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GeekVape Wenax Q

There are so many fantastic pod kits around at the moment but GeekVape have gone for a classy vibe with their latest Wenax Q Pod Kit

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Supplied by TECC for review
£14.99 plus free eliquid

We all know TECC have their finger on the pulse when it comes to new and decent kits, and they were keen for us to review the GeekVape Wenax Q pod kit. Although it offers nowt in the way of innovation, I soon understood why TECC chose this kit to stock, read on to find out why I rate this classy pod.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit first look

At a Glance

  • Tank capacity: 2ml
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  • Coil resistance: 0.6ohm / 1.2ohm
  • Adjustable wattage: 5-25W
  • Dimensions: 108.9mm x 23.8mm x 13.8mm
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Flip-top fill
  • OLED screen
  • Locking Function
  • RDL to MTL


The outer sleeve is very matchy-matchy to the device and looks a bit posh, removing the outer sleeve reveals the device, a second pod, a box holding the charging cable, and an orange envelope holding the docs.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit unboxing

It’s good to see GeekVape haven’t been stingy with the pods, you get two different specs, a preinstalled 0.6ohm and a 1.2ohm pod. This gives the hint that it should offer MTL and RDL vaping. The charging cable is the usual high quality white jobby.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit contents

First Impressions and Overview

I was surprised how much I instantly liked the Wenax Q device as soon as I picked it up, it oozes class in both looks and feel. If I had to describe it in one word it would be ‘Elegant’.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit classy

Though the shape is very standard for a pod kit, it somehow feels smoother than the competition. It has been really well sculpted to be really rounded so it feels very comfortable, the chrome base cap is equally well rounded off and adds to the ergonomics.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit rounded off

So the shape already impressed me, but the subtle and classy details impressed me more. The metal body has a two tone plated finish with ultra-fine laser etching for the branding and a really fine screen and fire button surround.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit montage

You just get the feeling that the designers worked hard to keep it toned down to be as elegant as possible whilst still offering a unique style, and I for one applaud their efforts, it is one of the classiest pods I’ve seen.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit weight

The weight adds to the overall elegance, 54g isn’t the lightest but it certainly isn’t overweight, it feels just right and is light enough for a lanyard, the size is quite compact for a 1000mAh battery device; 108.9mm x 23.8mm x 13.8mm.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit details

The mouthpiece is a good compromise for RDL and MTL, it is comfortable with no hard edges and requires little effort to get a mouth-seal. The chrome base blends surprisingly well to the main body, I like that chrome trim on the base, fire button and airflow slider, it is not too much but gives it some style.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit airflow slider

The airflow adjustment slider is well engineered, the resistance is perfect as it requires a quite deliberate effort to move it but it stays in place perfectly as it doesn’t protrude too much. You can see little holes inside when fully open and no holes when fully closed for MTL, the seal is effective to get a tight MTL, and fully open with the 0.6ohm coil gives a surprisingly airy RDL.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit screen

The screen is quite small and is not the brightest, yet it is easy enough to read. You rarely need to look at it other than to check your battery level, but the LED in the button also offers battery levels.


There’s not much to learn here as there is just the Fire button to use to set the wattage, lock or reset the puff counter.

  • 5 x Fire = Turns device On
  • A further 5 x Fire = Locks Fire button (Auto-draw still works)
  • A further 5 X Fire = Turns device Off
  • 3 x Fire = Enables wattage adjustment, screen flashes, click fire button to increase wattage, round robins to decrease wattage.
  • Remove pod and long press Fire (3+ seconds) resets the puff counter

I was quite amused that the reset puff counter says P000, the device might be classy, but I isn’t!

As mentioned earlier, you can check the battery status either on screen or via the LED in the fire button.

  • RED = 0-30%
  • BLUE = 31-69%
  • GREEN = 70-100%

Charging wise, there’s something I haven’t seen before with the LED colours:

  • <25% = LED breathing RED
  • 25-49% = LED breathing WHITE
  • 50-74% = LED breathing BLUE
  • >75% = LED breathing GREEN
  • 100% = LED in steady GREEN

To me that’s far easier to glance over to see the LED than to go over and look at the screen.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit charging

Q Pods

The Wenax Q takes Q Pods (surprise surprise) which fit magnetically, the fit is precise and there’s zero play/wobble. They fit well enough to provide a proper air seal to allow the airflow adjustment to be effective.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit pod fitting

You get two different pods included, a 0.6ohm for RDL and a 1.2ohm for MTL. The pods have leak resistance built into the base which works really well, I had no leaks at all.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pods

Filling up the pod is achieved by flipping off the mouthpiece, lever it off with your thumb rather than trying to pull it off (fnarr fnarr). The fill port is to one side and has a BLACK silicone seal which accepts 10ml bottles. There’s a breather on the opposite side to prevent airlocks so I was able to fill it right up without mess.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod filling

Word of warning, I filled the 0.6ohm with 20mg nic salts, I would have been wiser using 10mg as this pod hits hard! It’s a proper RDL pod. I refilled it with 70/30 3mg as I felt it suited that better, the 1.2ohm is best for 50/50.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit with salts


Pretty much all manufacturers are on their A-game with their latest pods, GeekVape certainly brought their best with these pods! They are both fantastic, I let the Wenax Q do its own thing with auto-wattage and tweaked the airflow to my tastes, and the vape quality is right up there with the best.

I simply couldn’t fault the flavour, smooth airflow and warmth, I felt the saturation was a tad better than other pods I’ve tried which is good news for chain vaping and coil longevity, especially the 0.6ohm pod. GeekVape kick ass when it comes to RDL but usually with larger pods, such as the Boost, so I was surprised that this little pod delivered such a good RDL vape with surprising vapour production at just 25watts!

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit electronics

I was in my element with the Wenax Q, swapping pods over willy-nilly between MTL and RDL. Auto wattage meant I only needed to adjust the airflow so it was very handy. The device was a pleasure to use, the novelty of the ergonomics never wore off, and I often found myself admiring it in between vapes.

The locking function was almost essential to avoid accidental firing, but it was also more power efficient as it also turned the screen off to save power. You could still check it if you press the fire button, and the LED in the fire button still lights up when drawing.

The battery life really impressed me, especially as I was switching between RDL/MTL, it easily lasted a full working day and often overnight. It was a once a day charger for me and I’m a heavy user.

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit super styling


If you want a sleek, elegant, compact device that delivers a superb RDL and MTL vape, then the Wenax Q won’t disappoint. It feels so smooth in your hand and is the most comfortable I’ve experienced of this form factor. The subtle laser etching adds to its poshness, if I had a top five posh pods line-up, then the Wenax Q would be in it for sure.

The Wenax Q belongs in the recent class of ultra-refined pods, bugger all innovation and quite a common form factor, but the sheer refinement and highest quality vape makes it one of the best out there. I absolutely loved the colour I was randomly sent, but the rest of the colour range should have something for everyone. Pros and cons coming up, but I can tell you now that I have no cons or niggles.


  • Elegant
  • Super smooth ergonomics
  • Q Pods intense flavour
  • Equally as good for MTL and RDL
  • Adjustable airflow is very effective
  • 1000mAh battery
  • Power efficient
  • Easy top-fill
  • Leak-resistant (actually turned out to be leakproof)
  • Expensive looks for an affordable price.
  • Sonder Q cross-compatible pods


There really are none, this is a case of attention to detail and refinement.

Final Thoughts and Score

I completely forgot about the price until I got to the pros, I was so wrapped up in the posh-ness I didn’t realise it was this cheap; £14.99 with free e-liquid is a steal. TECC have come up with another winner in there stock choice.

Score: 9.5/10 – I like posh stuff I does

GeekVape Wenax Q Pod Kit posh vapes

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