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Innokin Sceptre 2

Tim slips on his old raincoat to forensically examine the new Innokin Sceptre 2

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Today I’m taking a look at the Sceptre 2 which has been kindly supplied by Innokin. 

I always like Innokin’s packaging and they should be applauded every time for using recyclable materials instead of the usual plastic mountain, other manufacturers please take note!
The box is exactly like Innokin’s others, nicely branded and contains:

  • Innokin Sceptre 2 Pod Mod
  • Innokin Sceptre 2 Pod
  • 0.6oHm S-Coil (pre-installed)
  • 0.5oHm S-Coil
  • USB-C charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Innokin Sceptre 2 contents

The Kit is available in a range of colours – Grey, Blue, White, Black, Pink, Purple, Red and, the one I have been using, Rainforest. It had Forest in it, of course I was going to use it! Had they sent me a red one it would have been a tricky choice but that’s not important right now.

Innokin Sceptre 2 rainforest

“I gotta take off this coat. I can’t think in this coat… THE COAT, I can’t think in the coat” - Colombo

Now then, from a design point of view, this is right up my alley, I think it’s a beautiful looking thing. The colour is gorgeous and the lines are all in the right places, it’s also very well made. There’s a certain weight to it which makes it feel nice and solid, and it all feels very well made and nice to hold. The branding has been kept to minimum too to keep with the classy look, there’s a small “Innokin” label on the back and “Sceptre 2” on the front, it’s all very minimalist and is all the better for it.

It comes in at 104.3mm x 27.93mm x 17.62mm which in English roughly translates as a nice size and easy to slip into a pocket to take out and about which isn’t bad considering it houses a good sized 1400mAh battery which, for me, charged in about 1hr 45mins, and you can vape whilst charging.
On the side, there’s the USB-C port, on the front there’s the fire button which has a small LED on either side (we’ll come to those), and then the pod sits nicely in the top and this held in place by some very strong magnets.

Three clicks of the fire button turns the device on, and three clicks turn it back off again. The lights either side of the fire button are bright and indicate a myriad of things, when charging Red < 90% and Green > 90% and when vaping Green > 30%, Amber 30% - 10% and Red < 10%.
The left of the two lights will also indicate the power setting you have the device set on. The device will read the coil and then you have a choice of “normal” or “boost” for the power. Press the fire button twice to switch between the modes and the light will flash, Blue indicates it’s on the normal setting and Purple indicates it’s on the boost setting. It’s all nice and straight forward, but it gives you a degree of flexibility to tailor your vape a little. You can also use the fire button or just inhale using the auto-draw which I found to work very well indeed.

Innokin Sceptre 2 front and back

“I sometimes wonder about my wife, not that she’s a crackpot” - Colombo

Now to the pod and coils. This is a vast improvement over the original, which was just way too loose, so much so Innokin released a special MTL pod which shows that they listen to feedback, and that’s what has happened here. The mouthpiece is nice and comfortable, the fill port is behind a strong bung and there’s now an airflow slider. The pod is slightly smoked but you wont struggle to see your liquid level through it, it was actually the branding and symbols on the pod that seemed to get in my way of seeing the level when filling it. The pod holds 3ml of e-liquid (or 2ml if you are in TPD land), the difference being a bung which closes off the mouthpiece from holding liquid. This does mean that you have to remove the pod to see your liquid level, but you could probably find a way to remove it if you so wished.
On the opposite side of the pod to the filling port is the airflow slider which works really well indeed. The pod sits in the device with the airflow slider accessible, and I found it really easy just to make adjustments using my thumb, and the airflow range was impressive. You can get from a loose MTL/restricted DL draw to a tight MTL draw so you really can tailor this to suit your style.
Now, the coils, hmmm, where to begin. OK so they are standard push to fit coils, but the difference between these coils and others you see is that the S-coils screw into a little gold coloured adapter before you insert them into the pod. I understand why this is and I applaud Innokin for making these coils compatible with other devices, however, it’s not all plain sailing. The device only comes with one gold adapter, lose it and you will have to buy another pod which comes with another adapter. They could and probably should include a spare in with the device but that doesn’t entirely solve everything. Changing a coil is somewhat faffy, you have to remove it, unscrew the adapter, find your new coil, screw that into the adapter before you prime it, and stick it back into the device. That’s not too much hassle you may say, well I agree to an extent but here’s my problem, it’s very easy to over-tighten it when you screw a coil into the adapter meaning it can be rather fiddly to remove the dead coil, especially when your fingers have e-liquid on then from removing said coil. On one coil change, the coil was stuck into the adapter and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t remove it from the base by hand and had to use pliers to liberate it. You may well have no issues with it but I thought best to mention it just incase and so you make sure you keep hold of the adapter!

Innokin Sceptre 2 pod and coils

“Before coffee, I’m up and walkin’ around but I’m not awake” - Colombo

The 0.6oHm coil comes pre-installed so I’ll start there. Now, for this coil the normal setting gives you 11.5W and the boost will give you 16.5W, so I primed it up with some Cherry Liquorice liquid and started on the normal setting. After some fiddling around with the airflow and switching between the settings, I found that my sweet spot was on the boost setting with the airflow open just a touch. This gave a decently warm vape with a nice MTL draw and plenty of flavour. It’s a really smooth draw with a good amount of vapour, a decent throat hit, and some lovely flavours coming through. Overall it’s a really enjoyable MTL vape indeed. Switching between the modes, you can definitely tell the power difference, and the airflow you can easily adjust from tight MTL to loose with just a flick of your thumb. This coil and vape has really impressed me.

Now onto the 0.5oHm coil which on the normal setting gives you 18W, and on boost gives you 20W. Loaded with Strawberry Milkshake, I gave it a whirl. I found my best settings were against with the boost and you can really choose with this coil what kind of vape you want. You can get a nice tight MTL draw from this with the airflow shut down, or you can get an equally nice RDL draw from it with the airflow fully open. I found myself using the airflow fully open for a nice restricted direct to lung vape with nice flavour, but I do wish the boost had added more than 2W to give a warmer vape, but it was still a really nice smooth vape.

Innokin Sceptre 2 and coffee

“Oh, I didn’t come to ask you any more questions. I came to arrest you” - Colombo

So, like Colombo, I must draw a conclusion and end this case now so here’s my final thoughts. The flavour, particularly from the 0.6oHm coil is really good, the boost function is really welcome, adding the airflow slider has really opened this up so you can tailor your vape, the build quality is excellent, the battery was lasting me all day, and it’s a lovely vape indeed.

However, mine had a slight buzzing when I vaped it, this may be to it being a review version so hopefully that has been sorted. It wasn’t enough to annoy me, and after a while I didn’t notice it, but it’s worth being aware. The 0.5oHm coil felt a little underpowered and I would like to have had the boost add more than 2W. My main gripe though is the adapter needed for the coils, I know it’s for them to be compatible with other devices, and making coils cross compatible is to be commended, but it just seems messy.

Colombo was a cigar smoker, he often had one in his hand, but would the Sceptre 2 convince him to vape. There’s been a murder, would he reach for a vape? Well, as you know, Colombo always gets his killer. He’s a master of working it all out forensically, piecing all the clues together, working it all out until he knows for sure who did it. There’s no loose ends with Colombo at all, he a genius! We all love him even though he’s not perfect, and that’s how I feel about the Sceptre 2, it has it’s faults, but they are minor really compared to the quality of vape.

Oh just one more thing……

I would definitely not hesitate to recommend the Sceptre 2 to anyone and in particular new vapers as this would be a fantastic device for them.

FM Out

Innokin Sceptre 2 in the wild

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