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Aspire Tekno

UK Aspire Vendor have sent us the new Tekno (tekno tekno tekno) Pod Kit for review and we check it out to see if there's no limits

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Aspire Tekno Pod Kit

What do we have here?? Well it’s a new Aspire Tekno Pod kit from the wonderful team at UK Aspire Vendor! I say wonderful because they truly are. For this review, I had some questions so I spoke to Ian and he was a great to talk to, knew his stuff and continued to show UK Aspire Vendor as a friendly, knowledgeable and professional company!

Key Features

  • Type-C Quick Charge
  • Adjustable Wattage: 1-30W
  • Internal 1300 mAh battery
  • Side Airflow Adjustment
  • AVP Pro and BP Coil compatible
  • 5 colours available
  • 0.69 OLED Display

In the box

Opening the box, straight away I was in love with the design and colour. To me it’s like an 80s retro tracksuit and I love me some retro! As you can see, you get a decent size type-C charging cable, its actually 53cm long unlike those piddly 10cm ones! Also included is the AVP Pod with the 0.65ohm Pro Mesh Coil, a BP Pod with the 1.0ohm coil, the main device, and a user manual. This is a SAMPLE box so it will probably look a little different on the retail version (as in the packaging).

I have previously used this coils in the AVP Cube kit and the Aspire Onixx Kit so I know what the coils can deliver and knew I was probably going to like this, but as we know there is so much more to the kit than the coils, so how did it do in comparison?

Aspire Tekno Pod Kit unboxing

In Use

Ok let’s start with the pods. The BP pod has a capacity of 3.5ml/2ml tpd and the BP has 3ml/2ml tpd. Each pod is clearly marked to show which pod, it has either AVP or BP POD written on the front. The coils are changeable which I know is a big tick for many POD users and is so much better for the environment. The pod itself is ever so slightly dark but you can clearly see through them to check the liquid level, so I had no issues there. They both have the bottom push to fill mechanism and two small magnets. The pods fit nicely in the device, and level up with the side airflow slider. Both coils slip in well to the relevant pods and I had no leaking on any of the coils. I will get to the flavour and coils in a little while.

Aspire Tekno Pods

So, on to the device. Well you know I like the colour and style, but how does it feel and is it easy to use?

It is a nice, simple device, but the fact you have the LED screen is a massive thumbs up from me. You have the main fire button and then underneath the screen you have the action (control) button. Here is how it works:

  • The usual 5 clicks on and off via the fire button
  • Hold the fire button and action button at the same time to lock or unlock the device
  • Click the fire button 3 times to move through modes: A is auto draw, B is button mode and AB is both. It will show up on the screen when you change the modes but it doesn’t stay on the screen, it just flashes up so you know what you have selected
  • Pressing the action button once lights up the screen then you can continue to push it to move through the wattage. It round robins from 1-30 watts

The LED screen will show you the battery level, resistance of the coil, volts and wattage. Let’s be honest, what else do you need!

Aspire Tekno Pod Kit close ups

The coils

Whilst it came with two coils, one from each range, you can use the complete range of available coils. This means you have a great selection to chose from depending on your tastes.

I started off with the BP 1.0ohm (of course!). This is recommended between 10-16W. I started at 10W with the airflow half open, flavour was muted so I increased in 1W increments until I reached 14W. For me, that was very good. The flavour from this coil is outstanding and with the airflow at 3/4 closed, it was impressive. It is a very decent tightish mtl draw. You could of course close it more, but for me between halfway and 3/4 worked superbly. I used two different 50/50 juices in this and the coil kept on going for a good couple of weeks with heavy usage. I love this coil, loved it before and still love it now. If you fully open the airflow, you can get a nice RDL too as I did try it without salts, but it comes to life for me as MTL.

The 0.65ohm AVP pro is also a very good addition, recommended to be used between 15-25W. I used this with both 70/30 and 50/50 e-liquid, and I was comfortably able to DL, RDTL and MTL. It's very versatile. Fully open, you get a lovely tasty draw, but maybe not a massive cloud chucker and it is slightly restrictive. I stuck to around 23 watts and mainly vaped RDTL with the airflow half open. With it nearly closed, you also get a delightful mtl draw, slightly warmer but still comfortable and yummy. I did not use this coil as much, but I have used it off and on for around three weeks and it still wicks well and has great flavour.

Aspire Tekno Pod condensation

Top 5 pros for me

  • Exceptional quality
  • Both coil range are superb, you can use the complete AVP and BP coil range
  • 2 pods to cater for 2 different coils and love the spring type fill port
  • Nice clear display
  • Battery – 1300mAh!
  • USB-C – charges faster and has passthrough
  • NO Leaks at all


  • The pod mouthpiece is slightly on the thicker side
  • Airflow slider can be temperamental

DeeDee’s scoring: 9/10

Ease of use: 8.5/10

Flavour: 9/10

Design/Quality: 8.5/10 


Currently you can pre-order the Aspire Tekno for £32.99.

Thank you again to UK Aspire Vendor for allowing me to review this super little pod kit. I think any vaper would find this a joy to use whether you are a newbie or have lots of experience.

Aspire Tekno Pod Kit ready to go

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