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Aspire finixx

We are taking a look at the Aspire finixx, courtesy of UKAspireVendor!

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Thanks to UKAspireVendor for supplying the following kit for review.

In the box

The kit comes in a sleeved box with Aspire branding and shows the kit colour on the front and contents list on the rear. On the sides is the scratch/verify sticker and compliance marks. Remove the sleeve, and the mod and tank are mounted in a foam cut out, underneath which is another tray with two supplied coils, a usb-C lead and a multilanguage manual.

Aspire Finixx Kit box and contents

Mod Tech specs

  • Size: 128 x 42 x 27mm
  • Weight: 173g
  • Material: Liquid silicon and Zinc alloy
  • Output modes: Auto/VV/VW/Bypass/TC/TCR/CPS
  • Output Wattage: 1-80W
  • Output Voltage: 0.5-8.4V
  • Supported resistance: 0.1-3.5Ω
  • 0.96” TFT colour screen
  • Type C charging port
  • 18650 compatible

Tank specs

  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Capacity: 2ml (TPD)
  • Material: Nylon PA12 and SS
  • Coils: 0.17Ω & 0.3Ω BP mesh coils (supplied)
  • Compatible with all BP coils and BP RBA head
  • Bottom filling

Available in four colours, sandstone grey, gunmetal, jet black, and quicksilver

The Mod

The kit I received was the sandstone grey version, and I like the feel of the lightly textured finish, smooth without being slippery and not uncomfortable in the hand. The liquid silicon(?) grip actually feels like vinyl and has a fish scale pattern embossed apparently to represent “Koinobori”, a symbol of hope in Japanese culture. On top is an SS 24mm 510 plate, held by three screws, and a sprung 510 pin. The front face is black with a large rectangular fire button, a 0.96” screen below, and a three button setup designed to look like a 3D square. At the bottom is the usb-C charge/data socket. On the base is a screw cap for the battery compartment with enough room to grip the centre bar to screw/unscrew. The centre bar is slotted so a coin can be used. Branding is subtle with Aspire and Finixx on either side in a silk type finish to contrast with the main coating.

Turning on/off is the usual five clicks on the fire button. The menu is accessed by holding the top square button down until the screen shows the menu list. Navigation is by either the left (-) or right (+) buttons and the top button to select. The Auto feature will set the mods wattage dependent on coil fitted, and there’s a handy suggested wattage range displayed on the screen. The rest of the options, VW, VV, Bypass, TC/TCR and CPS, are all accessed via Mode. TC/TCR has SS, Ni and Ti profiles, and there are three memory slots for entering your own CSVs. Unfortunately the screen font is so small the only readable info is the battery graphic and watts, so this extra info is lost. I tried both sets of glasses I use and still had to resort to a magnifying glass to check Ohms. Adjusting screen brightness or colour (five available) did absolutely nothing to improve the screen readability. Fortunately the menu screens are easier to read should you want to change any parameters. Although not recommended, usb-C charging works well and the screen shows battery % and time remaining with a charge from 20% taking around 1hr 20min. The mod stayed cool throughout.

Aspire Finixx Kit close ups

Finixx pod tank

The pod tank, taking its format from PnP style base/tank combos, is nylon PA12 (food safe). It is smoked grey so the juice level can be seen quite easily. On the supplied 2ml tank, there is a bung inserted to limit capacity. On top, the drip tip is a 510 so can be swapped for one of your choice, and is decent for a pod. The pod is held on the base by three magnets and there’s little to no movement and it stayed in place on the shake test. The base has two largish airflow holes that can be adjusted with the AFC ring. Inside the base is a ring plate to connect to the magnets, a centre pin, and contacts for the coil. Filling is done by removing the silicon bung in the base to reveal a decent size hole that allows air out while filling. Two coils are supplied, 0.17Ω and 0.3Ω BP coils. I primed and fitted the 0.3Ω coil and filled the tank. With the pod popped onto the base and screwed onto the mod, I gave it a few minutes before trying. Suggested wattage range for this coil is 30-40W, so being the cautious type, I started at 25W before stepping it up to 35W. Airflow set wide open resulted in a cloudy vape but it was weak on flavour. At 40W flavour improved, but above this wicking felt like it was struggling to keep up. Dropping to 35W and closing airflow resulted in a much better, more satisfying, enjoyable vape. Using Auto, the mod sets the wattage to 35W so it does a good job on the recommendation. Swapping to the 0.17Ω and Auto recommends 45W, and again this was pretty much spot on giving good flavour and clouds. On both coils with airflow fully open, it's a semi restricted DL but is smooth and quiet. Closing it down to half, and it is still a very nice vape and is not noisy. Fully closed, it becomes a tight draw and I can see this working well with the 1.0Ω BP coil for the MTL vaper.

Aspire Finixx Kit pod and coils


The Finixx mod is a well-built, solid device. The two material finish works well together, and the screen is bright enough to read. The button placement and response is good. Battery life has been decent but then you are only running around half its max power. The downside for me on the mod was the overpopulated screen and very small font used, and the screw in battery cap can be a fiddle to catch the threads properly.

The tank is just another PnP styled system saved to some extent by decent stock coils. There was no leaking in the time I used it, which included it being left with a full tank for 24hrs. The tank does its job, but the 2ml capacity was extremely annoying as I could vape it dry in 20-25min with both coils, so you’ll be constantly refilling which will put wear and tear on the silicon bung. At the time of writing, I haven’t been able to source a non TPD tank, and the silicon bung fitted in the top half of the tank has, so far, resisted all attempts to completely remove, it‘s breaking off in pieces but has remained stubborn to date. Fortunately, with a 510 connection your favourite tank can be swapped in.

Thank you for reading and more info and prices can be found at UK Aspire Vendor

Aspire Finixx Kit boxed

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