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Joyetech eGo Air Pod Kit

The Ego has landed...again! Joyetech breath new life in to an old classic with the Ego Air pod kit

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Our friends at TECC have sent over the Joyetech Ego Air kit for us to have a look at. Joyetech have been around pretty much forever, or at least in vaping terms, they are a real stalwart of scene. For a company to have lasted this long in such a fast-moving industry, you know they must know a thing or two about what their customers want. The original Ego, which first hit the market in 2009, was probably the starting point for many people as they decided to kick the habit and switch to a better alternative. Back then there was very little choice around, so it was probably easier to get a foothold in the emerging market, but it is now 2022, times have changed, and people have much higher expectations. So, does the new Ego Air have what it takes?

Joyetech Ego Air Kit box

Specs and Contents

The Joyetech Ego Air is very much an affordable starter kit and is aimed squarely at new vapers who don’t want to spend their life savings on expensive kit, and the packaging reflects this. The box is no nonsense and is just big enough to hold the contents without fuss. It doesn’t even have an inner tray; everything is just fitted inside. It shows the colour choice, contents list, and the obligatory warnings. It doesn’t even state the coil resistance, but that doesn’t really matter as there is only one pod available so that is one less choice a new vaper needs to worry about.

  • 1 x eGo Air battery
  • 1 x eGo Air pod
  • 1 x USB-C charging cable
  • 1 x Spare parts pack
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty card

The instruction manual is a multi-language sheet which makes the old ordinance survey maps look easy to fold out! It is very basic as there isn’t much you need to know, it just covers the parts, filling, and charging, and battery levels. There are two separate sheets too, one explains filling again and the other says that the maximum e-liquid bottle nozzle size is 4.4mm.

Joyetech Ego Air Kit contents

First Impressions

It’s an Ego! If you have ever held the original, you will be right at home here. There is something rather lovely about a simple tube mod too, maybe I’m just a bit nostalgic though. Before use, you need to remove the sticker covering the bottom of the pod, this is here just to ensure there is no chance of it firing in transit, although being an auto draw device, this would be pretty impossible anyway, and it breaks the contact to the battery to preserve the charge which will keep it at full health whilst on the shelf in the shop.

Joyetech Ego Air Kit sticker

Being auto draw only, there are no buttons to mess with the clean look. On the side is the USB-C port and a small battery indicator LED which lights up when you take a puff. There is also another tiny hole on the front for the airflow. It is quite easy to cover when you hold it though, and a few times I thought there was something wrong as the draw suddenly felt super tight before I realised my thumb was the culprit. The base is flat so you can keep everything upright when you charge it up.

The pod is a simple affair too. The fill port is covered by a rubbery bung which fits well. To fill, you just flick it open and turn it to move it out of the way. The pod is a dark plastic and I found it hard to see how much juice I had left. It also sits quite low in the main body, so I found it was much easier just to pop it out when I needed to check to see if it was time for a refill. The coil is built in, so you don’t need to worry about changing them yourself, but when you are done, you have to throw the whole pod away.

Joyetech Ego Air Kit filling

The Ego Air comes with a standard 510 drip tip which is very basic but is also comfortable to use. If you want, you can swap it out and use your own one if you prefer. It has quite a wide bore, personally I like a smaller one for mouth to lung vaping but that’s just how I roll. There is a reason for the width though as this kit comes with a filter. Now I have to admit I was very sceptical about the need for this, it just seemed on paper to be superfluous. But if you are used to the familiar feel of a cigarette, then it may make things feel more natural. This was before I tried it and was a valuable lesson in not prejudging things. It turns out that I love the feel of vaping with a filter! It isn’t quite like a cigarette filter as it has a hole through the middle, and it is a bit thinner than usual. But it really does feel right somehow. You know when you smoke a cigarette, you get that strange lip smack when you’ve taken a pull? That’s what the filter here gives you. Although it makes the travel distance from the coil a bit further, it doesn’t really affect the flavour much and the sensation is really nice. You will need to stock up on them though as they do absorb a certain amount of e-liquid, but they are cheap and cheerful so it’s not too painful.

Joyetech Ego Air Kit filter


After filling the pod and letting it sit for a few minutes, it was time to see if this little kit was worthy of the legendary Ego name. As I said earlier, details on the coil are not listed anywhere in the kit, but for us old hands, the coil is a 1.0Ohm mesh coil so is spot on for mouth to lung vaping. It produces lots of flavour, as you would expect from a mesh coil. It may not be the last word in detail and nuance, but that doesn’t matter here as it just makes everything taste good. I tried a variety of different flavours and they all tasted great. The temperature is warm but not hot, just how I like things, and the draw is silky smooth. It also produces a very satisfying amount of vapour. Considering it is a mesh coil, it is quite economical in the amount of juice it uses too, so the vapour production was really good. It also kept up with chain vaping with 50vg/50pg e-liquid, it actually lasted better that I did as I over vaped trying to test it out and had to have a little lie down until the room stopped spinning! It isn’t recommended for higher vg e-liquids, although I reckon it could handle them ok.

The auto draw is also bang on the money; it never missed a beat. Because it is a mouth to lung device, there is a bit of resistance, but the auto draw kicked in perfectly every time and actually enhanced the vaping experience well.

The battery is 650mAh, so not huge, but it lasted surprisingly well. Charging only takes about an hour from empty to full, but I tended to give it little top ups as and when needed. If I was using one as my daily driver, I would definitely pick up a couple of spare kits, one to wash and one to wear so to speak. First rule of vaping, always have a spare and if possible, have a spare for your spare! I found the LED light was next to useless though, it is meant to flash a different frequency depending on how much power you have left, but I only really noticed it flashing as it died. Those top up charges are pretty essential.

Joyetech Ego Air Kit colours

Final Thoughts

The new Joyetech Ego Air surprised me, it is a great, easy to use kit which does exactly what it should, and it does it well. Part of its charm is the very basic nature of the beast, it is a no nonsense, simple kit with no drama or mess which provides a very tasty and satisfying vape with no complication. The only thing that could be improved is the battery warning light, it might be advisable to carry a spare of a little battery pack for on the go charging if you take it out with you.

If you are thinking of trying to stop smoking but are put off by the jargon and faff that comes with many kits, you should definitely put the Ego Air high on your list. You can order it directly from TECC for £17.99, and you will also get two free bottles of e-liquid to get you started. New pods come in packs of two for £6.99, and a pack of twenty filters is just £1.99. This will give your chances of quitting smoking a very decent boost. Even if you are an old hand at vaping, there is a lot to love here, especially if you remember using the original Ego kit back in the day.

Joyetech Ego Air Kit charging

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