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Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version)

Moti continue to surprise us with their cute designs and great vape quality, and the Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) is no exception

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Supplied by Moti for review
Price TBC

Moti have managed to surprise me yet again! To be totally honest, the Moti X Go wasn’t very high on my list to review as I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but the moment I unboxed it and held it in my hand, I was instantly excited to get stuck into this little Go-er.

  • Size: 24.5mm × 68.6mm
  • Output: 11.7W
  • Battery: 650mAh
  • USB Type C 5V/ 0.35A charging (cable not supplied)
  • Pods: Refillable or pre-filled
  • Capacity: Pre-filled = 4ml (Standard) or 2ml (TPD) / Refillable = 2ml
  • Leak resistant pod
  • Auto-draw
  • MTL

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) first look


The box is really deceiving as it is quite tall, it was part of the reason I wasn’t too fussed about it as I thought it was going to be quite big, but as you open the box and spill out the contents you start to see how diddy it really is.

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) unboxing

The battery and pod are in their own sealed bags which have an easy tear notch. As I opened them both, I started to love the look and size of it already, I was in for an even better surprise.

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) kit

Moti tend to give you the absolute minimum to keep the retail price as low as possible so you don’t get any spares or accessories, just the device, one pod, and the user manual.

First Impressions and Overview

As previously mentioned; the device is much smaller than I expected and that alone makes it far more appealing. I was expecting the pod to stick up quite high but no; it sits in really deep which brings the height right down.

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) tidy

That little surprise was it for me, I now LOVED this device as it made it small enough to hide in your hand completely, 24.5mm diameter × 68.6mm tall. Think 2/3rds of a standard sausage, only not as squishy.

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) pod fitting

Moti could have had the pod more exposed as the metal body has plenty of room to trim it down, but I don’t think I would have liked it half as much, the stubby/chubby overall look to it is just a bit different and it feels superb in your hand.

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) details

Moti claim it has a ‘Space Capsule’ design, I don’t quite see it like that. If I was cruel, I would call it butt plug inspired (not that I would know – honest!), but(t) the design is so simplistic that it works. The two tone colour scheme give it the most style, the mixture of metal and satin finished plastic works really well.

Initially I was expecting another DL device but that narrow mouthpiece hinted at a MTL vape and the coil spec backs that up at 1.0ohm, but I was wary if the airflow would suit MTL. Fortunately it was just right for a ciggie-like draw.

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) charging

Charging is via USB-C but you will need your own cable as one isn’t provided. The battery is 650mAh which is easily capable of lasting the 2ml in the pod. There is a status light but it’s pretty useless as it flashes once it is too low to use, so you get no warning. Just stick to the habit of refill and recharge at the same time, or if you like it that much, get a second one as a spare.

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) weight

It is only 42g with a full pod so it won’t weigh your pocket down, but it’s a bit podgy for a shirt pocket, and it might cause some embarrassment if it sits in the wrong place in your trousers.

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) filling

The pod is actually quite large for a MTL 2ml but that’s because it was originally a 4ml for non-TPD countries. There is also another reason for it being this size which I found out later, the filling bung is on the side and is easy enough to pop open. The fill port is large enough for most standard bottle tips, and I found it easy to see and mess free.

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) vape ready

As luck would have it, the 10ml e-liquid bottle will give you an idea of its size, stubby eh? But now it’s time to taste test this sausage……

Going to a Go-Go (Performance)

By now I loved the device so I was praying that it would vape as good as it looked and felt, and it performed flawlessly. The flavour was spot on, the warmth was in the goldilocks zone, the airflow was smooth and tight enough for MTL, and I was surprised just how glad I was with the performance. I review tons of stuff but this little bugger impressed me a whole lot more than I expected.

Using the chubby device was just pleasant, it felt so right in my hand that I rarely put it down, in fact I am clutching onto as I type this review, I don’t even want to put it on a lanyard as it is so handy anyway.

THEN I discovered the Moti X Go pods are cross compatible with other Moti devices!

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) cross fit

It fits the Moti X and the Moti X Mini, and naturally the pods for those devices fit the Moti X Go, including the pre-filled pods, and from what I can gather, Moti have also release some MTL prefilled pods which make a lot more sense than the DL ones.

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) with prefiled pods

Those should appeal to the disposable users looking for a better way, Moti didn’t send me any to test so I can’t comment too much, but the DL flavours were fantastic, and Moti produce a ton of e-liquids for their disposables range so they should be a safe bet.

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) colours


For what appears to be a very basic device, I just love it. It has charm, and the mini size and comfort make it convenient plus the performance is up there with the best of them. There’s something about Moti’s designs that stand out ever so slightly, I can’t believe I’m raving about a basic tube pod, but if you had one in your hand and experienced the vape quality, I think you might get why.

I don’t have any pricing info at the time of writing but going by their other devices, then it should be pretty cheap, anything between £10-£15 would be a good deal.

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) light fantastic


  • Superb flavour
  • The short'n'fat shape
  • Feels great to use
  • Classy styling
  • Pods last well (20ml+)
  • Decent battery size (650mAh)
  • It’s just charming
  • Pure MTL
  • It doesn’t vibrate! (might be a con for others)


  • Slow charging 5V/0.35A
  • Single colour LED

Final Thoughts and Score

I’m well past the novelty phase and I still love it, thankfully Moti sent me extras so I don’t have to do without while it slow charges. If they hadn’t, I would definitely bought a second one anyway. It has a charm to it with the vape quality I demand, so I can see the Moti X Go staying in my regular rotation for some time.

Score: 8/10 – Moti X Go Go Go!

Moti X GO Pod (Refillable pod version) sausage factory

Pack of sausages.

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