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Innokin Arcfire

Innokin step back in to the ring with a disposable killing knock out punch in the shape of the new Innokin Arcfire Pod

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Supplied by Innokin for review
Price: Around £15 UK

It feels like a long time since I’ve reviewed an Innokin device and I have missed them. They are back with the all new Arcfire pod which is on-trend with an affordable disposable killer...spoiler alert but Innokin simply nailed it.

Innokin Arcfire Pod first look

I always list the features in my reviews but this little graphic caught my eye as it a perfect ‘at a glance’ image which just sums up this little device:

Innokin Arcfire Pod features

Obviously there’s more to it than that:

  • Device Dimensions: 22.5*18.2*112.9mm (with pod)
  • Battery mAh: 650mAh
  • Minimum / Maximum Wattage: 0.8Ω Pod: 14.5W,1.2Ω Pod: 10.0W
  • Charging Current
  • 750mA/DC5.0V


Innokin are still the leaders with environmentally friendly packaging, but they have upped their game when it comes to presentation with better artwork and a more rigid box.

Innokin Arcfire Pod unboxing

The inner box slides out from the bottom, the device is held in a cardboard tray with the accessories underneath.

Innokin Arcfire Pod contents

There’s not much in the kit but it includes everything you need to get started, there is only one pod included but that’s expected for the affordable price of under 15 quid.

First Impressions and Overview

Innokin have always been elegant with their designs and the Arcfire follows suit, the simplistic shape looks sleek and the subtle styling makes it look more expensive than it is.

Innokin Arcfire Pod sleek

The light weight is impressive, especially when I realised that the main casing extrusion is metal, Aluminium alloy at a guess. I had to sacrifice one to scratch the plating off inside to double check as it felt a little like plastic due to the weight; just 36g without a pod and 45g with a full pod which is light enough for a lanyard.

Along one edge is the On/Off button along with a three LED status light embedded in a gloss black plastic cover.

Innokin Arcfire Pod smooth

The base holds the charging port and an LED ring which illuminated while vaping, it looks pretty cool as it is diffused into a soft light which is easy to cover up when stealth vaping.

Innokin Arcfire Pod charging

The branding actually brings more style than anything, it is embossed into the smooth satin finish of the body and has a nice polished look to it which catches your eye as you rotate it, but it remains subtle. It is one of those nice little touches that Innokin are renowned for.

Innokin Arcfire Pod pod fitting

The pod is a magnetic push fit, the magnets are pretty strong so it won’t fall out when stowed in your pocket/bag. It is slightly awkward to pull out though but you soon get used to it, I found gripping the narrow edges made it easier to remove.

Innokin Arcfire Pods

The pod itself is nicely shaped; the mouthpiece is one of Innokin’s most comfortable as it is very slim-line and contoured, but you do need to make sure you pop it back in the right way around as there’s a clear edge for e-liquid visibility.

Innokin Arcfire Pod filling

Filling is simple enough via a silicone bung on one side, the hole is a decent size to prevent airlocks and it make filling it right up a mess free affair.

The included pod is 1.2ohms but a 0.8ohm is also available, and for those of you lucky enough to escape the grips of the TPD bully-boy fascists, there are 3ml pods available:

  • ArcFire KS312 3ml/1.2ohm
  • ArcFire KS308 3ml/0.8ohm
  • ArcFire KS212 2ml/1.2ohm
  • ArcFire KS208 2ml/0.8ohmm

Talking of TPD (hiss, spit, spit, spit….), they are responsible for ruining the overall look of the Arcfire as there is an ugly silicone restriction bung fitted in the top of the pod which is very visible when fitted as it is right at the top.

Innokin Arcfire Pod vape ready


I was expecting a similar performance to Innokin’s Sceptre pod kit, but I was surprised to find the Arcfire was even better. Even with the 1.2ohm pod it delivers an excellent vape, the warmth was just right, the draw was smooth and it was tight enough for a proper MTL vape.

I would go as far to say that the Arcfire gave me the best MTL vape in Innokin’s line-up and it is right up there with the best of their rivals.

Innokin Arcfire when ready

The Arcfire is a true disposable killer, the flavour is better, the vape quality is better and the draw is better in my experience, and even better still; the new pods also last much longer than any other Innokin pods/coils. I was well into my 3rd 10ml bottle before I noticed any performance drop.

Innokin Arcfire Pod techno

In the hand (my 3D printed robot hand), I loved how the Arcfire felt, the rounded shape was comfortable and that On/Off button edge always felt easily accessible to check the battery status. Better still; I found it ideal for a lanyard and that’s how I used it during the review period.

Innokin Arcfire Pod mouthpiece

The 650mAh battery lasted well, especially with the included 1.2ohm pod, I was getting around 4-5ml before I needed to recharge. The charging time was okay, not the fastest as it is only 0.75 Amp but as Innokin highlighted, I could get 75% charge in 30 minutes, I ended up top-up charging for convenience.

Innokin Arcfire Pod little boxes

Innokin kindly sent a pack of 0.8ohm pods for me to try, these offer a more intense vape overall. You can pretty much add a 3rd to it, more power and more flavour but at the price of a shorter battery life. The airflow is slightly wider so I could just about get a restricted direct lung (RDL) vape from it.

I did enjoy the 0.8ohm pods but the 1.2ohm pods impressed me the most. It is difficult to describe it accurately but I felt like I was getting a similar vape to the competitions' 0.8ohm pods. They both handle 50/50 nic salts well, including sweetened ‘disposable-like’ e-liquids.

Innokin Arcfire Pod circuit complete


For me, the Arcfire is Innokin’s best device for MTL so far, I haven’t been this impressed since the original Sceptre. I preferred the hardware of the Sceptre but when you factor in the affordable price, then I think the Arcfire is quite the bargain, the vape quality is just so much better.

It is one of those devices that is good for novice and experienced vapers alike, it is simple enough for beginners and good enough for you not to ‘need’ anything more. As much as I like my adjustable wattage full control kits, I doubt I could eke out a better vape than the Arcfire already offers.

Innokin Arcfire Pod clear winner


  • High quality
  • Excellent MTL vape quality
  • Long lasting and leak-free pods
  • Light-weight and comfortable
  • Very affordable
  • Long battery life (especially with 1.2ohm pod)
  • A touch of elegance
  • It’s Innokin


  • Nasty TPD 2ml bung

It is unfortunate those killjoys at the TPD department of bullying had to ruin the overall look as the Arcfire would have been faultless otherwise, if you live in an area where you are allowed the 3ml pods then it is con-free.

Final Thoughts and Score

If you like Innokin’s elegant styling and demand the best MTL vape quality, then the Arcfire is for you. If you are looking to ditch those disposables (before they are banned) then the Arcfire is definitely for you as you will get a better vape, save a fortune and help slow down e-waste. All that aside, I am enjoying Innokin’s best MTL vape to date.

Score: 9/10 (ignoring TPD) Arcfire de Triomphe

Innokin Arcfire Pod colours



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