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OXVA Artio Pod Kit

OXVA throw their hat in the ring in the competition to bring out the ultimate disposable vapes killer...the Artio pod kit!

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Supplied by UK Vape Experts TECC
£12.99 with one FREE Eliquid

OXVA Artio Pod Kit monochrome

I was curious as to why TECC had chosen to stock the OXVA Artio as it is very ordinary looking with zero innovation, but after testing it the reason became clear, the Artio is a no-brainer disposables killer, and if there was a ‘Disposables Killer’ category in the reviews section, this would leap into the Top 3 in my opinion.

  • Pod capacity: 2ml
  • Coil resistance: 0.8ohm / 1.2ohm
  • Output wattage: 15W max
  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh
  • Dimensions: 110.6mm x 16.5mm
  • Weight: 32g


The OXVA Artio pod kit comes in a simple carton box with a white foam tray inside, the box is okay but doesn’t really leap out.

OXVA Artio Pod Kit unboxing

The contents do though, especially when you consider the price of £12.99 which includes a 10ml bottle of e-liquid.

OXVA Artio Pod Kit contents

You get the rechargeable device, two different pods; 0.8ohms and 1.2ohms, a charging cable, a single sheet user manual, but there was another extra which wasn’t listed on the box; a lanyard which is perfect for this device.

Straight away you are saving dosh compared to disposables, the two pods should last around 20-30ml, but just with the free 10ml, it is equivalent to 5 x disposables, that’s well below three quid per disposable alternative and you’re left with pods that will last you longer, most importantly you have a rechargeable battery which will save you even more in the long run.

First Impressions and Overview

The Artio looks pretty slick, and the small size (110.6mm x 16.5mm) is almost identical to a typical disposable which is quite impressive when you consider they have included a rechargeable USB-C port and chipset.

OXVA Artio Pod Kit little wonder

The ‘Carbon Fibre’ version I was sent has an interesting optical trick of the light as you rotate it, it is almost holographic but it didn’t look like typical carbon fibre. The branding is subtle with just the OXVA logo near the bottom and the obligatory legal bumf in tiny print on the base.

OXVA Artio Pod Kit weight

It is advertised as 32g but it came out at 31g with a full pod on my scales which are usually very accurate. Even at 32g, it is nice and light, and is shirt pocket or lanyard friendly.

OXVA Artio Pod Kit charging

The USB-C charging port is located on the base but it isn’t fast charging as it is 5V/0.5 Amps, but it only takes around thirty minutes to fully charge the 550mAh battery. It is one of those devices where it is best to top-up charge or carry a spare battery since the starter kit is cheap enough.

There’s a single white LED under the OXVA logo which is very basic, it lights up during vaping and charging and flashes when the battery is too low or when it is fully charged, there’s no in-between battery status which is a shame, but you can generally rely a full charge will last a full 2ml pod.

OXVA Artio Pod fitting

The pod is a magnetic fit which feels a little loose, this obviously makes it easy to remove and refit, but fortunately the pod fits inside quite deeply and I’ve not had one accidentally fall out.

OXVA Artio Pod Kit two pods

You get two different pods to try, the 1.2ohm is the typical MTL users choice and disposable users will find it similar to those, the 0.8ohm is just more; more power, more flavour, and a stronger hit. The downside to this pod is the battery won’t last as long, but it’s a definite pro to be given the choice.

OXVA Artio Pod Kit filling

The filling port is located on the bottom half of the pod with a silicone bung that easily pulls open and closes, it was surprisingly mess free to fill it right up and the smoked plastic gives good e-liquid visibility.

OXVA Artio Pod Kit vape ready

*NOTE: Disposable users need to be aware that they will need to wait 5-7 minutes before it is ready to vape as the e-liquid needs to saturate the coil/wicking. This is only when you fit a brand new pod, topping up is instant.

The mouthpiece (aka drip-tip) is unusual in shape and material; it is very rubbery and slightly oval but still feels comfortable and the right size for MTL/disposable users.

OXVA Artio Pod Kit mouthpiece


OXVA know their stuff when it comes to coils, and they absolutely nailed it with the Artio. The flavour is amongst the very best, and the draw is smooth and tight enough to class as MTL (Mouth To Lung) which is similar to most disposables I have tried. The airflow is actually drawn through the base which is unusual for ‘normal’ vapes but is the same as you find in disposables.

As an experienced vaper, I absolutely loved the vape I got from the Artio. Both pods were ideal for me, I use 20mg nic salts in the 1.2ohm and 10mg in the 0.8ohm, you can just about get a tight RDL draw with the 0.8ohm too.

OXVA Artio Pod Kit noir

The OXVA Artio really is a disposables killer, it out performs them in flavour and is more convenient with the refillable pods and rechargeable battery. The only minor downside is it isn’t instant, but waiting a few minutes is a very small price to pay, you soon get used to it and you can always have a second prefilled pod handy so you never need to wait again.

It really is a no-brainer; no e-waste, it's rechargeable, it's much cheaper, and is a lot more convenient than disposables. As a personal bonus, I didn’t suffer the usual guilt trip from using a disposable.

OXVA Artio Pod Kit quality

I enjoyed using the device more than I thought, the small size and weight with a reasonable battery life always felt convenient and easy to stash in your pocket or bag.

But I found it perfect for a lanyard, especially as OXVA threw one in as a freebie. It is just right in length and perfect for driving.

OXVA Artio Pod Kit lanyard


While OXVA aren’t one of the bigger brands, they do have plenty of expertise in the vape industry. I felt their aim was to make the Artio into a disposables rival, and they just nailed it. Disposables aside, it is still an excellent pod kit for experienced vapers that demand the best flavour in MTL pods. Then there are the folks wanting to quit smoking; this Artio is absolutely perfect for those people, I wouldn’t think twice about recommending this kit to anyone trying to quit.


  • Small and light-weight
  • Flavour perfection
  • Affordable, actually more than that; a bargain!
  • Simple yet classy design
  • Full e-liquid visibility
  • An MTL vape to suit most users
  • An absolute disposables killer


  • Single status LED

The only con won’t bother most users once you get used to how long the battery lasts vs e-liquid amount, you can safely estimate a full pod per charge.

Final Thoughts and Score

I can see why TECC chose the OXVA Artio to add to their stocks, especially with the state of the disposables market which hopefully will soon meet its end. Why would anyone choose a disposable over a device like this? My advice would be buy two of them if you can afford it, not only will you have plenty of pods, but you will always have a fully charged spare battery to hand.

Score: 8.5/10 – Disposables...You’re FIRED

OXVA Artio...disposable killer

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