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Freakshow Tiny TC 60W Box Mod

New from Wotofo the Freakshow Tiny Temperature Control Box Mod. This devices offers up to 60W of power and is both stylish and discrete. Importantly this device is Wotofo's first entry into the temperature control mod market.

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Freakshow Tiny Temperature Control Box Mod

The Freakshow Tiny TC is an all-new 100% authentic box mod by WOTOFO! Packing 60watts of power using a single 18650 this is by far one of the smallest and most comfortable compact box mods we've used to date. Not only does it have an outstanding form factor, this little beauty look brilliant! With a completely original look, and a black and red finish, and huge comfy fire button. No more fumbling for the button, or sore thumbs.

The Freakshow Tiny TC features full temperature control with modes for all types of temperature coils, including Titanium and Nickle. The build quality on the Freakshow Tiny is brilliant with butter smooth threads, flawless paint job and machining, makes this a truly outstanding mod which will fit in any collection!

The Freakshow Tiny is the latest entry in the world of Temperature-Controlled box mods. This is Wotofo’s first digital APV mod and clocks in with 60 watts of power, with support for Ni200, Titanium, and Platinum coils. This is a very compact box perfect for busy vapers. It uses a single 18650 battery which is sold separately, and features a spring-loaded brass 510 pin for maximum compatibility with a wide range of TC-ready atomizers.

The Freakshow Tiny Temperature Control Box Mod marks Wotofo’s first entry into the temperature control device market.

Freakshow Tiny TC features

  • An authentic temperature control box mod by Wotofo
  • Requires 1x 18650 battery
  • Micro USB port for firmware updates
  • Brass manual adjustable 510 connection
  • True Temp Control with 60W of Power
  • Additional Reverse Voltage Protection
  • Over Temp Protection
  • OCP High-Safety Function
  • Small Size 46x23x84mm
  • Variable Voltage 0.25 – 9.0V
  • Variable Wattage 5 – 60W
  • 20-Second Cut-Off (other box mods shut off at 10 seconds)
  • Supports four kinds of wire: Kanthal, Nickel, Titanium and Platinum
  • Temp Control Range: 200-600°F/ 90-315°C
  • Temp Control Resistance Range: 0.1ohm – 1.0ohm – (Ni200 and Titanium wire)
  • Power Mode Resistance Range: 0.3ohm – 2.5ohm – (other common wire builds)
  • Currently available in black and red but more colours are apparently on the way

What’s in the box?

  • Freakshow Tiny TC 60W Box Mod
  • Micro USB cable
  • User Manual

Freakshow Tiny TC styling and build quality

In terms of overall looks the Freakshow Tiny is quite a stylish and compact mod. The mod is coated in a rubberised finish that is very similar to the Sigelei 150W TC. The main body of the mod is black but both side panels have a red finish which really makes for quite an eye catching device.

The 510 pin is described by the majority of vendors as spring loaded but that is not the case. The pin can be adjusted by using a flathead screwdriver, personally I think it should have been spring loaded.

The main fire button does protrude outward slightly but it feels really nice to use and because that part of the mod is sloped it makes it very comfortable. The fire button is rattle free as are the plus and minus buttons.

The Freakshow Tiny features a very large and clear display and is one of the best I have come across because it is very bright. All the typical information is displayed showing Wattage/Temperature, Resistance, Voltage and Battery Level.

The Micro USB port which is designed for firmware updates is located below the plus and minus buttons which means you can leave the mod upright when performing any updates.

At the bottom of the device is the battery compartment lid. It is a very similar type to the one on the SX Mini M Class and requires the use of a coin to open. I actually tried to open it with several coins and I still couldn’t get into it. In the end I used the flat ended join of a pair of tweezers which did the trick, I guess a flat ended screwdriver would also suffice. Considering that most battery compartments have magnetic lids these days I do find this to be something of a slight let down.

The battery goes in with the positive contact facing up and while the battery lid isn’t what I’d call convenient it does screw in easily enough. The threading itself looks decent enough so it should hopefully last.

The battery compartment lid has four venting holes that are approximately 3mm in diameter.

In terms of overall build the Freakshow Tiny has a nice weight to it without feeling heavy. It is very sturdy and well put together and the rubberised finish makes for a good grip. The form factor is highly impressive and the whole device fits into the palm of my hand. For anyone after a discrete mod then the Freakshow Tiny is probably ideal.

Ease of use

After inserting a battery five clicks powers on the device. Please note that this device cannot be switched off like other mods and just goes into sleep mode when you are not using it.

The device can be locked by clicking the fire button three times and requires a further three clicks to unlock.

If you click the fire button five times it brings up the menu which has quite a few options. You can select between Wattage/Temperature modes as well as flip the display or select the wire type. There is also a vaping time option which lets you reduce the cut-off time which is set to a default of 20 seconds. You can also switch the temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The menu is easily navigated with the plus/minus button and you use the main fire button to select an option.

One problem I did run into was the fact that not all my tanks would work when screwed on and the 510 pin had to be manually adjusted for each of them. In order to get my Squape RS to work I had to adjust the pin a great deal and this resulted in a rather large gap between the tank and the mod. I had the exact same issue with my Rose V2-S.

The Kayfun Lite Plus fitted perfectly without issues. The Sapor RDA also presented no problems which is not surprising since it is a Wotofo product. I was left with the feeling that the adjustable pin was a bit annoying and I still believe that a spring loaded pin would have been far better.

The device does display the typical “New Atomizer up, same down” message that we are probably all used to by now.

Freakshow Tiny TC performance

I have no idea what chip Wotofo have used but it does seem to be very accurate when it comes to detecting resistance. When using Kanthal coils the device works exactly like you would expect and delivers up to 60W of power. I tried my Squape RS, my Kayfun Lite and a Sapor RDA and all of them functioned properly. The Squape RS did require me to adjust the Freakshow Tiny’s pin as previously mentioned.

I then tried the devices temperature control mode using my Freemax Starre Pro. The Freakshow Tiny does not allow you to adjust the wattage when vaping in temperature control mode and while that is a slight negative for me it was a very comparable vape at 250°C to my Sigelei 150W TC and my iPV4S so I don’t think it’s a major issue. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be a resistance lock for temperature control but the Freakshow seems to do a very good job of recognising the atomizer resistance.

One thing I really do like about this device it that there is no weird pulsing or long ramp up times when using temperature control. Do keep in mind that there is sometimes a slight delay when the mod goes into sleep mode and you hit the fire button for the first time.

I haven’t tried a Titanium coil with this device but I don’t see any reason why it should present any problems. If I had experienced any major issues with temperature control then it would have already been apparent. The Freakshow Tiny also supports Platinum wire but I cannot test that since I don’t have any or even know of any coils that use it at this moment in time.

Battery life seems very typical of a single 18650 device with temperature control definitely running the battery down faster. How long the battery lasts you will depend on your coil’s resistance, the amount of power used and how often you vape.


An excellent device with a great form factor. The only real negatives for me are the battery compartment which should be simpler to access and the lack of a spring loaded 510 pin. Visually it is a nice looking device with a good feel to it. The display is truly excellent and Wotofo have worked wonders in making it so bright and easy to read. This device is a solid first effort from Wotofo and it will be interesting to see what they come up with in the future.

The Freakshow Tiny is priced at £69.99 from Greyhaze. Many thanks to Grey Haze who kindly sent this device to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

For your chance to win this device along with a Sapor RDA to use with it please check out our competition.

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