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GeekVape Aegis ONE Kit

Si takes a look at the GeekVape Aegis ONE Pod Kit, a sexy little pocket rocket

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Supplied by TECC for review
£18.99 with 2 FREE E-liquids

GeekVape Aegis ONE Pod Kit boxed

It looks like the L200 has had a baby with the Aegis ONE pod kit, it has that classic Aegis styling and solid construction but in a compact pod form.

At a Glance:

  • 780mAh battery
  • 3 power settings
  • MTL airflow
  • Auto-draw or button firing
  • Top-fill pod
  • Zinc Alloy body
  • Leak-proof pod
  • 2 Amp charging
  • Dimension: W22*H116mm


The kit comes in the traditional orange and black branded packaging and, as usual, GeekVape have made it very postie proof. The outer sleeve shows the device on the front and specs and contents on the back along with the authenticity scratchy checking jobbie.

GeekVape Aegis ONE Pod Kit unboxing

A daft little thing, but GeekVape put some thought in the presentation as the little box with the USB cable looks like a little mod with a pod on it, it amused my little mind anyway.

GeekVape Aegis ONE Pod Kit contents

The contents are as basic as you would expect from a simple pod kit, the battery (mod), two different pods (0.8Ohms and 1.2Ohms), an ickle USB-C cable, a multilanguage manual, warranty card, and a battery warning card.

GeekVape Aegis ONE Pod Kit, one mod, two pods

The kit is surprisingly weighty for a pod, but it feels sturdy and should take a good bashing. Unlike most of the Aegis range, GeekVape don’t claim for it to be waterproof though. The weight with a filled pod is 64g which isn’t all that heavy, but it is for a simple pod if that makes sense?

GeekVape Aegis ONE Pod Kit two sides

The styling is as Aegis as they could make it for the shape with the c-frame and padded leather section. There’s a thin black panel on one edge which has an LED light at the bottom and a small air inlet at the top, curiously there’s a little slot underneath that but I haven’t an igloo what it’s for? (this edge is protected with a peel off film). The USB port is positioned on the bottom and is a type C 2 smp quick charging.

GeekVape Aegis ONE Pod Kit all round

Apart from the embossed ‘GEEKVAPE’ logo, the branding is minimal, in fact the name of the kit is nowhere to be seen which is very odd. The fire button is positioned on one side and is tactile to find, it feels pretty good actually with a firm short press to fire.

The Fire button also doubles up as an adjustment button, three clicks to cycle through each three-level output adjustments:

  • High – Green: 3.5V
  • Med – Blue: 3.3V
  • Low – Red: 3.1V

GeekVape Aegis ONE Pod Kit charge and go

The charging cable is pretty short but it makes it ideal for power-bank chargers. The LED pulses as it charges (RED = Low, BLUE = Medium, and GREEN = Full). the Green LED stays lit once it is fully charged.

GeekVape Aegis ONE Pod Kit pod fitting

The pod is a closed pod system and is held in place with magnets. The resistance is printed on the base of each pod. The fit is reasonably snug, and the mouthpiece pulls off for convenient top-filling.

GeekVape Aegis ONE Pod Kit pod close up

I found it really easy to fill as the mouthpiece isn’t too tight, and the filling hole is a decent size and prevents any airlocks. Replacing the mouthpiece is equally hassle free.

GeekVape Aegis ONE Pod Kit filling


Starting with the 1.2Ohm pod, the default power level was Green (3.5v). The flavour hits you straight away and the warmth was just right for me, the draw was a proper MTL one though not as tight as I would have preferred. The auto-draw was responsive and provided an instant vape, and I found no need for the fire button other than to turn it On/Off (five clicks). I know I mentioned it was quite heavy for a pod, but I really liked how it felt as a result. It just felt like a proper vape, as daft as that may sound, it was also comfortable in multiple grip positions.

Battery life was reasonable but there’s no way it would last me the claimed two days, it did last me most of a working day though. I guess the two day claim could be achieved at the lowest 3.1v setting and with less use, but you could say that about most pods. The easiest way I can put it is that the battery lasted me as long as it took to vape 3ml of nic salts on average which isn’t too shabby. Charging took around thirty minutes tops, but I soon got into the habit of top-up charging between usage.

Though there’s a narrow e-liquid visibility strip and a side window, I found it pretty hard to gauge my juice level and I found myself just pulling the pod out to view it, but it didn’t feel much hassle as it only takes a second now and then.

The 0.8Ohm pod was noticeably different, warmer, more intense and flavourful, but I found the airflow a bit looser which put me off so I soon went back to the 1.2Ohm pod. If you prefer a looser MTL draw or a very tight RDL then you may get on with the 0.8Ohm pod better.

GeekVape life


The GeekVape Aegis ONE is a very capable pod kit and I can’t fault the flavour you get from either pod. It looks and feels quality and compliments the Aegis range perfectly. The airflow could have been tighter, but it is still a clear MTL draw which I soon got used to.

There’s something about the Aegis ONE that feels a bit classy and the vape you get from it is also quality, there’s a lot to like about it if the styling and size are to your liking.


  • Aegis matching styling
  • Great flavour from both pods
  • 780mAh battery lasts well
  • 2 Amp charging is good
  • Convenient top-fill
  • Adjustable power
  • Power off ability


  • Weighty for a pod

The fixed airflow is more of a niggle rather than a con as it still gives a decent MTL draw which is a good average.

Final Thoughts

The Aegis One is the best MTL device I have tested from GeekVape. If you like the Aegis range, then you should be happy with this kit, the vape quality is superb and it feels really good to use.

Score: 9/10 – The quality MTL vape from GeekVape I’ve been waiting Aegis for.

GeekVape Aegis ONE Pod Kit pocket rocket!

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