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Vapemaven King Shortfills

It is always exciting to see a new juice maker enter the market, so we were very much looking forward to trying the new Vapemaven King range of shortfills

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Welcome to another Planet of the Vapes juice review, and this time we have a brand new company that is aiming to take the vaping UK scene by storm. They are called Vapemaven.


You would be forgiven for not hearing about Vapemaven before, they are a brand new company that was founded this year by a group of vaping enthusiasts that aim to go the extra mile for their customers. Vapemaven plan to match bespoke customer service with high quality products to stand out from the rest in a crowded market. Popping over to their website, and I must admit they are certainly trying to provide that service for customers already. Packing both a battery safety guide and a vaping starters guide, it isn’t just about the products they want to sell you but they really want to help you out if you are a new vaper. Their main range of e-liquids is their King Range, which consists of a choice of 30 flavours, including sweet, drink and tobacco. There really is something for everyone to choose from on the site. They have many great multibuy deals, but the individual bottles are just £8.99 for 100ml.


So, onto the review. The flavours we will be looking at today are the Strawberry Jam, Donuts and Mango. All bottles come in 70/30 vg/pg, and are nicotine free but I added nicshots to make them up to 3mg. For the purposes of this review, I used them in both the Smok TFV16 and Falcon 2 tanks to gauge the low and high powered sub Ohm performance. So, without further ado, let’s take a dive into Vapemaven Kings shortfill range.

Vapemaven King Full range


Strawberry Jam


"Strawberry Jam is an e-juice that delivers a fresh fruit mixture that includes sugary and savoury tones. The succulent Strawberry is meticulously combines with a creamy butter packed inside of a 100ML bottle."


The first flavour I tried was one I really wanted to get a grasp of, a dedicated strawberry jam flavour that doesn’t try add burnt toast. There are a few different strawberry flavours on the website, but I really wanted to know how they can make this one stand apart.


The first thing I noticed when opening the bottle was the strength of smell, it really is a strong strawberry fragrance. You can tell before you start vaping that the flavour is going to be bold and prominent, and certainly on the exhale, I found that to be true, with a lovely strawberry scent filling up the room. So, onto the taste of this one and on the inhale, you get a lovely hit of sweet strawberry that is there right from the first moment you vape it. The flavour is strong throughout the vape with the exhale flowing into bringing in a few other notes into the experience. Where it is sweet on the inhale, the exhale starts to bring some ever so slight tangy notes to bring the jam aspect to life. They aren’t strong enough to detract from the sweet strawberry flavour, but they are delicate on the tongue just enough to linger after exhaling. It is a lovely strawberry flavour and is enjoyable throughout the vape.


The one feedback I can give on this flavour was that apart from strawberry, there was no real body to this flavour. It wasn’t so sweet as to make it stand out as a jam style flavour, and underneath the fruit, there was nothing else to really back it up. The flavour is a lovely strawberry, but it just needs a few more layers in there to really make it stand out, that and upping the sweet aspect far more than they are. The tangyness is spot on so it just needs that added weight to the recipe to really make it pop.

Vapemaven King Strawberry Jam




"King’s Donut’s makes you go nuts! Our donut flavour is one of our most popular e-juices. You can enjoy the delicious taste of sugar glaze combined with the sweet undertones of pastry that makes you come back for more!"


Onto the next flavour, and it was an interesting opportunity to really test their dessert capabilities. Doughnuts are wonderful flavours when done right, but if you don’t approach these with love and care, they can leave you feeling disappointed.


The scent from this one on the initial opening was a lovely mix of different little notes which made me quite excited to try this one. Little dessert style tones, even a touch of butterscotch (probably in my head that one), but generally a blend of different flavours that suggested this one was expertly mixed. On to the vape of this one now, and the flavour is quite flat with the baked doughnut style on the inhale, with sweet touches to lift the overall flavour in a nice way. On the exhale, the flavour seems to come to life a little bit with a whole host of little dessert style notes coming through each time. You still get the flat doughnut flavour, but combined is some lovely sweet notes that lift the flavour quite a bit. It offers a lovely blend of both dessert and sweet notes that is quite enjoyable and completely different to other doughnuts I have tried before. The flavour is prominent throughout the vape and quite smooth as well, which is always a lovely touch.


I would suggest that the flavour can be amplified further if they choose to bring out a doughnut range, for example. The flavour as a standalone is great, but add a little bit of fruit and cream in there and this would be a very special recipe indeed. The donut is a lovely flavour and certainly really enjoyable if you are a fan of dessert flavours.

Vapemaven King Donuts




"King’s Mango is an enticing e-juice that embrace all of the tropical flavours of ripe mangoes and is perfect for those who are searching for an e-juice that can provide refreshingly exotic vibes into their vape life. The sweetness of the mangoes provides you with a base for a finely made e-juice that avoids being sickly, making it perfect for those who like all-day vapes. If you are looking for a change and one that is filled with a rich and exotic vaping experience, then look no further because King’s Mango is the e-juice you’ve been looking for."


The final flavour I tried from Vapemaven was one of the more interesting ones, Mango. Mango is a flavour that I have found to be either one of my favourites and no two mango juices are the same. Some of the ones I have tried have brought either the juicy aspect or the fresh aspect, making them all completely different takes on the same flavour.


Onto the sniff test, and it certainly smells of mango. It carries a lovely sweet tropical smell to it, and even just from smelling the bottle,  you can detect the sweet elements to it. So, on to the vape now and the inhale has a lovely, strong mango flavour. It is very prominent throughout the vape and on the inhale you get the sweet notes with a strong mango flavour which dance on to your taste buds. On to the exhale, and the flavour still stays fairly strong here with sweet and tangy notes on the tongue once you finish your vape. Mango certainly brings a cocktail of different notes in there to replicate the real thing which is quite impressive. It is a simple, strong flavour that delivers what is says on the bottle. It is a strong sweet yet sour mango.


For me, this one seems to fall on neither side of the mango experience and sits right bang in the middle, which makes it almost a great flavour but it could do with a little more magic. It lacks the juicy aspect that would really make it come to life, and it doesn’t bring enough organic and light elements to make it taste fresh. It seems more of an artificial mango flavour which detracts from the lovely mix that is in there. It just needs that juicy aspect really buffing up to make this go from an average fruit to a truly amazing one.

Vapemaven King Mango




Experiencing a few of these flavours from the Kings range, it seems Vapemaven have a really bright future when it comes to recipes in their ranges. I enjoyed all of these flavours, but they all felt like they could go from good to excellent so very easily. Just adding a juicy aspect or an boosting the sweet flavour would turn these mixes into something really distinctive and make them stand out from the rest. The flavours are lovely and strong, and flow really well. They are also great on the coils which is always important. With so many choices, and some great deals, these are well worth picking up and trying. I will definitely be trying some of the other flavours to see what they can do with some more complex recipes.

Vapemaven King closeup

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