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Riptide RipStick Starter Kit from V2 Cigs UK

If you are looking to take up vaping to get away from smoking, you need reliable and easy to use system to help you make the change. This is where the Riptide Ripstick kit from V2 Cigs UK comes in. But will it satisfy those cravings or is it just another prefilled pod system?

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If you are looking to take up vaping to get away from smoking, you need reliable and easy to use system to help you make the change. This is where the Riptide Ripstick kit comes in. But will it satisfy those cravings or is it just another prefilled pod system? 


“Get the RipStick Starter Kit and enjoy next-generation NicTech nicotine, delivered by a superior vape pod system, with everything you need to get started. The perfect all-in-one vape kit to start your journey to quitting smoking”

So straight off the bat, V2 Cigs UK are clearing aiming this at the right market. This is not one for the experienced vapers but is a very valuable tool to get you off the ciggies and help you make the lifestyle change. It contains everything you need to start your journey. It is also a discreet device for those times when chucking clouds is not going to go down well but you still need a sneaky nicotine hit.


  • RipStick Device
  • 3 x Pre-filled Flavour Pods
  • USB-C Charger
  • User Manual


  • Upgraded 500mAh battery
  • Consistent wattage output
  • USB-C charging cable included
  • Pod connectivity and battery indicator light
  • Draw activated
  • 3 X 1.4 ml capacity pods: 4.2ml total
  • Free from Benzoic acid
  • Tobacco-free nicotine
  • 6 incredible flavours
  • 2 nicotine strengths (12mg/ml and 20mg/ml)
  • Disposable pods

Ripstick Riptide with packaging

Getting started

The main kit is very nicely presented with everything laid out clearly. Opening the slip cover reveals the body of the device, and underneath is the usb-c cable and instructions. The instructions are surprisingly detailed and very easy to follow. They also highlight all the built in safety features which should reassure even the most nervous ex smoker! 

This clarity is also carried over to the pod packaging which clearly sets out the flavour, strength and all the usual warnings. Inside the package, you will also find another instruction sheet which shows how to fit the pods plus all the health and safety information. Each pod is foil sealed and also has bungs and protectors in the mouthpiece and at the battery contact so you know you are getting a fresh, cartridge every time.

Whilst the battery does have some charge, it is recommended that you fully charge the battery before use but plugging in the cable to the port located at the bottom. This is when you will see the first feature that made me smile, the charging light! It is in the shape of a wave and during charging, it fluctuates in colour and looks almost sparkling! It is really pretty. During regular use, this light is blue until the charge level drops to 50% when it flashes a warning an alert. Between 50-25% it will then flash white, and then when it hits 25% it will red to let you know that you need to charge up. When charging, this lighting works in reverse so you know where you are in the cycle.

Ripstick Riptide Charging

The pods

To fit a pod, you need to take it out of the packaging and remove the two seals and the contacts sticker, and then it just slips in to the top and is held in magnetically. It holds well and doesn’t rattle unless you hold it by the pod and shake it (and quite frankly, why would you do that?). 

So now we have the device sorted out, lets get on to the flavours! The pods come in two strengths, 12mg and 20mg, so this should work well for most users, and there is a nice variety of flavours so you should be able to find something you like. Vapour production is pretty good for this type of device and there is just the right amount of heat there so you know you are having a vape. Many closed pod systems are a little too cool for me but this one is just right.


If you like coconut, this will be one for you as it is the overriding flavour. It is mellow and smooth and perfect on a warm day. Sometimes coconut can be a little over the top but this is well balanced and works very well in a profiled pod.


As the menthol ban in cigarettes comes in to force, this is a great alternative. It a good balance between fresh and sweet without any hint of bitterness that I’ve had with other prefilled pods and it hits the spot nicely

Bright leaf tobacco

As soon as you pop the seal, you get a lovely aroma of fresh tobacco and the taste doesn’t disappoint. It isn’t a cigarette flavour, but a nice quality loose tobacco with a hint of caramel. If you used to smoke roll ups, you will definitely enjoy this one a lot. Again, it is very smooth and doesn’t have that dirty taste that you often get with tobacco flavours.

Blue raspberry

This was one that I really enjoyed, surprisingly strong, almost syrupy raspberry. It is really juicy and is one of the nicest pod flavours that I’ve tried. Often refilled fruit pods are a little muted but this really isn’t, in fact it is quite bold and it leaves a very pleasant sweetness on the exhale too.


This is another flavour which I usually find disappointing in pod form but again, this manages to produce a decent depth of flavour for this type of system. It is quite a natural mango and not too sweet but very smooth and vapable. It is nice to find a genuinely fruity mango like this rather than getting that artificial flavour that seems to stick to your tastebuds

Berry Crunch

This is exactly what is says on the box, a good sweet berry mixed with a light biscuity base, almost like a shortbread flavour. Both flavour notes sit in perfect balance with neither side dominating the other. This is a really good addition to the lineup and offers something a little different from the standard pod flavours.

Ripstick Riptide flavour selection

Final thoughts

There are so many closed pod systems on the market at the moment so it can be a little tricky to work out which ones are worth your time and money. This is definitely one of the better ones available at the moment and will certainly get you started on the right track. I really like the variety of flavours too and was impressed with the smooth taste each one provided. If you are looking to quit smoking, or know someone who is, this is a great jumping in point,

The kit is £28.28 and contains everything you need including three pods which you can choose the flavour and strength, which is a really nice touch as most kits give you the bog standard tobacco whether you like it or not. Then when you need refills, you can either buy them individually for £3.99 or in boxes of five for £16.99. The final option the sample pack which contains one of each flavour for £16.99 so if you want, you can try them all.

Many thanks to V2 Cigs UK for sending this in for review.

Ripstick Riptide with pods

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