Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit Review by Si Davies

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Fresor Slim

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit

Supplied by Aldvapor for review
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*Don’t quickly dismiss this as just another pod, it turned out to be a little cracker!

The new Fresor Slim offers far more than it looks, I think it could be the best closed pod system I have tried to date, yet it is a very basic pod system that any new vaper could get on with straight away and is a much better alternative to disposables.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit first look

The Electronic Cigarette Company
  • 2ml Replaceable Pod
  • 500mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 1.4ohm Flat Mesh Coil
  • Compact and Light-weight
  • Innovative Child Lock
  • 10 Flavours Available (Currently)
  • Clear-view Pod
  • Leak-proof

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit unboxing


The packaging is simple no-nonsense with a basic carton and a blown plastic tray which slides out to reveal the kit.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit all you need

Unusually for a closed pod kit, Fresor include a flavoured 2ml pod in the package. The flavour matched the device colour in this case; Fresh Apple.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit contents

Vape Club

It is designed to be an affordable instant vape similar to disposables BUT a much better option as the battery is rechargeable so you just replace the pod.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit not a disposable

The box is deceiving as it states ‘DISPOSABLE’ but it isn’t, as mentioned above; only the pods are disposable and the device is rechargeable, this might just be an advanced sample thing so the retail box might correct this.

First Impressions and Overview

I must admit I wasn’t too fussed about reviewing the Fresor Slim, it looks like it is something from five years ago and most of the closed pod kit’s I’ve tried use those horrible ceramic coils which taste dry, but as always I had to give it a fair crack of the whip and test it out, and I can tell you now that I was more than impressed with it.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit a closer look

Premier Ecigs

It is simple but elegant with subtle branding, I know it is an over-used cliché but it has that minimalist ‘Apple’ look and feel to it. The main body is made from zinc alloy extrusion which feels sturdy but still light weight.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit weight

It only weighs 28g with a full pod which makes it very pocket friendly, the size is pretty standard for a pod kit of this ilk; 21.1mm x 10.6mm x 113.8mm with the pod fitted, so it fits comfortably into your hand and is light enough to emulate a cigarette grip if you are that way inclined. However you hold it, it is instinctive and feels natural.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit charging

The USB-C charging port is on the base, the 500mAh took around 25 minutes to charge on average but I tended to top-up charge it as it is convenient enough, and the little included cable suits this.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit set up

The pods come in foil sealed blown plastic packs, I don’t know if mine was just a sample but it comes with a sticker stating the flavour and the nicotine strength, 20mg, which is the maximum allowed in the UK.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit pod prep

You need to remove the silicone top plug and the butt-plug (fnip fwerp) before fitting it into the battery, it takes a few seconds in all and you are ready to get vaping.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit pod fitting


The pod simply slides in and it is held in place with magnets, the fit is pretty good and feels effortless to fit and remove. There was a bit of wiggle but nothing that you noticed during use.

Now THIS feature impressed me a lot; the Child Safety Lock. It is ever so easy to do but effective as unless your child observes you doing it, they won’t be able to guess. Once activated, the device will not work until you repeat the process, the timing is important but you soon get used to it.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit child lock


This is the part which changed my opinion completely, the vape quality is just superb, the flavour bangs through instantly, and the draw tightness is just right for a ciggie-like MTL draw. By this time, I was starting to like the actual device a lot more.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit pre filled pods


Sadly I was only sent three pods due to Mr f**king postman ‘losing’ the original shipment, but the three flavours I was sent were all top quality, usually mango would be my favourite but I was actually torn as all three were equally lush. I tended to swap them around as and when I felt like a different flavour as they were all different enough to each other.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit flavours

Above is the flavour range available, I liked the sound of all of them apart from Tobacco as I am well over that horrid ashtray taste now, but I’m sure Mr Postman enjoyed the lot.

Unusually I ended up reading the brochure Ald sent along with the device as I was curious why this vape was so good, a few things stood out so I went back and photographed a couple of pages:

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit manual


Could it be the flat mesh? Could it be the cotton/wicking material? I think the coil and wicking method had a lot to do with it, as at only 1.4ohm, it punched above its weight.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit innovations

These are the innovations listed, though I am not quite sure about the ‘Fully-automated Manufacturing’ counting, and to be honest it doesn’t matter to me, well perhaps it does? Removing human error from the equation must help.

Either frikkin' way, whatever they devised just works, and works very well indeed. It is rare for me to get excited over a closed pod system but this one had me hooked and I chain vaped my way through the three pods in no time.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit model mod


It deserved to be photographed next to my 3d printed Vespa as the colour almost matched, I know I have used it in another review but I like to recycle!


The Fresor Slim is damn good, the vape quality makes it stand out from the crowd, it is better than any disposable I have tried and is easily the best closed pod system I’ve tried.

If you are looking for an easy way to quit smoking then the Fresor Slim will do the trick without a doubt, start with the tobacco and try the other flavours. One pod is about the same as a pack of 20 cancer sticks

Closed pod systems aren’t perfect though, they are wasteful in the way the pod is bin-fodder after just 2ml of e-liquid which also makes it more expensive than refillable pods, but with that said, the Fresor Slim pisses all over disposables and will likely work out cheaper as you only need to buy replacement pods.

I tend not to score closed pods or disposables but this one would be an easy 9/10 in its class.


Final Thoughts

I don’t know if you’ve seen that Netflix documentary about JUUL, but the Fresor Slim would have been their Holy Grail, everything Juul got wrong, Aldvapor got right, including their grown-up marketing.

Fresor Slim Closed Pod Kit closing shot

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 Si Davies
Article by Si Davies
Now into my 50's I smoked ciggies for most of my life, I used to smoke tailor mades for 20+ years then onto rollups for 15+ years, as much as I enjoyed smoking I was forced to quit after an operation, started vaping in 2017, managed to quit the ciggies in 4 days, plodded along vaping using local shop naff vape gear until I discovered POTV then learned so much and enjoy vaping far more than smoking.