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Eleaf P100

We take a look at the Eleaf P100 pod/mod kit, a cloud chucking mini beast of a kit for all you direct lung junkies

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The iStick P100 is a high capacity in built battery pod/mod aimed at DL users, but new and existing vapers should find this kit pretty handy.

Eleaf iStick P100 top

I have been using Eleaf products right from the start of my vaping journey, in fact I am still using my original Pico Grande. The one thing that has remained consistent with Eleaf is that they build solid quality mods which generally last you years. Even the inbuilt battery mods (which in theory are disposable) just last.


The iStick P100 kit comes in the traditional Eleaf packaging, sturdy and good quality.

Eleaf iStick P100 boxed

It has an outer sleeve wrapped around a white two piece box, on the top later is the actual pod/mod.

Eleaf iStick P100 unboxed

Underneath this are the accessories, the kit includes:

  • 1 x iStick P100 mod
  • 1 x iStick P100 pod
  • 2 x GZ coils
  • 1 x USB-C cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty card

Eleaf iStick P100 contents

There are two different GZ coils for you to try, 0.2ohm and 0.4ohm mesh coils, both look a decent size and the wicking ports are nice and large.

First impressions

There’s no surprise that the iStick P100 looks and feels solid, but it was far more compact than I was expecting which is impressive for the 3400mAh battery capacity. It feels pretty heavy but not overly so, and in the hand it feels surprisingly comfortable. What appear to be hard edges feel smooth, and it sits quite comfortably in your grip.

Powering it up for the first time is pleasing, the screen looks superb, bright with dual colour display and the resolution is really vivid, it’s the best screen I have seen on an Eleaf device. Overall, first impressions were very positive.

Eleaf iStick P100 all angles

The styling is quite classical and no nonsense, there’s nothing game-changing and everything is sensibly placed. The branding is pleasingly subtle which only adds to the classy look the P100 has overall, there’s something about the styling which simply says ‘Eleaf’, I mean that in a good way.

Eleaf iStick P100 with pod

The pod is pretty large but those nasty TPD bastards mean that Eleaf had to stuff it with silicone to reduce it to 2ml and it looks horrible as a result. Fortunately the design hides the pod really nicely inside the chassis so you don’t see the silicone while in use.

Eleaf iStick P100 pod and coils

The pod itself is well designed and convenient with side filling so you never need to remove the ugly silicone filled pod to fill it up, though the silicone makes filling a little tricky to see so I ended up taking it out to fill while I got used to it. The coils are plug-and-play, and once fitted the bottom protrudes a fair bit which leads you to believe that this should be very airy.

The drip tip is really nice, the shape is so comfortable when vaping and you can rotate it to suit your preferred style, and it is a removable 510 size so you can also fit your own though it needs to be a small diameter to match it.

Don’t (bother to) Try This At Home

Once I had finished testing the P100 for the review I decided to try and hack the silicone out of the pod, this turned out to be a nightmare. I couldn’t see a way of splitting the base without snapping something so I just tried to stab and tug at the silicone. It wasn’t coming out without a proper fight and very nearly defeated me, but with some persistence and a lot of time I eventually got it all out but I scratched the inside of the pod quite a lot – overall I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you really need to, it’s less hassle to simply buy a larger capacity pod.

Eleaf iStick P100 modification

That said, the full capacity made this kit far more useful, obviously it lasts longer but you can also see your juice level more easily and it makes filling it up easier too.

Eleaf iStick P100 with manabush

Menu and navigation

As a pod/mod, the chipset and menu on the P100 offers all that you need, but if you use a 510 adaptor you might find it lacking though as it’s a variable wattage only mod with no TC, Bypass or Pre-heats. As a pod kit, then there’s just enough and pretty simple to operate.

Eleaf iStick P100 controls

The puff history is pretty natty, probably more useful for novice vapers wishing to see how they are getting on. I had a play with it but I doubt I will ever use it again. The main things for me are the locking, power on/off and the colour scheme, but I do appreciate the option to turn the screen off as it would be very handy to conserve battery life.

I really love the screen, not only is it stylish, crisp and easy to read, there’s a groovy animation during vaping. The centre graphic dances around (a bit like an audio animation), though in reality it is of no use and it’s not like you can see the screen when you are vaping, it's a bit of a gimmick.

The buttons feel nice, the fire button has a smooth click which is just right, and the adjustment buttons have an even better feel to them, almost a mechanical click. The downside to all three buttons is they are quite soft so pocket firing/adjustments will be an issue, so locking and turning the device off when stowed in your pocket or bag will be a must.


Having already tested the already superb 0.2Ω coil, I was keen to try the 0.4Ω, so I started off with this and I wasn’t disappointed, Eleaf coils have come a long way recently which I am glad about. As much as I loved their no nonsense, classy mods, I always found their coils lacking in flavour. Both the coils in this kit are fantastic, they offer superb flavour and, more importantly, they last a long time.

As much as I liked the 0.4Ω coil, I did prefer the heavy hitting 0.2Ω option for a more intense cloud belching vape, though the 2ml TPD capacity was annoying as it’s quite thirsty. I would choose the 0.4Ω option for longer trips where battery life is more important.

The airflow is a proper sub-ohm DL draw, very airy indeed. I had hoped that I could use the 0.4Ω coil for RDL (Restricted Direct Lung) but this simply wasn’t possible, the P100 is a one trick pony when it comes to airflow which is a shame, but if you like a full on open airflow then the P100 should satisfy you.

There was a slight lag waking up the screen when vaping but it still fired instantly which was pretty good, I had no issues at all when I picked it up to vape and always fired straight away, with mesh there’s no need for pre-heats, despite the lack of functions the P100 simply did all that you need when using the pod.

One of the biggest pros with the P100 is the superb battery capacity and this made this kit one of the best DL pods for a full day vaping, I used it moderately and I was just into day 3 before it needed recharging, I would easily trust the P100 for a full days heavy use, something I would usually use a dual cell mod/tank for as most sub-ohm pods simply don’t last the day.

Charging is relative to the capacity but it charges nice and fast with its proper 2amp usb-C fast charging. A full charge took around one hour, but my daily charge was around 30-40 minutes which is really impressive. I have pods with half the capacity which take this long to charge, a big pro there. The charging display only offers percentage though, and it would have been nice to see ‘time remaining’.

There’s not much more to say with the performance, everything it does, it does it well and better still, it does it for longer.


Though the iStick is a bit of a one-trick-pony, I think that it could be one of its biggest strengths rather than a jack of all trades – master of none. It’s a sub-ohm DL cloud chucking flavourful device with a superb battery life to satisfy your daily needs. The 2ml TPD capacity will piss off a lot of users (especially with the thirsty 0.2Ω coil), so I highly recommend you get a larger capacity pod.

As a mod only (using the optional 510 adaptor), you might find it lacking due to it being a simple wattage only device, but as long as you pair it up with a suitable tank, I still think it’s a good option.


  • 3400mAh internal battery.
  • 2 Amp usb-C fast charging.
  • Classy styling with subtle branding.
  • GZ Coils are Eleaf’s best yet.
  • Full on DL airflow.
  • Superb screen.


  • Airflow isn’t adjustable.
  • TPD pod is awful (not Eleaf’s fault).
  • Limited functionality mod.

Final Thoughts

The iStick P100 is a very capable DL sub-ohm pod/mod and is perfect for a long day’s use. Turning the screen off lasts even longer. There’s zero innovation here, but if you’re an Eleaf fan and are looking for a classy classic, then I can’t see any reason that the P100 will disappoint. It’s simply a superb, solid bit of kit despite its limitations.

Score: 8/10 – Heavy hitting DL Pod/Mod

(Would have scored a 9/10 with adjustable airflow)

Eleaf iStick P100 with the coconut Divergent

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