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Freemax Onnix Kit

Freemax have carved out a reputation for producing devices that dig deep in the flavour department. Deedee takes a look at the new Freemax Onyx kit to see if it follows suit.

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Howdy all! Today we are looking at the Onnix Kit by Freemax. I have used some superb Freemax kits over the last year, for example the Circle, Maxpod and the Fireluke 22, and I loved them all, they produce some of the best coils for flavour and lets be honest, it is what they are really know for.

So how did the Onnix compare, let’s see……..

Key Features

  • Size: 26.2×16.2x109mm
  • 49.9g
  • USB Type C Charging – 1.5A charge rate
  • Pods are refillable
  • Replaceable OX coils 0.5ohm and 1.0ohm
  • Output: 8-20W – 3 power levels
  • Battery: 1100mAh (internal)
  • Button or Auto Draw activated
  • Display: LED
  • E-liquid capacity: 3.5ml or 2ml (TPD)

In the box

The kit arrived and was presented as expected, with everything you need to get going. Plus, I received their We Vape We Save stand and the normal user letter that comes with every kit being reviewed. In the box you have the coils, pod, the main device, a charging cable and the user guide

Freemax Onnix Kit contents

The Device

It’s a little larger than I was expected but not heavy and feels comfortable in the hand. Material is PCTG, Steel and Aluminium Alloy. On one side you have the Power button which is in the centre-ish, the Freemax logo written at the bottom with the Led light just underneath, all nice and neat. On the opposite side ONNIX is written all the way down in big letters, have to say I am not of fan of this type of branding at all, it’s very in your face, personally they could have used this area for something else or left it blank or even had done more subtle lettering.

Anyway, that does not affect how the kit functions in anyway. The LED dictates Power level and Battery level. The button is the normal 5 clicks on and off, 3 clicks to change the power level, 4 clicks to lock the fire button but still allows auto draw (I always like that feature) When in use the LED lights up to indicate the current battery level which is 71-100 Green, 36-70 Blue and 0-25 Red

On one side you have a rather large air hole and on the other the Airflow adjustment slider.

Freemax Onnix Kit montage

The Pods and Coils

Whilst it’s a Pod, it does utilise external coils. The kit comes with three coils (specs as follows):

  • RDL Coil - 0.5Ω is SS904L mesh coil with tea fibre cotton. Power delivery on this depends on which power setting you select:
    • 16W (red)
    • 18W (blue)
    • 20W (green)
  • MTL Coil - 1.0Ω is a kanthal dual vertical coil and again it uses fibre cotton. Power delivery on this depends on which power setting you select:
    • 9W (red)
    • 11W (blue)
    • 13W (green)

It’s a tad strange as when you press through the levels they are in reverse with highest to lowest, it is not an issue just different to the normal and there is nothing wrong with being different!

The pod itself sits well in the device, held strong by the magnets, and it doesn’t matter which way round you insert it. It has a generous fill hole with a silicone bung on the side.

Freemax Onnix Kit pod close ups

In use

The 0.5ohm coil is pre-installed but as a true MTL kind of gal, I started with the 1.0ohm coil. Added some Just Jam on Toast 10mg Nic salts, gave it a good 10mins like a good girl that has patience (unless I’m in the car and someone is driving Miss Daisy in front of me, then my patience just seems to run off) anyway I digress, I set the power to red with the airflow wide open and I was a little disappointed. Closing the airflow helped hugely though. I made my way through the three power settings and honestly, there was not a big difference between them. I settled on the max power green, closed down the airflow fully and that was much better and it was where I stayed. I would class this a medium (4 on the DD-Drawometer) so not a tight draw, but the flavour was outstanding, I cannot deny that, and after about an hour you just kind of get used to the slightly wider airflow. It's weird how you adapt so quickly huh? So, I spent most of my time with this coil on full power and the airflow closed, that was the best MTL I was going to get from this and I vaped away happily. If you open up the airflow, you get a much looser/airier MTL vape. Coil life is good, it lasted me around eight days with average daily use.

I also tried the 0.5ohm coil with some 70/30 Prime Vapes Pink Burst, again primed the coil, set it at red with the airflow open, and it was nice. I was not disappointed on this level but wanted a bit more so I pushed it up to green but left the airflow open. At this setting the flavour was even better, but it was a bit warmer. I then closed off the airflow completely, but it was too warm for me, verging on uncomfortable if I’m honest. It was better on the blue setting with the airflow half closed and I was able to get a MTL draw. My preference was the 1.0ohm coil without a doubt, but that generally is more like my preferred resistance anyway. I rarely used the power button with auto draw being my favourite way to vape, and it worked very well.

Freemax Onnix Kit in action

Top 5 pros for me

  • Flavour
  • Ease of use
  • Good battery life for 1.ohm coil especially
  • Effective AF slider
  • Comfortable mouthpiece


  • Branding too much
  • Loose MTL
  • Not a big difference between power levels
  • 0.5ohm on the warm side

DeeDee’s scoring: 8/10

Ease of use: 9/10

Build Quality: 9/10

Flavour: 8.5/10

Design/Styling: 7.5/10

So, my final thoughts on this, it’s nice kit, with good flavour, and good battery for the size of the device. If only the MTL was slightly tighter, it would have scored a touch higher. This would suit anyone that likes a looser MTL or a good RDL. Freemax know how to make good tasty coils, that’s for sure! Thank you to Tina at Freemax for sending this in for review, and thank you for reading it!

Freemax Onnix Kit charging

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