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FEELM are pushing the boundaries again with an innovative new take on disposable vapes

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Supplied by FEELM for review
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FEELM were excited for us to test out their latest product; the FEELM Max disposable pod. There’s quite a bit of science going on inside this little pod system and as a result, they bring something quite unique to the vaping scene. I could prattle on about all the technical bumf but I doubt I could explain it as easily as their own website does, so it is worth you taking a look:

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of research and scientific claims, most of which admittedly went over my head, but a few things stood out:

  • Cottonless
  • Ceramic coil
  • 78% less impurities in the coil
  • 30% more puffs
  • Constant vapour consistency
  • Less oral residue

But again, take a nose at the official website as even my list doesn’t really explain much. The main takeaway I got was the no cotton ceramic coil and the rest seemed to explain why that’s better than the usual cotton and metal coils.


I was only sent the sample tester presentation package so I’m unsure what the retail packaging will be like, I suspect it will be in the fancy little tubes, but here’s what I received:

FEELM Max presentation pack

Very posh, eh? Like an expensive aftershave presentation box. Inside there were just three Feelm Max’s, I’m glad this is purely for testers only as the waste struck me as overkill for just three disposables, but I’m all for upcycling so I’m sure I will find a suitable use for it.

FEELM Max Berry Ice

As for the tubes they come in, I was quite impressed. Firstly they are cellophane sealed which is easy to remove, then the actual tube is thin but strong and they look excellent. They also double up as a perfect seal due to the end bungs.

FEELM Max tube

Each bung fits into both ends to maintain the freshness and keep the device inactive, so as soon as you remove the device, it is good to go.

FEELM Max ready to vape

I’m a little torn about the plastic tube though, I fear most users will simply bin it and since the Feelm Max is disposable, it all adds to the overall waste, had it not been for the printed sleeve it would have made a cracking little storage tube for my electronic components etc. but I will still reuse them though and whack a label around the tube.

FEELM Max three flavours

Onto the actual device; I really liked the design and feel of it, everything is colour coordinated and looks quite classy, even the branding is discreet. A tiny detail of the gold ring makes it look just that bit classier, as far as disposables go, I appreciated that it doesn’t look like a toy or is aimed at younger audiences, it looks and feels grown up.

FEELM Max top and bottom

The base cap has a curious knurling to it as if it’s meant to be turned or unscrewed, but it is fixed solid, there’s an LED light underneath which illuminates the colour of the cap. The airflow comes in through the centre of the disc so it’s difficult to accidently block. The whistle shaped mouthpiece is just right, it’s very comfortable and seals in your mouth quite well.

FEELM Max Kyoho Grape

There’s not much else to say other than to crack on with the important part; the performance…

If you have never tried ceramic coils before then it will feel a little alien to you. I have tried quite a few different ones and I’m not a fan of ceramic, it has a bit of a weird aftertaste and often feels a bit dry, BUT Feelm appear to have cracked it with this one, the Max immediately felt far better than any ceramic vape I have tried and the vape it produced was super smooth. The flavour was really nice too and the e-liquid choice was better than the ‘normal’ disposables as it was nowhere near as sweet which was quite refreshing.

FEELM Max ready, set, go

I only had three flavours to try but I couldn’t help but feel they were all a bit more grown-up for want of a better word, one of my biggest gripes with disposables is the youth attractive sweety flavours that clearly attract underage users, but these felt adult and a bit more refined.

I enjoyed using the actual device, the compact size fitted into my hand nicely and I could stealth vape it if I covered the LED base. The actual vapour produced seemed different to me, it dissipated quite quickly, and I’m all for that! No vapour hanging around or spreading to non-vapers has to be a good thing.

As for all the scientific numbers and claims, I can’t accurately verify any of them, but I took another visit to the website and found myself agreeing with most of it, it was then I noticed the ‘Particle Size’ which explained a lot, this was why I found it so smooth with a finer vapour production.

FEELM Max podium finish


Without a doubt, the FEELM MAX is the best ceramic coil vape I have tried, and if I’m honest it is also the only one I have actually preferred over ‘normal’ vapes as it offers a completely different vaping experience. They use the word ‘Silky’ in the description and that’s probably the best single word I could sum it up with. The flavours were refined and not over-sweetened which makes them stand out from pretty much all the other disposables.

I couldn’t verify the ‘30%’ more puffs but I soon demolished them, disposables always feel like they end too soon but the Max lets you finish off all the e-liquid, every single drop, and the visibility helped you see how much is left.

Hopefully Feelm will at least produce closed pod versions where you keep the battery and replace prefilled pods.

FEELM Max the future

Final Thoughts

I can now see why FEELM were so keen for us to test out the new Max disposables, initially I was dreading them due to the ceramic coil, but FEELM have developed this technology into a ceramic that rivals traditional coils and betters them in a few ways, I will sum up the experience into the following:


  • Silky smooth draw throughout
  • Silky vapour production
  • Grown-up flavours
  • Quality hardware
  • First ceramic I’ve actually enjoyed
  • Innovative


  • It is disposable
  • Far too good to throw away

FEELM Max a new type of vape

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