’s no innovation as such, but Suorin have a pedigree when it comes to miniaturising vape kits. The performance is pretty darn good. Also credit goes to Suorin for recognising issues with the pod and updating it, the original one wouldn’t stop me buying one, but the improvement is very welcome.

Suorin Mini Air kit full kit


  • Classy and elegant
  • Very compact
  • Surprising battery life for the size
  • Subtle 3 colour status LED
  • An incredible 32g weight
  • Good flavour


  • Only one pod included

Final Thoughts and Score

The Suorin Air Mini has a, dare I say it, Apple-like look and feel to it, and is one of the best miniature kits I’ve experienced. Suorin have certainly caught my attention with this release.

Score: 8.5/10 – Good things come in small packages

Suorin Mini Air kit with salts

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